Monday, September 20, 2021


 How Satan Uses Fear To Manipulate Us

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Notice: Our Brother Andrew: It is with humility that our Brother Andrew Tyler-Whiteman is from the beautiful Country of Australia and like we said previously, this brother is a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been enjoying a great fellowship with him over the years of the existence of this ministry and the Lord is pleased with his contribution to this ministry. We thus appeal please pray for him and his family and appreciate his humble contribution to the body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brothers and Sisters, we know this topic has been covered before in this blog but I feel the need to talk about this again highlighting this that we did not discuss. The definition of the word 'fear' according to the online webster dictionary means, 'an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger, or a profound reverence and awe especially toward God or anxious concern or some reason for alarm'.

2.       Now as you can see that three of the definitions of fear cited here are being easily used by the Devil to cause us to worry and panic about our own lives or the lives of our family or being concerned about other things (Mark 4:19). As it is, fear also causes us to make rash decisions that could affect our eternal souls which is why the Devil uses fear. We know from the scriptures that when Job was tested the element of fear was all around and he did not panic and threw the confidence he has in the Lord away, instead, he accepted his situation and stayed the cause and he overcame (Job 1:21).

However, the definition we need to be most familiar with is that which leads us to salvation in the Lord., and we would further refine this definition to include “Reverence and awe only toward God because of His Power and Authority”.

From the scriptures, we read that the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10; 19:23; Psalm 111:10). Therefore, by learning to fear the Lord by being submissive to His will we are building our faith in GOD and faith is the antidote to fear (1 John 4:18). It's a fact, fear of death brings about fear but knowing the Lord Jesus Christ we no longer need to fear death and the devil has nothing to threaten or intimidate us with anymore (Hebrews 2:9; 14,15).

Furthermore, the Lord Jesus declared, 'For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it' (Matthew 16:25 NIV). Knowing that we are in the end-times will we be truly ready, willing, and able to lay down our lives for the Lord when that choice will be presented to us? Well, the DAY of testing will separate the faithful from the fearful (John 16:32). 

In conclusion, let us learn and study The Fear of the Lord, as believers in Christ Jesus this is the only Fear that should be occupying our thoughts, minds, and souls

Eternity is a very long time and only the Lord can help get us there, do not let fear of man or the fear of losing your life in this world keep you from eternity.

Prepare yourselves to walk away from all worldly possessions and at times we may need to leave our family as well. This is hard for many people and the more you have the harder it will be to walk away but Jesus did say (Matthew 6:19-20) not to lay up treasures for yourself on earth but lay up for yourself treasure in Heaven for where your treasure is there is your heart also. Let our Hearts be heavenward.

It will eventually come to the point (If we are still here on earth and not raptured out of here) where we will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16-18 ), As we have been warned previously we must refuse this, so I ask what is the point of building any sort of wealth here on earth when the antichrist is just going to come and take it away? Are we not better to lay up for ourselves treasure in Heaven, where no one can take away our rewards (Matthew 6:19-20). 

Presented with humility

Brother Andrew and reviewed by Brother Glenn



Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Does God Punish His Children?

Godly Discipline Results In Godly Fear 


Notice: Our articles will still be available on a Monday, we apologize for any inconvenience and kindly continue to pray for Claudia since the Lord started speaking to her she has been experiencing attacks from the devil and that is something the Lord said she would have to endure.

VISION OF HELL by Claudia (12/09/2021).

I had a vision from the Lord this morning, I saw myself with four other ladies standing on some balcony of a huge building with a stairway going down. The Lord appeared in a cloud in the air and said to us, "I want you to experience a full day in Hell". Almost immediately after the Lord's words, I found myself walking down these stairways, and as I descended further down I noticed a very dark place, and as we entered it a sulfuric or atomic mixed with rotten eggs or rotten flesh smell came from there. 

This smell was so toxic I struggled breathing and sobs to breathe and it seems there was no fresh air to breathe. I Lord still in the cloud provided a shade of light just enough for us to see. I saw all kinds of animal kind of creatures, which by their appearance looked evil. These beings could talk, but I was unable to hear what they were saying, they were laughing and tried coming towards us but could not reach us. 

After just a few minutes, I prayed and pleaded with the Lord to take me out as I could not endure being in that place, and that's when I woke up and the vision ended!

A few months ago, I had a conversation with a pastor friend and one of the things we discussed was the issue of punishment. The 'feel good' gospel that we have been fed totally overlooks the authority of the scriptures on the issue of punishment. As it was, my pastor friend argued that God does not punish His children but He 'allows' things to happen as opposed to punishing his children. This assertion was based on his interpretation of Job's experience that God allowed the devil to destroy Job's possessions (Job 1:1-22; 2:1-10). 

Contextually, when we read the first two chapters of the book of Job we can clearly see that Job was being tested and we know his test was based on his faith in God and that would he be able to endure the test (Job 2:9-10). In this context, the Lord gave Satan permission to test Job by destroying his earthly possessions and this is the premise from which the 'allow doctrine' emanates! Let us thus not be confused regarding the Lord allowing something to happen to test us, the Lord uses the rod of discipline or punishment when we have committed an act of disobedience (2 Samuel 11-12; Psalm 23:4). The Lord's discipline is always gracious and it is meant to humble us.

Now, our lead verse above clearly articulates that the Lord does punish a son or daughter He loves and such punishment will bring disruptions and discomfort to our lives which would not be welcoming at the time but it eases God's wrath and provides favor for us with the Lord (Numbers 16:46). 

As a family, we have also experienced God's punishment on us for acts of disobedience however as we confessed our sins and repented the Lord heard our prayers and granted us the relief we asked for (Judges 10:15-16). What a merciful God we serve, He holds no grudges as He is always ready to forgive us. 

Having said this, we have had a woman in our ministry who was in the habit of always taking her children's part and overlooking the wrongs they did. Consequently, this angered the Lord as it was not the first time she was warned by the Lord not to cover up her children's wrongs but to correct them on their sinful behavior. The Lord then issued a stern warning to her saying that God's curse was upon her. Yes, you read it right! The Lord did say to her that God's curse was upon her and this caused the woman to humble herself in God's Presence after receiving this warning and the next morning the Lord gave word that He accepted her act of humility in His Presence and forgave her (1 Kings 21:29). 

Additionally, we need to remind you that the Lord of the Old Testament is still the same God, He has never changed (Hebrews 13:8). Let us thus not think the punishment was just meant for David and the Israelites, the Lord punishes His children according to our lead scripture above and given to our experiences with the Lord. Also, with people who acted outside God's will and became false witnesses, the Lord promised to punish them and we believe He did punish them. As it is, the Lord rewards obedience and not disobedience as we wrote in our 'blessings for obedience' article. finally, the Lord's punishment is not meant to cause us to stumble but that we rather walk closer with Him.

Blessed Grace

Brother Glenn

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Are Curses Still Relevant?

 Why Christian's Should Not Curse Others

"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them" (Romans 12:14 ESV).

in our , "Blaming God When Bad Things Happen" articles we articulated how bad were bound to happen due to the original sin that brought about a curse ,misfortune and hardships to both humans, animals and plants (Genesis 3:17-19; Romans 8:19-23). Briefly, we also highlighted that this curse will continue until the final consummation of this age (Revelation 22:3) and only in the new order of creation would born-again Christians enjoy a pain free, stress-free and blissful live (Revelation 21:3-5). Praise God Almighty! what precious promises we have and this would be ours if we only persevere and endure!

Brethren, this is a very important teaching, curses are real and may have serious consequences on people whether Christian or non-Christian and we are warned NOT curse others as per above scripture. We will not be covering the curses listed in Deuteronomy 28 as these are from God based on disobedience, we will simply consider curses by people who felt hurt or betrayed by the actions of others or those who hatefully and maliciously curse others in a vengeful way. Meanwhile, we will consider some scriptural examples first to show that this is a very relevant teaching and we need to be aware of this.

The Effects Of A Curse

Furthermore, a curse is meant to increase hardship on an individual or a nation (Genesis 3:16; Numbers 22:4-6). Again, in Genesis we read how Noah cursed his son Ham for dishonoring him and we know that this curse came to pass (Genesis 9:24). 

Additionally, Joshua also cursed the Gibeonites (Joshua 9:23; 6:26-27) and the man who undertakes to rebuild the city of Jericho and this was fulfilled in 1 Kings 16:34. Someone might say, a curse pronounced in the name of the Lord is effective, true as per preceding scriptures, however, any other person is able to curse according to our lead scripture.  Similarly, Balaam son of Beor was reputable for putting a curse(s) on people and it would have an effect so God intervened and would not allow it (Numbers 1-25). 

Jesus Breaks Curses

In conclusion, a few years ago, a sister in the Lord experienced some very painful menstruation over a period of many years and this caused her to skip both work and Church services. The Lord revealed to Charis that her condition was as a result of a curse that an older woman placed on her and the Lord answered her prayers and healed her immediately after revealing that a curse was the cause of her painful menstruation. Also, we are witnesses of a brother in the Lord who cursed his marriage and this is their fate he and his spouse are suffering the bitter battle of strive and divisions in the family. 

Again, we have also witnessed how some children were cursed by their parents for being disobedient, rude or vile and this causes the victim(s) of a curse bitter suffering. As a matter of truth, I myself (Brother Glenn) was cursed which caused me suffering and misfortune and after accepting the Lord and pleading with Him to remove these curses I was given grace and my burden became lighter (Matthew 11:28). Therefore, if we repent from the wrong we did to others and make right with them according to the Matthew 5:24, we will receive grace and deliverance from a curse. Let us bless and not curse and let us live in peace towards all our neighbors and we will enjoy God's gracious blessings (Romans 12:18; 1 Peter 3:11).

Blessed Peace

Brother Glenn