Monday, November 29, 2021

Being Foolish

Briefly, the Lord has commanded that we write an article about foolishness and we know if a person acts foolishly such a person acts against Godly wisdom. We should realise that foolishness is being worldly. The Lord recently told us that, "Everything a human being does wrong is worldliness", and undoubtedly that is an act of foolishness (1 Samuel 13:13). As you may have noticed through all our articles, we don’t write on things that promote sectarianism or church denominations, which are often the things that divide the Body of Christ. Instead, we concentrate on things that build up and unite the Body under the umbrella of truth. As members of the Body of Christ, we are appointed by the Lord to point out error in the Church and in love share correction to STOP the spread of the spirit of folly, which is out to divide and ultimately destroy.

In this article, we will be brief and to the point. Biblically, folly is simply plain silliness, carelessness, hastiness in speech (answering before listening), wickedness or easily being led astray (Proverbs 10:14; 14:15; 18:13; 1 Samuel 25:25; Matthew 25:2; 2 Corinthians 11:16-20). Folly begins early in life, and if not addressed through discipline, correction and repentance, it can continue to grow (Proverbs 22:15) and eventually lead to death (Proverbs 5:23). The Bible authors mainly refer to the use of foolishness as man’s accountability to God (Psalm 69:5). This is applied to those who rely entirely on their own understanding and ability instead of relying on God. In addition, a person’s folly may sometimes lie in his inability to perceive truth or things (Luke 11:40; 1 Corinthians 15:36). Through foolishness, we can make unworthy choices that can result in eternal and irreversible consequences (Luke 12:20; Romans 1:21; Matthew 25:10-13).

In being foolish, a fool decides that there is no God (Psalm 14:1), while the order of things in creation points to a Wise mind behind it (Romans 1:20-21). We look at things made by man, and upon deeper understanding into the facts, we realise that the thing makes perfect sense.

Furthermore, the Bible says that the greatest fools are those whom we consider as wise in this world. They despise and mock God’s way of salvation through Christ’s death on the cross to be foolish (1 Corinthians 1:18-24). By considering God’s work of salvation as foolish, we are displaying ignorance. The salvation we enjoy is based on a wisdom that is simply beyond human capacity to understand fully (1 Corinthians 1:25).

A foolish person is someone who fails to recognise their own mistakes and accept God’s correction (2 Peter 2:15-16). The good news is that that the Word of God has been given as an antidote to immoral living and foolishness (Psalm 19:7-11). Knowing that sin of various kinds is the power behind foolishness, but when we adjust to the Word of God we add wisdom that results in peace for us (Romans 2:5-11). Finally, friends please refrain from directly calling someone “foolish” or “fool” because the Lord considers it as an abusive term; I received a similar rebuke last week for calling someone a “fool” (Matthew 5:22). The Scriptures clearly advise us that if we fail to cling on to the Lord Jesus Christ by obeying Him, we are acting foolish: “Therefore, everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them will be like a sensible man who built his house on the rock. The rain fell, the rivers rose, and the winds blew and pounded that house. Yet it didn’t collapse, because its foundation was on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of Mine and doesn’t act on them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, the rivers rose, the winds blew and pounded that house, and it collapsed. And its collapse was great!” (Matthew 7:24-27).

Paradoxes and Admonitions

It is foolish to conclude a matter before considering all available options (Proverbs 18:17).

It is foolish and to a person’s disadvantage to reject the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ when you have never accepted Him as Saviour (Galatians 2:21).

It is foolish to deny the existence of God if you are not sure about His existence, your choice of denying His existence is based on ignorance, than actual proof; this is folly! Try faith and wise up to see Him both within and outside of you (1 Corinthians 2:14). Like Job, don’t speak before you have God's Wisdom to understand His Judgements (Job 42: 1-6).

It is foolish to brand the Bible as uninspired and untrue when you were not there to verify its authenticity. Can you verify that the Bible is not God’s Word when you were not present when He revealed Himself to the witnesses? (Job 38:1-41) Can the testimony of 40 plus witnesses over a period of more than 1600 years be untruthful? Yet most judicial systems may convict on the evidence of only one witness? The point we make is attestation! It is a folly to ignore the truth of the Bible if it is intended to give us a message of hope and eternal life.

It is foolish to make Christ out to be a liar regarding all He stands for in truth if you have not experienced Him (John 8:46).

It is foolish to say there is no life after death when God says there is (John 3:16). Were you there and came back to say there is no life? This is to your disadvantage to believe likewise, for you will never have another opportunity to correct your ways. Believe now and enter into eternal life, rather than eternal condemnation and shame (Hebrews 9:27, 2 Timothy 4:1, Revelation 20:12-15).

It is foolish to question or argue against God when you do not have the ability to stand up against Him (Job 38:1-41, 42:1-16).

It is foolish to insist you acted right when God the Judge and Creator of mankind condemns your actions (John 8:16).

It is foolish to say Jesus Christ did not rise from death when those who were eyewitnesses to the event say so. People would rather believe any historical account, but despise the historical evidence provided in the Bible (1 Corinthians 15:5-8). Does this not give evidence of a future life? Denying Christ through doubt and unbelief is rejection of eternal life (John 3:16-18; John 3:36).

It is foolish and rebellious to misrepresent the Scriptures to justify wrong behaviour; are you not acting as Judge over God’s word and using it as a tool to cause your own fall (2 Peter 3:14-18; John 5:39-40). Agree with the Scriptures to reform your ways for in obedience is God’s reward, but rebelliousness bring His wrath (Hebrews 10:38-39).

Obey God, act wisely, shun foolish talk and bad choices, avoid dishonest behaviour; God is not pleased with it. Make a humble choice like the man who build his house on solid ground (Matthew 7:24-27). Faith, obedience and holy living secure Heaven entry!

While the Bible verses mentioned above pertaining to foolishness are by no means exhaustive on this subject, you can gain further understanding on this subject by studying the Bible verses on wisdom.

To accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, please pray this Prayer of Sincere Repentance. For any questions or comments about this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Blessed hope and peace to you in this season of reflection upon Christ,

Brother Glenn.

Monday, November 22, 2021

The Lord Does Answer Our Prayers

How The Lord Confirmed His Promise

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6 NKJV).

On December 12, 2016, we originally shared this article and we noticed not many Christians read this testimony which we believe could help countless brethren receiving breakthroughs. Since we focused on prayer in our last article, it is pleasing to the Lord to share this message again as commanded by the Lord for your edification. Now in order to receive a breakthrough, we only need to take faith with us which would help us develop patience, persistence, perseverance and humility. Generally, Christians are struggling with issues of faith and confidence in the Presence of God.

Briefly, this might be a slightly lengthy article, but we have attempted to be to the point. As you know, the Lord commanded us to share this testimony to encourage the brethren that He is still answering prayers and those who ask must believe (Matthew 21:22). Sometime ago, the Lord revealed to us repeatedly that we must be persistent and consistent in our prayers and pray until our requests are granted (Colossians 4:2-6; Luke 18:1-8).

Briefly, over the years that we received messages and visions from the Lord, certain revelations and things about the future would not have made sense had we shared it immediately. In fact, neither did some of it make sense to us then but we believed it, and like John the Baptist’s father, we only understood the reality of the prophecy when it reached its fulfillment (Luke 1:20; 62-66). You may also have noticed recently that we only shared some major prophecies the Lord gave us some months or even years after they were given. Why? With some revelations, the Lord forbid that we share it immediately until He commands us to, and other revelations that we don't understand, we would pray for understanding before sharing it to avoid people being confused and blaming us as false. Sadly, though, there were, unfortunately, some people who gave their own interpretation to some things we shared, and they subsequently accused us of being false. It is foolhardy to suggest something is false if you simply don’t believe it, and also declaring a Word from the Lord as false when it still needs fulfillment is equally foolish (Jeremiah 28:9; Deuteronomy 18:21-22).

Ministry Need for a Prayer House

We have already shared how this ministry started, and we did mention that we operated from our living room for our home church services and our prayer meetings. Furthermore, we also mentioned that the Lord did not allow children in our intercessory prayer meetings so that we may not be disturb during prayers. Briefly, there was one occasion when it rained heavily, and after we had returned from witnessing, we decided to pray without taking the children to my mother in law’s house which is quite a distance from where we live. That evening, we heard the Lord thundering and our children were all awaken by that sound, and some of them came running in where we were praying. This act was very displeasing to the Lord, after rebuking us saying that our prayers for that evening did not make it to Heaven, He commanded that we redo the prayers the following day. When the Lord commanded us not to allow children in our prayer meetings, He specifically said, “The prayers are holy and must be kept safe.” In a later revelation to us, the Lord revealed that angels come with baskets and usher our prayers into the Presence of God (Revelations 5:8). Therefore, the problem with our children (including some ministry member’s children) and our lack of a proper dedicated prayer house led us to earnestly plead with the Lord to bless us with a prayer house.

Thus, during April 2012 as a ministry we deliberated on the problems we had, and after our discussions, we all agreed that we needed to trust the Lord to bless us with a prayer house (Matthew 18:19). Our need was genuine it was not based on some ambitious plan but on a true concern to obey the Lord in keeping our prayers private and without disturbance (Matthew 6:6).

How Satan Opposed us

We can assure you brethren; the devil has his people everywhere and they work tirelessly to oppose the work of God (2 Corinthians 12:7; Matthew 16:23). We will share further below how the devil opposed us and how we had to overcome him to receive God’s promise (1 Thessalonians 2:18). After failing to have our prayer house plan approved by the local authorities during July 2012, and after having spent a lot of money on the building project, we gave up (but not on prayer) on ever getting our prayer house plan approved with red-tape, excuses, and unnecessary delays. As we continued praying, our neighbor's next door reported to us during August 2013 that they were moving out and I immediately prayed asking the Lord to bless us with the house and a few evenings I had a dream that the Lord was going to bless us with that house. This dream was a great faith motivator, with our following prayer meeting, I encouraged the brethren to trust the Lord with my family and me for the house next door, and we decided to go on a one-day fast. Glory to the Lord in the highest Heaven, He answered giving both Charis, Jaydeen visions that He has granted our request. The reception of these visions, which we have voice recorded filled our hearts with unspeakable joy which lifted our spirits with faith to continue praying and trusting the Lord.

Enduring Test Before God’s Promises Realise

Let me confidently state, no blessing from God has ever come without a test. Although God promised Abraham a future blessing of being a father of many nations while he was childless (Genesis 17:1-6), his faith was tested when he suddenly had to sacrifice his son Isaac (Genesis 22:1-2) through whom the promise of God was linked. Abrahams' faith was unshaken, and this did not deter him from trusting God (Hebrews 11:19).

Likewise, the Bible says Jacob was promised with greatness with the same blessings Abraham received (Genesis 27:27-29). However, before he inherited God’s blessings, he had to endure 20 years of hard labor (Genesis 31:38-41) and living as a pilgrim in the promised land, but he considered God faithful to deliver on His promises (Genesis 48:3-4). Additionally, young Joseph, who was favored by God and promised to be master and ruler of his father’s children (Genesis 37:7-8), had to endure every kind of test and hardship before he was appointed ruler of Egypt (See Genesis 37, 39, 40 and 41). Similarly, God tested the children of Israel to measure their obedience towards Him before they could enter the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 8:1-2). We know that through war, death and rebelliousness some received the promise while others did not, but God’s promises were fulfilled through those who believed, endured and obeyed Him (Joshua 23:14-15).

Our Struggle Against Satan and Discouragement

Accordingly, as a ministry, we had to endure test as well. This experience and some other experiences have taught us that God’s promises do not always have an obvious occurrence. As we demonstrated on the above scriptural references, God allowed the devil room to sow doubt, confusion, and emotional pain to test our faith and as we obey and endure we overcome and receive what God promised (2 Corinthians 4:8-9). As I alluded above, the people who moved out of the property we intended purchasing refused to sell it to us after numerous requests.

Instead, things seemed to turn against us; two different families moved into the property God promised us with the option of buying it. Now this could have turned any believer into doubting God’s promise since one of the occupants planned in buying the house. What was worse, we did not have the financial means to make an offer, we simply just had faith and our prayers. However, knowing what was going to happen, and how timely He is, the Lord worked in the heart of a very dear and humble sister whom the Lord described as being a faithful servant who has a heart of love for Him and His work to help us financially.

Furthermore, after one of the occupants could not raise the money to buy the property, it was sold on auction during July 24, 2014. After asking the Lord in prayer through Charis, He did not answer if we could approach the new ‘owner’ to buy it from him, but we thought we should use our faith and negotiate with the person who bought the property from the auction. The decision to enter into a contract with the new ‘owner’ seemed to be a deal from hell. He was a conman Satan used to defraud us of our money (John 10:10) and the prayer house. The joy of finally acquiring the prayer house after the previous hurdles like our building plans that were disapproved and the potential buyers and occupation of the promised property all just disappeared in great sadness, regret and unbelieve. After numerous prayers and requests through Charis, He just said, “how to know that God is testing you”. Honestly, this served as little comfort and encouragement to us, with some people even doubting and ridiculing our decision.

Brethren, as bad as this turned out, the Lord was using this bad experience to humble and make us dependent on Him. We fully turned to the Lord to in prayer to deliver us from the mess we found ourselves in, with our money gone and so the dream of our prayer house. (There will be a follow-up article as we are still involved in a civil matter with the fraudster, the outcome of which the Lord already showed to be in our favor) However, we rallied in prayer and fasting, and the Lord took the property of the hands of the fraudster giving us another opportunity to buy it. As a ministry, we decided to go on one-day fast and Monday 23 May I received a visit from an Angel of the Lord in a vision, and he said that the Lord had given us the property (Acts 27:23-25). Praise the Lord; I encouraged the brethren with this message knowing the Lord was encouraging us to be focused on Him and believe. After accepting an invitation, on May 26, 2016, we (My wife and I) attended the auction of the property not knowing Satan has arranged for the entrances to and out of the area to be closed through violent protest; please read the full story on the links provided below. ( and .

After unsuccessful attempts to get out of the area, and by then our desperation had turned into worry that we would not be able to make it on time. My wife and I together with our children prayed, pleading with the Lord to open a way out for us and after we had made a telephone call to someone, he informed us that there was a direction out of the area. The alternative route was all rocky and difficult to drive on but glory to the Lord we ‘escaped’ and entered through this difficult road after securing the property at the auction. Without being exaggerative, we were met with stiff competition at the auction for this was not an easy experience. We were opposed and intimidated by some experienced people who threatened to reverse the decision if we could not come up with all the money needed (1% of the total auctioned value of the property) and we did not have all the cash. They allowed no exceptions and with potential buyers still waiting outside for the decision to be reversed against us, the Lord granted us a favor and I were allowed to transfer the difference right there into the account of the sheriff. After having survived a scare with a daring, desperate faith, my wife and I could only exclaim, ‘THANK YOU LORD, what a victory after all our struggles!’

Having secured the property, we were given two weeks to come up with the balance of the full auction price. Knowing that we did not have the full balance, we again turned to the Lord, and He provided assistance and on December 2, 2016, we received the property title deed closing a painful experience and struggle against the devil in the acquisition of our prayer house.

In conclusion, we know that many Christians fail to receive an answer to prayer, in fact, many quits after being intimidated by circumstances the devil presents. Through this article, the Lord is encouraging you never to give up and persevere even when things seem against you. Don’t allow the disguise of the situation to intimidate you, the enemy fashions it that way to create fear, doubt, and discouragement in you and once he succeeds in doing that, you lose out on the promise (Numbers 13:31-33). Therefore, work with God on your problem, be on His case by being persistent for this is pleasing to the Lord and He will grant your request.

We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who does not know the Lord Jesus Christ yet, or of you are not born again, to pray our suggested prayer on this link Prayer of Sincere Repentance
by faith and follow the Lord (Matthew 4:19). You may also contact us for any questions or comments about this article or our ministry.

Great peace and love to you all,

Blessed regards

Brother Glenn

Monday, November 1, 2021

Why Do People Sin In Secret?

Being Weak Requires Us To Resist Sin

“He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, But he who confesses and forsakes them will find compassion” (Proverbs 28:13 NIV). "...for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known".

Brethren, this week's article essentially appeals to born-again Christians and being the minister on this platform, it was revealed to us by the Lord that there are some Christian folk in general who sins shamelessly in secret. In a vision, I heard the Lord saying about those who sin in secret, "For that is when sinful behaviour is utterly expressed and when human desire is being fulfilled".  Did you ever hear somebody say, “I am just human and I am weak, so I sinned”? This is a very common excuse that most of us we make after we opted to disobey the Lord and commit a sinful offence, isn’t it? Well, it is true, we are weak and just human, but the word of the Lord says, “Woe to those who deeply hide their plans from the LORD, And whose deeds are done in a dark place, And they say, "Who sees us?" or "Who knows us?" (Isaiah 29:15). Brethren, by writing these articles does not mean that we are not human or have struggled against the deceitfulness of sin, instead of being in this sinful body (Romans 7:24) requires us to be on our guard against the deceitfulness and addictions of sinful habits. As Christians, we have been called to wage war against sinful desires by not giving in to its passions of lusts (Galatians 5:16-17).

Our Daily Struggle Against Sin

Scripturally, we are not guaranteed a smooth path without any hindrance from sin (Genesis 4:7), we are however commanded to master it (1 Corinthians 9:27) and such mastery over sin comes through a consciousness of sin's presence and tempting advances. You may ask, how do I recognize that I am about to sin? Sin is driven by our desires and urges and it appeals to what may benefit our physical nature (James 1:14-15), also our urges defies all logic and authority, and being opportunistic, sin often creates inflated feelings with strong urges to gratify the passions we experience at the opportunity. To present a point with a strong argument, urges and passions to sin are always present in us, however, the Holy Spirit who convicts us, helps us overcome sin (Ephesians 5:18-21). Furthermore, we need to add, sin operates much more powerful when there is no restraint, in other words, sin is laid bare and operates unashamedly when it happens in secret (Ephesians 5:12) and every Christian who loves sinning operates in the dark (secretly) (John 3:20). Below, we share a short testimony of a brother who sinned secretly, take heed and be warned!

Additionally, with permission, a very close brother whom I greatly admire in the Lord recently shared with me how the Lord gave him a strong rebuke for sinning secretly. In his experience, brother J recalled how he opened his soul to shameful and appalling sin in secret and the more he realized that nobody was seeing him the more he engaged in this sickening habit. He further described that the more he indulged, the more his soul yearned for more and more, and after the defilement of his righteous soul, he felt guilty and the urge to repent like Adam and Eve in the Lord’s garden (Genesis 3:8) and after repenting, he did not escape the Lord’s rebuke.

Now, without giving too much detail he said that the Lord appeared in a vision to him and told him that he acted flippantly and that he did not take his salvation serious and the Lord further told him that he may have deleted those offensive files from his notebook, but the guilt of his conscience cannot be erased or deleted. Brethren, we can tell that this brother is living very close to the Lord and the rebuke he received from the Lord is proof that his actions greatly displeased and hurt the Lord.

In closing, are you operating in the dark (secretly) and flippant at the expense of your salvation? We urge you not to allow the secret addiction(s) of sin to drive you underground and away from the love of the Lord. Like our brother J, repent and join the light to receive favor and forgiveness (2 Corinthians 4:6; John 8:12). Therefore, let us not allow the weakness of our disobedient attitude as an excuse to sin.

Finally, if you are not yet born again, here is a Prayer of Sincere Repentance to get you started. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Brother Glenn