Monday, June 12, 2017


Walking By Faith
"For we walk by Faith and not by sight"(2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dear Brethren, Please pray for Brother Glenn and his family, their daughter Charis was attacked and viciously attacked this past Saturday (10 June 2017) resulting in some internal injuries that could affect her in the long run. Also, as you know, we recently attended a funeral of my father in law, the Lord has revealed to us his eternal destiny and due to multiple attacks from Satan (1 Thessalonians 2:18), I am unable to report on the visions and the entire testimony. Therefore, this will only be reported in next week Monday, God willing (James 4:15). 

Some time ago, I had a conversation with a brother regarding Abraham and Lot. To start with, Abraham was rich with many cattle sheep goats and Lot had to leave with his animals too but he chose "the green pastures or the well-watered land", while Abraham went to an unknown land but by faith, following as he followed God's instructions wherever he went.

Now, we see in general mostly people are attracted to what they see and look good, they just go for it; it is not necessarily something acquired by faith but a compulsion to get quickly with the eyes of the world it looks good, sounds good and very tempting good to the eyes to enjoy!

Similarly, Abraham was not so doing the same thing, He actually chose to follow the Lord request by FAITH only by Faith He chose to go North South East West wherever he was led He did not see the land but only a promise from God's mouth and decided to walk by faith and he got the best for his people.

How many of us chose the path of Lot but are not prepared to meet faith, rather worldly senses perceptions, which will lead us the wrong way.

It makes sense that faith always pays off it does not matter how long it will take to get us out of problems, situations difficulties, our real trust should be faith in God mighty.

Abraham chose the good part not Lot. Its seems like Lot was attracted by what He saw but later we found out that the part he was near Sodom and Gomorrah. As it is, it things might appear greener on the other 'side' but it may not necessarily be the best choice.

Therefore, let us be wise and trust the Spirit of Might and Faith in us to lead us the right way of the Lord Jesus Christ let us not choose the easy way, but what God ordain in our life, am sure He will make it through and sort your life out as you learn to listen and obey what He has to say.

Perseverance prove our belonging and faith in what we believe , Jesus said when you ask something believe you have received it and it will be done for you.He also mentioned something powerful , that if we have no doubt in our hearts when asking something, we will be able to achieve what he has done to the fig tree that dried up before his Disciples (Matthew 21:18-22; John 15:7).

The life in the Spirit is linked to faith, we must not let the world dictate our lives rather we should maintain our strength and determination in the Lord Jesus, because He said we will move mountains and do greater things than He has done. Of Course this is though his power and might it is his Holy name that makes things come true and achievable.

FINAL WORD : Let us not be tempted by the things of this world but be led by the Holy Ghost in all situations even without seeing clearly where we are going this is called ABRAHAM' S FAITH or FAITH IN GOD, Perseverance plays a major role seeing what we believe coming true. Please read Genesis 13:1-18

If you were blessed by this message, kindly share it. We would also like to encourage those who are not Saved yet to consider repenting and accepting the Lord in their lives by praying this  Prayer of Sincere Repentance. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Let us not have the eyes of the flesh but instead the eyes of the Spirit and Faith.

Be blessed

Brother Patrice and reviewed by Brother Glenn