Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Being Disrespectful Displeases the Lord

Love “isn't RUDE. It doesn't think about itself. It isn't irritable. It doesn't keep track of wrongs” (1 Corinthians 13:5 God’s Word Translation).

I received this message when I paged through the book in which Charis recorded all the Lord’s messages to us and many other people. What struck my attention was the Lord’s repeated warning to us NOT to be rude. Strikingly, one brother was warned that his habitual rudeness will land him in Hell. As it is, most of these messages to the various individuals were given in a serious tone, because the Lord phrased it as, I have a serious message for my son or daughter ….It is not hard to figure out that somebody rude has anger, hurtful feelings and operates from the absence of peace. Being rude shows the presence of evil and God’s absence!

Offensive Christians

As Christians, we are expected Biblically to live our lives completely free from any kind of ungodly influences and evil behaviour (Ephesians 4:22-32). Literally, the Bible encourages a very high standard of holy living, free from a willful and evil attitude. It means in our conduct love, patience and humility must be evident. In other words, a Christian must be seen to be simply different ready to shine forth in love.

Having been around many Christians in ministry work, I did come across very nasty ‘Christians’ who displays a sour attitude of extreme hateful and hurtful behaviour. In almost spontaneity, they display the fruits of anger, dislike of others, intolerance, keeping away from associating and participating in any ministry activity and avoiding the trouble of working for the benefit of others. In their love for troublesome behaviour, it is almost an offense to correct such ‘Christians’. No doubt, their inclination and obsession to their old attitude is nothing more than just a redress and not a complete change of heart and attitude. Being Christian requires of us to BE from the heart and our attitudes will be inviting, easy, approachable and a comfort to the troubled (2 Timothy 2:24). As Christians, we must continuously and consciously live to display a gentle attitude not by pretence but by a genuine conviction of devotion to this lofty life of peace in Christ.

Therefore, the direct opposite of being rude is to be respectful. Usually, we regard it as common practice when we act offensively towards others and this is rudeness. It is offensive and rude to interrupt and cut others off. It is equally rude and offensive to react angrily to a person’s previous misconduct; instead, we should pursue peaceful relations and overlook offensive behaviour (Proverbs 19:11; Hebrews 12:14). Being counselled by the Lord, I was told not to angrily and grudgingly respond to people’s offensive opinions and remarks (comments) but in gentleness and kindness we should correct (2 Timothy 2:25). In addition, some time ago, a brother [John] shared with me how he regretted innocently offending another brother [James] without ever thinking what he said would appear offensive. In reply and surprisingly, the brother James responded with much anger, hurt, and succeeded in conveying his foul mood and attitude towards brother John. To avoid a deeper feud caused by a misunderstanding, Brother John wisely toned down his response in a spirit of peace and to save their brotherly relationship in Christ. We all act as impetuously at times, it would be only to our benefit to learn from the experience of our brother John. So then, the presence of the love and peace of Christ in our hearts drives away the troublesome spirit of being rude (Colossians 3:12-17; 1 Peter 4:8).

Other Rude Ways

In the Good Manners article, we shared that it is rude when children stay preoccupied with technology and other things in their rooms while neglecting to greet guests. In encouraging the brethren with Having Love in Yourself, we also shared that the abrasive, rude and an unkind Christian does not bear good fruit but dwells in the parched land and away from the fruitfulness and nourishment found in Christ alone (Jeremiah 17:6).We must remain in Jesus Christ in order to bear good fruit and not be cut down (John 15:1-4). Some people are rude and disrespectful to their own family members but kind and respectful to their co-workers and friends whom they desire favour from. This is impartially showing love (James 2:1-7; Colossians 3:25).

We also shared in Life Through Experiences With The Lord Jesus Christ - Part II, that screaming at others during a normal conversation with an angry tone or bitterness is being rude. Some parents instead of Bringing up Children in the Fear of the Lord will resort to changing their tones by screaming, shouting, and yelling at their children in an effort to get obedience. Parents are called not to provoke children to anger (Ephesians 6:4) and the Lord showed that screaming, yelling, and shouting comes from a hateful spirit and is from the DEVIL. Being the salt of the earth and the light of the world, Christians are called not to do the enemy's will by being rude but to do God's will in bearing good fruit (Matthew 5:13-16; Galatians 5:22-23; 2 Corinthians 6:14).

Breaking the Cycle of Rudeness

My family and I just returned from a recent witnessing campaign to a town approximately 400 kilometres (about 250 miles) from Johannesburg and this was in response to a vision that we received from the Lord. In the vision to Jaydeen In early January 2016, and almost similar to the Apostle Paul’s (Acts 16:9-10) she was shown two elderly people we know who lives in that town saying, “You (referring to all of us) did not finish the work you started here, you must return to complete your work”. During our December 2015 visit to this town, we took some evangelising material like tracts with us to do some witnessing during the holidays. However, we did not have enough tracts with us to cover the entire area so we managed to cover a few streets. Knowing how many people still needed to be reached we went obediently and well resourced with tracts. By the grace and goodness of the Lord, we managed to evangelise, inspire and encourage the local Christians to witness as we circled the entire town with the help of a few willing and spirited local boys and girls. However, this exercise did not come without problems and since this seemed to be a new thing to the locals we were met with hostility and suspicion. However, the team and I were equally armed with love, patience, humility and gentle kindness (Galatians 5:22) and this grace from the Lord broke and silenced the spirit of rudeness because “…so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2:10-11 NIV). As a result of our sincerity and truth, the locals responded respectfully as we showed obedience to the message we presented to them.

Brethren, as people it is common sense that we naturally engage in relationships with others and how we manage such relationships depends on our values. Some of our values might be motivated by our relationship with the Lord, our attitudes in submission to the new life in the Lord and our love for others (Mark 12:31). Basically, we break the cycle of the old person of being rude as other sinful things when we adopt an attitude to adapt to the new life in Christ. In so doing, we forcefully break the chambers of resistance to a new life in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16). This takes place when we willingly give in and over our own appetites, desires and will in exchange for the life of the cross. Now just listen to the Words of the Lord, “…My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will" (Matthew 26:39). It is therefore our willingness to be humble and submit by a strong conviction to please God that the old chains of bondage give way to the refreshing and non-offending new life (Ephesians 5:21).

In conclusion, in the old worldly life, it was encouraging to be mean, oppressing of others, controlling and showing off, but in the new life in the Lord Jesus Christ, we must live with respect and love according to His will (2 Corinthians 5:17). This includes giving soft answers instead of returning insult for insult and reviling for reviling (Proverbs 15:1; 1 Peter 3:9).Therefore, are you still willing to just like the teachings of the Lord but consciously and willfully live by the dictates of the old man of being rude, disrespectful and disobedient? Against our will, we must choose the Lord’s kindness – it is for our eternal good. Scripturally, Heaven is for the childlike, the humble and those who seek peace (Matthew 5:3-10).

To accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please start by praying this Prayer of Sincere Repentance. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Be blessed in the Lord’s peace and kindness,

Brother Glenn and Preparing for the Kingdom Ministry Team.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Be Always Ready And Blameless To Enter Heaven

The Bible admonishes us to be blameless and spotless, stating: “So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to have the Lord find you at peace and without spot or fault” (2 Peter 3:14). Furthermore, “He did this to present the church to Himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or anything like that, but holy and blameless” (Ephesians 5:27).

Resist Sinful Appetites

Warning: Brethren, the Lord recently reminded us that Christians should be blameless to enter Heaven. Some might ask but we all sin and make mistakes daily. Point taken! The Lord means that we should have no sin yes. We are supposed to have no unconfessed sin in our lives. Equally, the Lord warned that those who sin deliberately will also not escape his Judgments because such a Christian is disobedient! Just this past Saturday morning (20 June 2020) the Lord said that unless He keeps us holy we will not be ready to enter His Kingdom and for that, we must continuously pray daily to remain and stay ready! (Luke 21:36).

Now, as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, we face daily struggles against sin and evil, which desire to make us gratify our fleshly appetites and stumble, rebelling against God (Hebrews 12:4). We call it a struggle because sin presents itself to us in many forms, overtly or covertly, and we are faced with the inevitable task of choosing either to yield to its demands or to steadfastly resist and continue in righteous living.

In previous articles, we repeatedly alluded to opportunities that Satan presents to Christians, making sin look natural and appealing, while at the same time deceiving us to do evil and disobey The Lord. While we are not encouraging any severe or harsh religious practices, a true mark of a truly born-again Christian is his daily victory against the demands of sin (1 John 5:3-5).

Similarly, we also mentioned that the worldly Christians are leading a compromised Christian life; such people live only to please themselves and others, and not Christ Jesus our blessed Lord (1 John 3:7-10; Philippians 2:21). This is how we can know that we are not fully committed to Christ: when we show bad fruit, including a wicked hateful attitude; when we have a constant appetite for worldly things and power; and when we concern ourselves more with things to please man rather than Christ. If we should test our conduct against this Scripture: “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky” (Philippians 2:14-15), would we rate ourselves as blameless? Truthful living in Christ is real freedom from guilt.

If we are loaded with the Word of God and heed the warnings coming from the Holy Spirit, we would be discouraged from exercising wickedness (John 10:27). We sin in many ways: through our mouths (James 3:6; Psalm 34:13; Proverbs 10:19); sin is also seen by the condition of our hearts, which is laid bare through our attitudes (Matthew 12:34); and our motives are assessed by our conduct, which issues from our hearts. A healthy Christian attitude, however, issues forth love, obedience to Christ, and hate of evil (1 Corinthians 13:4-8; Romans 12:9-21).

Wicked Christians

While the principle of “freedom” has been around since man’s presence in this world, this pursuit of freedom and rights has become more visible through legislative works by our governments. Increasingly, legislation in various parts of the world is being used to promote or defend behaviour that would have been regarded as shameful, detestable, or wicked in the past; turning sin into an acceptable way of life (Isaiah 5:20; 2 Timothy 3:1-5). The secret power of evil makes itself acceptable in human society through deceit, hinging on the principle of ‘freedom’ to corrupt and destroy values based on the Christian truth of peaceful co-existence (2 Thessalonians 2:7). When the church warns the world of the presence of Satan and evil (Revelation 2:9; Matthew 6:13), the secular ‘wise’ men and women repudiate this message as unscientific, outdated and dictating. Admittedly, modern legislation “frees” the conscience of man, and those who have an appetite for wickedness embrace it.

Furthermore, we do acknowledge the presence of evil in our world (1 John 5:19) and the institution of government which God uses to enforce rules to peaceful and just living in human society (Romans 13:1). However, through the collective interest of individuals with self-serving interest in our society, many governments are ‘forced’ to acknowledge the appetites of lobbying groups, leading to widespread acceptance of destructive behaviour, which ultimately eats away our conscience and our fear for God, and the end result is corruption.

People, I would like to boldly confess and declare that the only safe escape from evil is Christ Jesus! Wherefore let us pray for our countries and governments, and abide to the laws promoting equity, peaceful co-existence, and righteousness. However, let us also oppose laws that corrupt society and promote rebellion against God (Acts 5:29). Our Judge, the Lord Jesus Christ, is going to judge us based on our obedience to Him, not obedience to man (2 Corinthians 5:10).

As it is, countless Christians have accepted the worldly definition of liberty and adopted it as a standard in their relations with others. As a result, some Christians exhibit behaviour that is more widely accepted by the world (or “professional”) in their conduct with others, in the process muting true Christian character and not following the commands of the Lord to love (John 13:34) and be a light in the world (Matthew 5:14). Their primary focus is care for themselves and others in order to impress society, with half-devotion to Christ. Also, the appetite for material goods and services outweighs the need for holy and obedient living. So then, we must ask ourselves: on what or on whom is your primary focus? Is it on Christ and what pleases Him, or is it on your needs as emphasized by prosperity teachers and the world?

Judgment is Looming

I must remind you that Judgment is coming against those who practice evil and ignore the Gospel that truly sets us free from sinful corruption and God’s wrath (Romans 2:5-11; John 8:36). Let me remind you further: while love must be the one motivating us to good and peaceful behaviour, love can also be self-rewarding; we must also be driven by our fear and reverence for God our Creator (Hebrews 12:28). Like the Scripture says, riches, influence, friends and status will count nothing on the day of reckoning (Proverbs 11:4; Zephaniah 1:18).

Last week Monday, in a powerful vision, the Lord took Charis into a Heavenly Room as He entered into Judgment with each one of us in this ministry, including our children who have knowledge of right and wrong. This was a very serious discussion as she was allowed to hear the most common three (3) sins we each commit daily. After she shared with us, we shed tears and prayed in heartfelt repentance. If we in full-time service to God are judged often, how much more should those fear who are lukewarm and ungodly? (1 Peter 4:18).

I was also warned this past Saturday morning by the Lord in a dream when discouragement hardened my heart and led me to sin. I was awakened by my own voice and fear, in which I said, “God we are in the flames!” I got up and prayed confessing my sins, instead of allowing wickedness to overwhelm me and eat away at my faith and salvation. The Lord said that neither death nor His soon coming should find us with an unrepentant sinful heart (Revelation 2:10). This is evident by Charis’ rapture visions that we shared previously in July and August of this year.

In conclusion, this ministry has repeatedly warned people that Christ is coming and that He is near. We have been given no specific dates; however, let us live as if the Lord is coming today! (Revelation 3:11; 22:7, 12) The Lord has also recently given us, as a ministry and family, a great shake-up or awakening. Stay tuned and focused on Christ, and be always repentant and holy so that you may escape God’s judgments and be found worthy to enter heaven.

Are you living a blameless and holy life, walking in the fear of the Lord? Are you maintaining a repentant heart? If you desire a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus,  here is a Prayer of Sincere Repentance to get you started. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Peace and Grace to You!

Brother Glenn.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

How To Stand Firm In Troubled Times

Facing Live's Storms With Christ

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV).

Vision Of God (Claudia 13 June 2020)

I had a vision of God the Father and the Lord Jesus. While I could not see their faces, I knew it was Jesus and the Father because I addressed them so in the vision. In the vision I approached the Father and asked him if I could go somewhere (a place known only in the vision) and He said yes. I then went to the Lord Jesus asking Him if I should go, He also said you may go, but first read a scripture from the bible to encourage your faith and pray to receive strength and then go. End!

Brief meaning: After prayer, the Lord revealed that for every kind of thing we need there are scriptural provision for it and if we have faith, we will receive what we ask for in prayer (Matthew 21:22).

Many people around the world might be thinking that the Lord seems to be far and not concerned about the things the world is experiencing right now. There are some people who are even blaming God for all things mankind is facing and this includes some Christians. As a ministry, we have been receiving some emails from some angry folk implicating God for their personal failures and why the Lord allowed them to sink deeper into sin and hardship. As a result, they allow bitter roots of anger to separate them from the love God has for them (Romans 8:38-39). As it is, lives pressures lead us to complaining and when we complain we are looking for someone to blame (Numbers 14:2-4) and since there is neither Moses nor Aaron today people will naturally blame the Lord.

However, what we need to remember brethren when the Lord Jesus Christ was (on the earth, He suffered more than us and for our sins (1 Peter 3:18-20) yet He did not blame God out of frustration but accepted His cup of suffering (Matthew 26:39). Being in human form, He felt the pain of rejection, humiliation and violence yet He felt compassionate towards those who abused Him while we are willing to offer retributive revenge and feelings of strong dislike if not hatred in return (1 Peter 2:2; Hebrews 5:8; Luke 9:56). Besides the authors of scripture, today’s best Christian would not offer kindness when being persecuted except to offer complaints.

Suffering Reveals God's Glory

Now surely, we all have to contend with some unpleasant situations that we have to face daily and indeed as Christians we are called to carry our crosses and share in the sufferings of Christ (Romans 8:17; Matthew 16:24). We ought to remember that no amount of complaining has ever worked against God, if fact those who complained were met with wrath (Lamentations 3:39; Numbers 14:11-12). Biblically, most of the New Testament authors and most notably the apostle Paul suffered both emotionally and violently but that could not intimidate and silence their faith (Acts 16:22-34), instead of complaining they found courage in the Lord their God (1 Samuel 30:6). Thus, when difficulty strikes, faith has an answer and courage rise allowing us to be steadfast in our convictions. God is moved by prayer of sincerity offered in deep humility and sorrow (2 Chronicles 33:13) and not prayers offered with complaining that lacks conviction.

In conclusion, in this brief work our aim is to encourage the brethren who together with us are saddled to face the uncertainty of our times. Instead of complaining with the world, we offer hope and prayer knowing the Lord our God hear us when we cry out to Him in prayer (Matthew 7:11). Let us share a short testimony, when our daughter Claudia was just about nine (9) years old we taught her how to pray and during our family devotional times she had her turn of praying for the family and her ‘monotonous’ prayer was somewhat boring but God heard her. We can remember her favourite prayer line was, ‘Lord bless us with dreams and visions’ this was never left out in all her prayers, boring to us but useful to the Lord, He left us ashamed and He answered her simple prayer offered by faith. As a result today the Lord Almighty is speaking to her through dreams and visions for your and our good. Therefore as a family we can attest to that and similarly encourage you to persevere in prayer, faith and godly works to secure our salvation in Jesus name (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Philippians 2:12).

If you would like to accept the Lord Jesus and His abundant and unfailing love for you, here is a suggested Prayer of Sincere Repentance to get you started. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Blessed Grace

Brother Glenn

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Mark Of The Beast

Antichrist is Near

“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,” (Revelation 13:16-17 BSB).

Notice: We have updated our visions section with these visions as well. Also, we will be introducing a 'Notice board' page to communicate urgent message from the Lord daily and or any changes on the posting of articles. Again, we would like to apologise to you our beloved brethren for the delay in this week's message. As a ministry called to serve you, we do not undermind you or the importance of God's message to you. Our area was without electricity for most of the day yesterday (Monday June 9, 2020) while I was working on the article.

Vision of the Mark of the Beast (Claudia 24 April 2020).

I had a vision that I was walking with an angel of the Lord. I then saw a sign of the Mark of the Beast on my right arm which was invisible under my skin (Revelation 13:16-17). It was in a circular reddish form with an evil black image of a creature. I could see many greyish colored demons with Chinese facial features all around in human forms doing some weird dancing moves to this Chinese music. There was also an older Chinese woman I saw with a dancing demon while she was practicing witchcraft. I then asked the angel, this sign on my right arm is it the mark of the beast? Immediately one of the dancing demons played the music louder and the angel answered saying that the Mark of the Beast was not out yet! End of vision…

Brief explanation: Brethren, we were reluctant to share this vision as it contains a hidden message, but after weeks of prayer we decided to share it in obedience to the Lord. The aim of sharing this is not to draw discrimination against Chinese people, God forbid the Lord loves all people and so do we. In our understanding there is some evil that may have come from China or will come from there, again only the Lord knows the real meaning to this vision. We are simply sharing according to our faith and convictions!

Vision of Rapture (Claudia 3 June 2020)

I had a vision just before I got up for my morning prayers, In the vision, I saw myself walking with two of my school mates. It was impressed upon me to say to them, “guys the rapture is imminent we must repent”! We all immediately started praying as if urged to do so urgently. However, one of girls stopped praying while the other continued in prayer with me. While I was wondering why our one friend stopped praying, I looked up and saw a man dressed in red with a red face musk looking at me and I saw the one girl going to him. At that moment, I looked up into the sky and I could see an eye blinding light emanating from pure and thick transparent white clouds and I could hear how beautifully the angels were singing and worshiping God. End!

Explanation: There can be no doubt that the Lord here is highlighting the times in which we are living where the wise virgins will repent and keep their lamps burning while the others will abandon their faith and return to the world (Matthew 25:1-8). The lamps in this parable represent our faith and preparedness and such visions give us hope and understanding of the times we are living in. 

Dear Brethren this is a very, very important message to the body and the times in which we are living requires us to have and understanding on this Bible teaching. Also, we fully acknowledge the work done on this topic by some fine bible teachers but we will not be guided or influenced by the teachings on this subject that preceded this article. As a ministry, we strive to keep our work unique and use the Bible and whatever revelation the Lord provides to present to you as truthfully as the Lord required of us. Furthermore, will we not be led into being speculative on the identity of the false prophet or the man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2-3; Revelations 13:11). As a prophetic fact, we did ask the Lord who the antichrist was and He said that “I will not tell you who the antichrist is”. We should therefore be warned not to follow speculative names as this will cause many brethren to stumble and to end up being confused while spreading unnecessary fear and ill-feelings towards an innocent person.

How Will We Identify Antichrist?

Some 30 years plus I read and heard that Mr Gorbachev was the antichrist and prior to him some others were also implicated as being antichrist including recently some brethren falsely claiming saying Mr Obama was the antichrist and sadly some still believe so today! Still others said the beast is some super computer, true it may be called ‘beast’ due to its super processing capacity but a computer cannot demand people to worship it unless it has an ego (Revelations 13:8).

Thus, firstly the beast will demand to be worshipped as a god (Revelations 13:12). Secondly, the beast will utter some slanderous and blasphemies against our Lord and the One Eternal Almighty Heavenly Father in an attempt to alleviate himself and blaming God for the misfortunes of the world (Revelations 13:5-6). Thirdly as another identifying factor, "They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast." (Revelation 17:13 NIV).

The Present World Political System

Brethren some of you may ask, why we mix politics into the things of God. In answer to that, it is world politics that brings about changes and reforms that affects our daily lives. Some of the Old and New Testament prophets referred frequently to some political heads and events to give us an understanding on the political and cultural practices of the times they were living in (Acts 22: 22-23; 21:24; Daniel 10:1) we simply cannot ignore the impact this have on our lives today. Now currently, the world is divided on many issues and all UN member states are collectively bound by the various United Nations resolutions, charters and articles (see for example Chapter VII Article 51 and many similar UN adopted articles). As it is, under the current human rights culture and statutes exercised through the United Nations, antichrist cannot feature. However, after the abolishment and overhaul of the current world political system, will he arise first as an ambassador of peace after wartime I believe and he will gradually show his true nature of being a devil and ruthless dictator.

Therefore, the man of sin antichrist will have to ascend to a high political office and he will wield an extraordinary influence and power over his peers to cause them to give up their political power. Equally, the kings or world leaders who will give their power and authority to antichrist will be united in their efforts to see a united one World super leader and a single political head. As a matter of fact, it is no secret today’s technology makes it possible for a leader to run a country from anywhere in the world and if the current borders as observed today are abolished we will be left with one world. Fourthly, the man of sin will be able exercise some supernatural powers in the sight of man to cause them to wonder (1 Thessalonians 2:9-10; Revelation 13:3).

The Triggering Events Leading To One World Currency

Furthermore, please allow me to sound somewhat political here since this one world government is a political thing. It is true, countries will not easily give up their sovereignty but Covid-19 has created the perfect opportunity… how? In order to fight the financial impact of the pandemic, countries need funds for their various governmental functions and programmes so during the current pandemic countries around the world have approached the IMF, the World Bank and other private sources for loans.

As a result, this in return has increased their foreign debt on top of what they already owing. Now please allow me to give a bold prediction, the Lord showed me this past Saturday (06/06/2020) that there will be a global economic depression in the not too distant future. The world’s wealth will be controlled by a few rich countries who will emerge after the financial crisis and they will make up the kings who will give up their power to the beast (Revelation: 17:12-13). The aftermath of that will see the emergence of a new world monetary system as the current system would not be able to hold up to the new realities. Now brethren before you accuse me of being a doom prophet, we all know that the current world system will not hold and that naturally people always fight to protect and compete for resources and this will render war inevitable. Throughout history, world wars have always brought about new beginnings and present the emergence of new powers. Therefore, on the 16/02/2018, we reported a vision from the Lord that there will be wartime involving the whole world.

It will not happen immediately after the world emerges from this health crisis many people will think that life is back to normal when sudden destruction will follow (1 Thessalonians 5:3) and our attention would be drawn to a new event unfolding. Mark my words! We thus encourage you dear brethren, do not be deceived, continue in your salvation, pray for discernment and trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ as and not your political leaders and church leaders who will not be giving up their lavish lifestyles and succumb to financial favours from the one world religious movement that is coming. We will devote an article on that in weeks to come!

What The Mark Of The Beast Signifies

Being still in primary school during the early 1980’s, I heard about the antichrist and the mark of beast (Revelation 13:16-17) and emphasises was drawn to the economic aspect the buying and selling of goods that truly shows the control of resources and people.

Thus the first and most significant sign and explanation for us to identify what the mark of the beast really is will involve the buying and selling. Secondly, according to the preceding scripture, it would be very important to the beast and his cronies that the mark or symbol of his name forcibly given to people. If we may ask why should people be forced to take his name of number? Well the significance of having his number or name has a religious association that he is your god (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelations 13:8).

Now, when Satan gives his power, throne and authority to the beast that includes his agents or demons and those receiving the mark will be possessed and infected by demons not to resist worshipping the devil and the beast (Revelation 13:2-4). Presently, there is a significant amount of knowledge and teachings available to the world regarding the mark of the beast including warnings, but when the new world system comes into force the brave and God-fearing will be separated from the weak-willed, selfish and God haters.

How Much Before All This Will Happen?

Importantly, only the Lord knows if all that must happen will be before or after the rapture, whichever comes first we must be prepared for both. We know that Christians throughout the centuries have debated this honestly, only God Almighty knows! In my view it will not be many years before we see all this being fulfilled. However, the Lord, who is in charge of the times is preparing us by giving us revelations relating what we can expect shortly including after this world health crisis, which will lead to a world financial crisis while not immediately but that will be the next including war involving multiple countries, you can count on this it will proof truthful! Furthermore, what we know is that fear will increase as things get worse; many people will abandon their faith (Matthew 24:10) and becoming bitter, impatient for waiting on the Lord to fulfil His promises. Finally, dear brethren let us persevere in prayer and obedience towards the Lord to receive grace when testing times comes (Revelation 3:10).

If you would like to accept the Lord Jesus and His abundant and unfailing love for you, here is a suggested Prayer of Sincere Repentance to get you started. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Blessed Regards

Brother Glenn

Monday, June 1, 2020

Being Engrossed And Obsessed By The Things Of This World

Loving Others More Than Things

"I have the right to do anything," you say--but not everything is beneficial. "I have the right to do anything"--but I will not be mastered by anything (1 Corinthians 6:12 NIV).

This is an important message and the Lord is warning that people worry more about the things they don't have and as a result they neglect their salvation in pursuit of such things (Matthew 6:21).  The modern age and the availability of countless items makes it impossible for us to resist  the 'better' or 'improved' version of what we were used to. In a bid to enhance our appetites for more things, marketers and sales people just know how to skillfully create a demand for their products and leaving us guilty if we don't follow the trend and be part of the collective. While it is not wrong to shop the things we need, we equally need to guard against obsessive shopping on unnecessary things and neglect to feed and help the less fortunate (Mark 4:19; Matthew 25:31-40). 

Tough Times Ahead

We would like to stress, more than ever and especially the times in which we are living currently, Christians need to trust in the Lord for their daily needs (1 Kings 17:4). It is true, the science of economics have made us more need conscience than us seeking the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). Like we emphasized in earlier articles recently, the whole world will be facing a stiff test in months to come and no one alive will escape including Christians if their lives are not fully yielded and found in Christ our Lord (Luke 21:36). Also, you may ridicule or dislike the warnings here but you need to hear this dear brethren. The Lord has revealed to us that there are some tough times ahead and He is the only WAY of escape (Revelations 3:10). 

Being Freed From Obsession

Let's continue, now from the Scriptures we learned that the Lord demands unquestionable obedience from us and worldly things should not blind or cause us to walk half-heartedly (Luke 12:19), if we do allow distractions we would have run this race in vain and lose the very purpose why we decided to follow the Lord in the first place, which is our salvation and the redemption of our souls (1 Corinthians 9:27; 1 Peter 1:9). Furthermore, as we warned previously in our Priority Judgement Vision that the Lord will be considering the things we were supposed to do as Christians in order to determine our rewards and our entry into His Kingdom (2 Corinthians 5:10; Romans 2:6; 1 Corinthians 3:12; Matthew 25:30).

As Christians, we should therefore strive not to be mastered by anything. In this article, we need to clearly distinguish between idolizing things and being captured by things. If we are captured by things our minds and efforts are channelled to enjoy and appreciate the things we have (Luke 12:19) and if we idolize things we would not want to be without the thing (s) we idolize and desire.

A few years ago, our children became colour conscious and each one of them chose his and her favourite colour and almost any item they bought has to resemble their favourite colour. In other words, they wanted to be identified by their colour of choice. As a matter of fact, this whole colour thing became so serious to some of our children that if anybody made any negative statement or any negative association to their favourite colour that would completely ruin one’s relationship with them. Additionally, does this not remind us of the rich young man, who was captured by his great wealth that he refused to sell his possessions and follow the Lord, instead the young man valued his things more than the Lord and His passion to save the lost (Matthew 19:21-22; Luke 19:10).

Furthermore, and being still just developing children, the Lord gently warned them not to make a big deal about colours and that such things should not be regarded more important than people. What the Lord meant is that worldly things should never substitute a Christian’s love for others. In other words, we should appreciate the value of the thing(s) to the extent of its enjoyment without harming our relationship with God and others (Galatians 6:4). Imperatively and as Christians, we should never regard things more important than people (1 Peter 2:13-25).The reality is, the unfortunate situation is that some Christians are in the habit of placing worldly things above humans and this is displeasing to the Lord (Matthew 22:39).

I can remember an incident involving a very dear brother in the Lord who refused to help a sister in need while offering a lie as an excuse. As a result of this, the Lord was greatly displeased and He rebuked the brother saying that he should not have lied and that we should always be willing and ready to help others (Proverbs 3:27).

In conclusion, let us pray and follow the voice of faith to determine how we ought to please the Lord.
If you would like to accept the Lord Jesus and His abundant and unfailing love for you, here is a suggested Prayer of Sincere Repentance to get you started. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Brother Glenn.