Visions from The Lord Jesus Christ

Important Notice: Brethren, you will see that we share short visions on this website as the Lord reveals to us. The Lord told us that we must continue to share to warn people. Therefore, we are not in this work to please man, but to please the Lord, who is our Judge, while we encourage and correct members of the body of Christ. We share visions and messages from the Lord willingly and in obedience to Him, in order to purely edify and to warn believers. We do not wish to attract attention to ourselves, all GLORY to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

After much prayer and reflection, as a Ministry we deemed it necessary to brief you on some disturbing things and malicious campaigns some people ran against the truthfulness of our messages and visions on this blog. As you may have noticed, we have been silent on some rumors and untruthful gossiping, and due to our silence it has led some people to question the truthfulness of our messages. Also, we have no need to defend ourselves, but this is really not about us but the truth of the Lord’s messages and the revelations He gave to us and this needs some clarification. While we do not entertain rumors and gossiping, for the sake of the Lord’s messages and visions on this blog we owe it to you to dispel such falsifications. Brethren, you be the judge of this, but the visions and message we shared on this website are original just as we received it from the Lord. Visions we receive from the Lord are subjected to scriptural scrutiny, prayer and we had the honour to ask the Lord to confirm it. Therefore, we shared our visions from a strong conviction and by faith and we do fear the Lord and we are mindful about our own salvation that is why we are endeavouring daily to live pleasing before the Lord daily.

Therefore, NONE of our visions or messages here are unscriptural. It's been revealed to us that there are some people who influences others negatively against our messages while questioning the truthfulness of our testimony merely because the Lord revealed to us that there would be two Raptures. Please allow me to state that it is irrational and unchristian to reason that a revelatory vision is wrong or false when one cannot proof it from the Bible. A brother was sharply rebuked by the Lord for questioning our messages and a vision the Lord gave us to share on this blog. Thus, the Visions of two Raptures (as shared in on our Visions section) are not unbiblical, and it cannot be dismissed as false just because somebody disagrees, neither can it be proven biblically as false. The question we should ask is, from what authority or position are you judging this vision? What motivates you, malice or truth? Or is it simply because you disagree due to your stereotypes or your lack of faith to appreciate our message from the Lord? (Romans 14: 5-6). Also, we do not demand visions (how can the Lord succumb to human demands) [Acts 10:34]) from the Lord, instead He provides it, and we share it by faith in a strong conviction. At the beginning of our experiences with the Lord, He told us directly to confirm and look in the Bible the things He that He reveals to us. Thus, visions we shared on this blog and locally (amongst the local brethren) are true and most came to pass, and neither will any vision or prophetic utterance we shared here fail (Habakkuk 2:3). As a point of fact, the Lord is still ministering to us!

VISION OF HELL by Claudia (12/09/2021).

I had a vision from the Lord this morning, I saw myself with four other ladies standing on some balcony of a huge building with a stairway going down. The Lord appeared in a cloud in the air and said to us, "I want you to experience a full day in Hell". Almost immediately after the Lord's words, I found myself walking down these stairways, and as I descended further down I noticed a very dark place, and as we entered it a sulfuric or atomic mixed with rotten eggs or rotten flesh smell came from there. 

This smell was so toxic I struggled breathing and sobs to breathe and it seems there was no fresh air to breathe. I Lord still in the cloud provided a shade of light just enough for us to see. I saw all kinds of animal kind of creatures, which by their appearance looked evil. These beings could talk, but I was unable to hear what they were saying, they were laughing and tried coming towards us but could not reach us. 

After just a few minutes, I prayed and pleaded with the Lord to take me out as I could not endure being in that place, and that's when I woke up and the vision ended!

Vision by Claudia January 11, 2021

I had a vision this morning, I saw many people standing in very long lines ready to enter a grocery store to buy not with money but with some coupons. Brief interpretation: There is a worldwide ‘new’ money system coming which will end with the introduction of the mark of the beast monetary system and this signifies the end times (Revelations 13:17)

Vision by Claudia January 8, 2021 (Introduction of Mark of the Beast)

I had a vision from the Lord this morning where I saw many, many guards in uniform who were guarding people who were ready to be killed for refusing the mark of the beast. When the guards approached us, we just prayed and the Lord hides us from them, end of vision!

Vision by Claudia January 6,2021 (Covid-19 variant)

I got up this morning with a vision in which I saw that people were getting infected with the coronavirus by sitting on infected people's warm seats. In my vision, I saw an 11-year-old boy being the first person to die after sitting on someone's warm seat, end of vision! 

Visions to Claudia (20/07/2020).

The Lord appeared to me in a vision and said, "Things will be different for you and your family after the lockdown". 

Interpretation: The Lord revealed that the lockdown around the world will come to an end, but life will never be the same as before for us and many other families around the world. Please continue praying while being watchful we do not expect the same world.

Being Ready For The Kingdom Of God (14 July 2020).

I had a vision while I was walking and Angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, "Claudia you only have two more years to get ready". After I heard these words I saw towards my right there were many Christian brothers and sisters who were all happy and I could sense they were ready for the coming of the Lord. 

Interpretation: Dear READER, please be careful when you read this message. We are NOT saying the Rapture will take place in two years. Generally, the Lord is giving the unprepared Christians two years to get their spiritual houses in order (Isaiah 38:1) and it is best to grow in God's grace now so that when times of trials arrive we would be humble and ready. If you owe someone work towards repaying. If unforgiveness or being worldly repent. We can assure you in a different vision the Lord showed Claudia on July 13,2020 that Christians will not escape being persecuted. 

Vision Of The Lord Jesus (05 July 2020)

I had a vision this morning, the Lord Jesus appeared to me with only His face and shoulders showing. I could feel His strong Presence and Peace all around me. His facial appearance was covered with a thick misty or cloudy substance. In the vision, I knew it was the Lord Jesus and He said, "Claudia Blue is a very Precious Colour".

Brief interpretation: The Lord was referring to the blue of the sky and the very Presence of the Almighty God (Exodus 24:10). I also knew He was referring to our soon departure to Heaven where the Presence of the Father is.

Vision Of God (Claudia 13 June 2020)

I had a vision of God the Father and the Lord Jesus. While I could not see their faces, I knew it was Jesus and the Father because I addressed them so in the vision. In the vision I approached the Father and asked him if I could go somewhere (a place known only in the vision) and He said yes. I then went to the Lord Jesus asking Him if I should go, He also said you may go, but first read a scripture from the bible to encourage your faith and pray to receive strength and then go. End!

Brief meaning: After prayer, the Lord revealed that for every kind of thing we need there are scriptural provision for it and if we have faith, we will receive what we ask for in prayer (Matthew 21:22).

Vision of Rapture (Claudia 3 June 2020)

I had a vision just before I got up for my morning prayers, In the vision, I saw myself walking with two of my school mates. It was impressed upon me to say to them, “guys the rapture is imminent we must repent”! We all immediately started praying as if urged to do so urgently. However, one of girls stopped praying while the other continued in prayer with me. While I was wondering why our one friend stopped praying, I looked up and saw a man dressed in red with a red face musk looking at me and I saw the one girl going to him. At that moment, I looked up into the sky and I could see an eye blinding light emanating from pure and thick transparent white clouds and I could hear how beautifully the angels were singing and worshipping God. End!

Explanation: There can be no doubt that the Lord here is highlighting the times in which we are living where the wise virgins will repent and keep their lamps burning while the others will abandon their faith and return to the world (Matthew 25:1-8). The lamps in this parable represent our faith and preparedness and such visions give us hope and understanding of the times we are living in.

Vision of the Mark of the Beast (Claudia 24 April 2020).

I had a vision that I was walking with an angel of the Lord. I then saw a sign of the Mark of the Beast on my right arm which was invisible under my skin (Revelation 13:16-17). It was in a circular reddish form with an evil black image of a creature. I could see many greyish demons with Chinese facial features all around in human forms doing some weird dancing moves to this Chinese music. There was also an older Chinese woman I saw with a dancing demon while she was practicing witchcraft. I then asked the angel, this sign on my right arm is it the mark of the beast? Immediately one of the dancing demons played the music louder and the angel answered saying that the Mark of the Beast was not out yet! End of vision…

Brief explanation: Brethren, we were reluctant to share this vision as it contains a hidden message, but after weeks of prayer we decided to share it in obedience to the Lord. The aim of sharing this is not to draw discrimination against Chinese people, God forbid the Lord loves all people and so do we. In our understanding there is some evil that may have come from China or will come from there, again only the Lord knows the real meaning to this vision. We are simply sharing according to our faith and convictions!

Vision by Claudia (20 May 2020).

I had a vision from the Lord just before my morning prayers, the Lord showed me one of our faithful ministry members saying something bad to her son which hurt him. Immediately after uttering those words, she died and I saw her going to HELL. A messenger of the Lord in the appearance of a man appeared and said to me, "This woman would have gone to Heaven but she did not repent from the wrong thing she uttered to her son before she died so she went to HELL".

Vaccine For Covid-19 Vision by Brother Glenn (16/05/2020).

I received a vision just before I woke up to pray during the early hours of above date. 
In the vision, I was with a group of people when we saw and heard ambulance sirens  I sensed a strong feeling of surprise at the rapid availability of a vaccine.and the very atmosphere was charged with a joyous excitement. When we looked toward the convoy, there were many mobile clinics heading towards some public places and I heard the gentle voice of the Lord whispering "Vaccine for vaccination". I then saw countless people being gathered to receive vaccination.

Message to Claudia from the Lord (13 May 2020)

I heard the Lord said in an audible voice "I will heal everything". End!

Vision by Claudia (23/04/2020)

I had a vision this morning, I was outside our house standing in the yard, and suddenly an Angel of God in a form of a human covered in a brilliant light appeared to me and said "Now the Lord will show His Kingdom". After saying this I just saw the light figure disappearing into the sky! end of vision.

Vision by Claudia (21/04/2020).

Satan Mocking My Faith and Perseverance

I had a vision from the Lord during the early hours of above date, the devil appeared and an Angel of God (Jude 1:9). They were discussing me, I heard the Angel of the Lord saying to the devil 'the Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to Claudia and she is doing well' (Job 1:8). I sensed some evil spirits moving all around the devil and he said in reply, "I don't think she can keep the lamp standing". The Angel of God looked at him and walked away. End of vision! Like Job, he attacked her by inflicting her with a condition (Glory to God she is recovering daily from this affliction). As her parent's we are praying very hard for her daily while teaching her the scriptures and we know there is no reward for turning back (Hebrews 10:38), she is equally Heaven bound to follow the Lord no matter the devil's attacks. We know the devil issues challenges and our Lord Jesus Himself was tempted as His followers we must just be ready for whatever comes (Matthew 4:1-11).

Children Going To Hell (19/04/2020)
By Claudia

Warning from the Lord: Yesterday morning (19/04/2020) the Lord revealed to Claudia that many parents are not leading their young children from age eight (8) and upwards to Him.  Also, the Lord commanded that Christian parents be teaching their children how to pray and to encourage them to read the Bible and if they are unable to the parent must read and teach the children the word of God (Ephesians 6:4). In a vision she was shown that how a 10 year old girl we know died and went to Hell. The Lord told her that this precious girl went to Hell because she was not born again and her name was not written in the book of life.

Smoking Christians

Again on 17/04/2020, the Lord showed Claudia in a vision that smoking was harmful to people while showing her in a vision someone who smoked constantly and He also warned that those who smoke will go to Hell.

These warns are very important brethren, the Lord wants to save children and with times being as uncertain as these we don't want to our kids to be unprotected during. Also, the reason we wrote this article was to warn people of some trying times ahead and the Lord will save those who trust in Him and walk faithfully before Him daily from the day of evil (2 Peter 2:29). We must therefore just have faith and be watchful in prayer.

Vision by Claudia (30/03/2020)

In this vision, I heard a loud banging noise and thunderous lightning all around (Exodus 20:18). As I looked up into the sky, it turned very dark and the sky itself was moving violently and in different patterns as if it wants to bursts (Matthew 24:29). At once I looked towards the street and I saw multiple vehicles collisions as a result of the ear deafening sound from the sky. I immediately started praying when I saw that and the vision ended!

Message From God (Brother Glenn) 29/03/2020

The Lord has given the cure of this deadly disease to mankind for the common good of all. The Lord has given a specific country the ability to develop a vaccine against this coronavirus. I heard the name of this country, but it might be a symbolic name and it could be another country. We need to remember whether it be Germany or any other country, it is not about the country, but that God has heard prayer and provided the cure! Anyway, I heard the whispering voice of the Lord said “Germany has the cure”. No time lines were given but this virus and enemy of humanity is defeated in Jesus name! Brethren, we need to stress that we are in the end-times and there will be temporary relief against this before the next disaster will strike. 

Living Each Day For The Lord
Brother Glenn (22/03/2020).

I (Brother Glenn) did receive a message from the Lord yesterday morning (22/03/2020) in a vision and the Lord said, “You must live each day as if the Lord is coming today”. By this, I understood the Lord to say, lead a repentant life, forgive, do not hate, etc. Please read this entire section (Romans 12:9-21).

By Claudia Vision of end times (5/03/2020)

During the early hours of above date, I had a vision from the Lord. My father and I and Charis were in a public place with people all around us. I felt as if we were in the final days before the Rapture. We heard a very LOUD NOISE and people panicked running in all directions (1 Thessalonians 5:3). We were also running and we came across an old woman who offered us a hiding place, we refused because we knew it was the end and there was simply no safe hiding place (Psalm 27:5).

Brief interpretation

Brethren, the Lord has revealed to us that some of the visions He gave relating to the end times are symbolic and discernment is needed to understand. We prayed asking for clarity on this vision and the Lord said all should be ready as sudden destruction could strike anytime, without warning and that there will be no hiding place.

Additionally, brethren as we know it there is widespread fear and panic as a result of the Coronavirus, this ministry has no intention to add to such fears. Our commission is to encourage and get as many people ready for the coming of our Saviour. The Coming of the LORD will be a great event and a JOYFUL occasion for many Christians (2 Corinthians 1:14). We are in every way a prophetic voice who has been given this grace to prepare the bride. Therefore as a family, we are convinced that the LORD in His immeasurable Mercy is preparing people especially those who faithfully followed His messages on this website. As to how long whether a year or two or shorter period of time the LORD will prepare us before THAT DAY we have no idea. What we know is that our King is preparing, gathering and readying His flock.

Rapture Vision (Brother Glenn) 22/02/2020

I received a vision from the Lord during the very early morning hours of Saturday (22/02/2020). In the vision, my family and I were together at home sleeping, it appeared to be very late at night (Matthew 25:6). I heard a loud voice and I just knew it was the LORD speaking and He called each one of us using the same words just using our names saying, "Cailin, My good and faithful (Matthew 25:23) servant come forth" (John 11:43). And immediately, I saw Cailin (our seven year old daughter) being transformed into a body of light flying through the roof and the sky and standing at the Lord's right hand side and the rest of us were called too and standing in the sequence we were called (Matthew 25:34). as I looked around I saw multitudes of other people also on the Lord's right hand side. end of vision!

Brief explanation

Brethren, the Lord is again warning us and exciting us to be ready and prepared for this great event the rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). Let us keep up the good work and continue doing the will of God. After this vision, I asked the Lord why Cailin (our 7 year old daughter) was being good and faithful since she never labored the Lord said, her obedience to us as her parents, her praying, bible reading and her participating in our ministry worship services and family devotional times makes her faithful in His eyes. Therefore, no brother or sister young or old should consider any contribution in terms of doing God's will as trivial. The Lord rewards every act of obedience that is done in His name and that brings Glory and honor to Him (1 Corinthians 10:31; Hebrews 6:10).

Vision Of Dark Clouds

I (Brother Glenn) received a vision from the Lord early Thursday morning (13/02/2020). In the vision, I was standing in our back yard when my attention was drawn to thick dark clouds which were gathering and breaking up into sizable chunks covering the entire sky. As I looked at the phenomena right in front of me I felt a deep fear as it turned day light into total darkness (Joel 2:2; Zephaniah 1:15). 

I then immediately ran into the house to tell my family and just before I could speak, I heard a man as if announcing on television to the whole world, "This is the end of the world as we all know it". Soon after this announcement, I went outside again and I saw many people going about their lives as if nothing is going to happen (Revelation 22:11) And the vision ended!

Brief interpretation

We believe the dark clouds that are gathering and the announcement is a warning to the world that we are in the beginning  stages of the end times. As a ministry and family, we have been attacked by some brothers for sharing visions from the Lord especially related to the end times (Jeremiah 26:8-24) but we will continue to obey the Lord. 

Vision Of Warm Cloud

Vision to Claudia 14/02/2020

During the early hours of Friday, I received a vision from the Lord. A warm, pure white bright light appeared to me and took me to a city with very tall buildings in the USA. While being in this white warm cloud, I looked down a very large and big hole opened up and I saw countless people and their cars falling into this hole (Numbers 16:32), then the vision ended! 

Vision Of a Bright Cloud

On the February 5, 2020 I had a vision just before my early morning prayers. I saw a brilliant white cloud and a very Bright Light that illuminated the entire sky. As I looked, I felt a deep penetrating peace entering me...END! (See Matthew 17:5)

Vision Of Angels Singing

Again on February 7, 2020. I had another vision, I could see  countless Angels who were dressed in dazzling white robes standing on a pure white cloud. I immediately started singing praises to the Lord and the angelic host joined in singing praises to the Lord. End! (Job 38:7; Luke 2:13-14).

Vision of a selfish Christian Brother (02/02/2020). 

I (Brother Glenn) had a vision from the Lord on above date. I had a conversation with a known pastor in our area and the Lord showed me that this man had sin in his life which he did not even hide from others. While this and I were conversing, i heard the Lord saying, "This man will do nothing for others unless he stands to benefits from it". End! (Colossians 3:23-24).

We therefore encourage you brethren, let us not do good to others for self-gain, or self-glorification but as humble servants doing it to please our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 17:10; Matthew 25:40).

Vision of Dark Deep Pit-Holes (24/01/2020)

Vision From Claudia: I received a Vision from the Lord on the 24/01/2020. I saw myself being at school with many other learners around me enjoying lunch break. Suddenly, I heard a very LOUD ear deafening Thunder as if it was a warning. I saw all the unsaved people everywhere  screaming and running and as they were running the earth opened underneath them and they would fall while screaming and being terrified into the deep dark holes (Numbers 26:10). While the vision was being shown to me the Lord urged me to record what I saw saying "this is a message for all to be ready". End!

Lord's Visions and messages to Claudia (20/01/2020).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will be sharing Visions and messages From The Lord To Claudia as He directs (Brother Glenn and Sister Desiree's 13 year old daughter). These will be updated right here. As a family and ministry, we know that these messages and warnings from the Lord are not just for us but for the whole world and in obedience to Him we will make it available on this website. 

Brethren, please bear with us just a little on this matter, some time ago a few brethren mocked us regarding the Lord's coming thinking that we made up these and other warnings the Lord gave us. We are confident that the Lord's words will be fulfilled we will therefore not be deterred by the slander and accusations of doubtful people but we will share the Lord's visions and messages (1 Corinthians 9:16).

Now on 5 January, 2020 the Lord Jesus appeared to Claudia after her early morning prayers just after she went back to bed. The Lord showed her in a vision where she was alone in a forest surrounded by beautiful trees and the Lord said to her, "I WILL SHOW YOU SOMETHING, BUT YOU MUST HAVE FAITH" (Hebrews 11:6). 


During the time we were waiting to hear from the Lord again, we prayed and she also prayed earnestly crying to the Lord and after about 2 weeks, the Lord kept His good promise and appeared again to her during the morning hours of 18 January, 2020,where she again found herself in the forest alone The Lord showed her how a father and his daughter were running from a raging fire, and she heard the thunderous voice of the Lord saying, "I AM COMING SOON AND YOU SHOULD WRITE DOWN MY WORDS! End of vision. 

Vision Of 7 Babies (12/01/2020)
Given to Charis

I had a vision from the Lord just before I got up on above date. In the vision, I saw that I had seven (7) babies on my lap and I picked up two (2) babies and held them up. While doing that I discovered that those two (2) babies died and I felt very sad and I heard the Lord saying, "Don't be sad for what you have lost, but be grateful for what you still have". 

Brief interpretation:

While it is human nature to lament the things we lost, the Lord is not pleased when we make a show of it and acting as if we lost everything. Therefore, when we have lost loved ones, earthly possessions or even some of our body parts due to injuries or sickness the Lord implores us to take courage in Him (1 Samuel 30:6) because only He is our TRUE TREASURE (Matthew 13:44).

Vision OF A Man Being Honored By God (17 December 2018)

Brethren, in the early hours of this morning (17/12/2018) the Lord showed me a short vision in which I was shown a man whom I know in the Lord. In the vision, it appeared as if God was bestowing honor because of obedience upon this particular brother. Similarly, I also saw some witnesses nearby who testified about the grace and change God brought about in the life of this brother as they related one after another the Good of God in the life of this man. 

Now brethren, what the Lord revealed to me is that no effort or work a person does by faith and in the NAME OF THE LORD will ever go unnoticed. As it is, all our works will be duly recognised and rewarded (Acts 10:4) and some of these blessings are not just reserved for Heaven but are given here too where there is need (Mark 10:29-30). Considering also what the Lord said in the latter part of verse 30 in the preceding scripture, persecutions and what makes it so memorable is the stigma of pain that follows our efforts in the Lord. Having shared this we conclude, don't give up or grow weary of doing good our painful or stressful efforts will receive remedy from the Lord Almighty!

Vision Of A Spiritually Battered Christian (25/03/2018)

I Brother Glenn had a vision during the early hours of above date regarding a servant of God (known to us) who fell into a terrible state of spiritual dormancy. In the vision, the Lord showed me that the brother (John, not real name) was covered in painful sores or boils like Job (Job 2:7) while he (brother John) was bleeding profusely from the mouth. Looking at the brother, I could sense that he had no strength left to stand on his own. In fact from my position, I could only see that some invisible hand was holding him up and the Lord revealed to me that it was because of his faith in the Lord that he was still standing. I then heard him pray to God saying, "God please forgive me for my many sins and help me get right again with you". I also heard him in his prayer addressing Satan being the cause of his fall (Luke 22:3-4) in fact the brother yielded to every kind of temptation without offering any resistance. Now, through this vision, the Lord is encouraging the Church to pray very hard for the ministers of the Gospel who are struggling under the weight of sinful desires

Vision Of Christ's Judgment Seat (27/05/2018)
Again, on the above date I (Brother Glenn) received another vision. It appeared as if we (ministers of the Gospel) were standing before the Judgment seat of Christ. This was a very real experience! The scene changed and in this vision, I found myself in a very big Church building with many members. I saw the Pastor preaching the Word of God, and every time he preaches a message to please the congregation it displeases the Lord because he draws attention to himself and the Word of God is being ignored. What he was building upon the foundation which is Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11) was with wood, hay or straw (1 Corinthians 3:12) and not with precious stones as expected.
While being in the same Church, I heard a Praise and worship song being sung by a praise and worship leader, as he sang from his heart to the Lord it pleased the Lord, I could tell by the joy I felt. But when he sung to please the crowd by changing the tone of his voice, it would pleased the crowd and though it sounded attractively beautiful it irritated me and I knew that it was displeasing to the Lord and this too will be considered as a measure of this praise and worship leader's ministry service to the body (1 Corinthians 14:26).
While standing there at the Lord's Judgment seat, I saw another brother approaching the throne and being Judged for his work in the ministry. I could tell from the brother's body language, he didn't want to be there in fact neither could he avoid not being there. There, it was revealed to him that his work in the ministry counted for nothing because he abandoned his work and calling. In other words, he went and hide his talent(s) in the ground and he will be considered worthless (Matthew 25:18-30).  In the vision, I could feel the brother's hopelessness, shame and despair.
In conclusion, let us not abandon our calling and ministry service in the Lord as we will not escape facing him on the DAY of reckoning.

Announcement Of The Lord's Coming (12/03/2018) 

On above date during very early hours, I (Brother Glenn) had a short vision from the Lord. In the vision, a messenger of the Lord came to me saying, "The Lord said he is coming very Soon, (I then saw the Lord raising His right hand to the sky) and the Church is fast asleep and NOT READY" (Matthew 25:1-13). End!
Dear beloveds, we know that the countless test we are called to endure can sometimes be unbearable, however the Word encourages us to endure (meaning accepting whatever hardships without losing our faith) until the end to obtain salvation (2 Timothy 2:3; Matthew 24:13).

Vision Of Saved Souls Before God's Throne (19/02/2018)

This morning (19/02/2018) I (Brother Glenn) had a vision. I saw many people coming and going  and some were standing before the Throne of God talking or being talked to. I just approached the Throne to hear some people I never met before saying to me ‘the articles you were writing and posting online really helped us make it to Heaven’. I also heard many other things being said by the Lord which I could not remember after receiving the vision (2 Corinthians 12:4). Thereafter, I heard the Lord also encouraging me to continue in the work He called me for (1 Timothy 4:14).

Vision Of God's Protection (17/02/2018)

During the morning hours of above date, I (Brother Glenn) had a vision.
 In the vision, I saw myself walking and suddenly two man approached me and I just knew they were robbers who were armed with knifes. Before, they could rob me, I prayed right there asking the Lord to protect me against them while they were attacking me. The next moment I was enveloped in light and they fled. I then heard the Lord saying, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" (Mark 11:24). Please also see (Psalm 91:14-16).

Vision Of A Red Horse (16/02/2018)

This vision was very real, after my (Brother Glenn) early morning prayers, I went back to bed and shortly thereafter, I had a vision. I saw on the North Western hemisphere Huge RED HORSE ready for action and covered in the clouds with only its chest and neck exposed for me to see. I heard nothing, but after prayer the Holy Spirit revealed to me that a red horse signifies a coming world war. (Proverbs 21:31; Revelations 6:3-4). 

Vision of Hope In Christ (12/02/2018)

I (Brother Glenn) had a vision this morning just before it was time for me to wake up. From a distance of about 100 metres I saw a group of Christian women having a Church Service under a white tent worshipping the Lord in songs of Praise and Worship. As I moved closer, I was attracted by the harmonious sound of the music and the words of the song which was from the Book of Isaiah 9:6-7. I then heard the entire sisterhood calling the name Jesus in unison as they sang the song and said "ENDURE"!
Having had a challenging time involving tests and traps myself recently, I needed such comfort and encouragement and in my spirit I knew that through the Words of this portion of Scripture, the Lord is encouraging Christians who are being tested, humiliated and discouraged to HOPE in Him and endure the pain of suffering End!

Vision Of Coming Rapture (15/12/2017)
By Claudia van Rooyen (Age 11)

"I had a very freighting vision from the Lord this morning just before it was time for us to get up for our early morning prayers. In the vision, I found myself and Cailin my younger sister in our Church yard (next to our house) with a certain woman keeping her hand. While I was looking at them, I suddenly saw Cailin going up and the next moment I saw her clothes laying on the ground, and everywhere I looked I could only see people's clothes laying all around after they were raptured. I could not see the other members of my family but I knew they were gone or raptured.  After showing me this vision, I heard the Voice of the Lord saying "You must all be just ready, because the Lord is coming very, VERY soon"! As for me, I knew the Lord wanted me to see how it will be when the Rapture takes place. 

Vision Of The Lord's Coming (01/10/2017)

I (Brother Glenn) received a short vision from the Lord last night. In the vision, I found myself in a long road with people standing in two groups. I joined one group of people and we started praying asking the Lord to give us the Holy Spirit to acquire humility and gentleness. I heard a voice saying the Lord Jesus is coming soon and we must be READY to meet Him (Matthew 24:44). After this message, the Voice of the Lord continued and showed me in a distance a figure of a man who was standing there and being surrounded by other men and I heard, 'that is the antichrist (Giving me a name which I am not permitted to share right now), the man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and he has disguised himself' (2 Corinthians 11:14) so that we don't recognise him and the vision ended

This is a true revelation and you will be blessed to take head and walk obediently. Brethren, we are in the very end times and our LORD IS COMING SOON!

Brief background: I have been savagely attacked spiritually recently and this really hurt me, As my only helper I called upon the Lord to heal me and strengthened me inwardly and this vision came as a great comfort to me and I am sure to all who are discouraged to press on and persevere, for our Lord is near.
Vision Of A Glorious Shadow Of Light

Date Given: 24/08/2017.

I (Brother Glenn) had a vision during the early hours of above date. In the vision, I appeared to be in a very large open field and suddenly a very Brilliant Shadow of Light (Acts 26:13) appeared and enveloped me. The entire place where I was standing was completely illuminated. I immediately knew that it was the Lord Almighty (1 John 1:5). As I moved forward, the Shadow of Light followed me and what I experienced was a complete Joy and a very comforting Presence of Peace. What a marvel at the sight of such Glorious penetrating Light! The Lord said nothing, but I could hear myself saying, 'listen how He was Breathing', O' what an unfamiliar sound! The Lord further showed me how His Shadow of Light (Presence) was illuminating the unsaved too, but they had NO faith and discernment to appreciate it. End!

Vision Of South Africa's Next Leader
Date Given: 20/08/2017. (This vision was accurately fulfilled on the 15/02/2018 when President Ramaphosa was sworn in).

I (Brother Glenn) had a vision on the 20th of August 2017. In the Vision, I saw Mr Cyril Ramaphosa (Currently our Countries Deputy President) asking me and other voters to vote for him as he travelled around the Country. I was shown countless ballot papers and it appeared many people voted for him. End! 

Clarity on Vision, I need to point out that we are praying for our Country and especially for political stability. The Lord gave this vision to us our Country's next leadership. Please continue to pray for the peace of South Africa.

Vison of Christian Brother who Died and Went to Hell for Love of Money
Date Given: 23/05/2017.

On the 23 May 2017, I (Brother Glenn) had a vision from the Lord. In the vision, I was accompanied by someone (An Angel) who went to show me a body of a deceased person in a coffin. When I looked at the face of the person in the coffin, I recognised him and he looked very thin, which symbolised his spiritual condition (Genesis 41:3). As I gazed on his face, I heard a voice inside me saying, “This man went to Hell because he LOVED money and he was GREEDY for money (Hebrews 13:5; Matthew 6:24). END!

The Lord is warning Christians that those who love money and are greedy for money will not see His Kingdom (Matthew 6:24). With this warning, Christian brethren should not be greedy for money but be content with what they have and share with those in need (Philippians 4:11-13; Hebrews 13:5). If you desire for more than you need the spirit of greed takes over, be warned! Therefore, we implore you in Christ keep your lives free from the love of money.

Vision of the Lord’s Coming

I (Brother Glenn) had another vision from the Lord on 27 May 2017. In the vision, I saw myself riding a bicycle as if I was keeping fit and keeping my body in shape (1 Timothy 4:8). While riding, I looked down at my body and I beheld how well-built and nourished my body structure looked (Genesis 41:26), I heard a voice saying, “Keep yourself ready for the Lord’s coming” (Matthew 24:44).
This is again an appeal from the Lord to remind us to live faithfully, truthfully and overflowing with the fruits of the Holy Spirit and to be witnesses who are faithful in prayer, thanksgiving (worship) and Bible reading daily.  

Vision Of The Wedding Supper of the Lamb

On May 03, 2017, I (Brother Glenn) received a vision from the Lord. In the vision, I found myself in a very large room with countless people everywhere seated. When I was seated, the people to my right appeared to be in reachable distance, but when I walked over the people to my right seemed to be quite a distant from me. I guess the Lord just wanted me to view the size of the room and that the people were not as few and close as I could see. Additionally, an angel was serving me and whatever I needed I would ask the angel (Hebrews 1:14) who was assigned to me. In the vision, the Lord made me aware that those who will be seated and invited to the wedding supper of the lamb (Revelation 19:9) will receive individual attention with each person being served by an angel. Brethren, let us make every effort to be present at this BIG EVENT! (Matthew 22:8-12).

Vision Of A Well-Known South African Leader In Hell
Given to Charis 30 April 2017

Before I got up this morning, I had a vision from the Lord. I saw Mr. ... (name withheld) running wildly and frighteningly in a field as if he was running away from something. A Deep FEAR of his present situation of torment and death was just all over him (1 John 4:18). I could sense that he was in Hell, but he wanted to run away from death to escape from it. He was looking for the person who sang for him while on earth but that person was also death. The Lord revealed to me that while he was alive on earth, he escaped death and attempts on his life 18 times and this was the 19th time that he is trying to escape death, but he is forever trapped and will never get out! This vision reminds me of King Saul who was troubled by demons and David had to play music to calm his demons (1 Samuel 16:23). It felt as if Mr. ... needed the same kind of relieve and escape from Hell, fear and death.

We have shared this vision with passionate compassion for this soul, who was well loved here at home and around the world. Thus, in the name of the Lord Jesus, we urge everyone reading here to make right with the Lord as our worldly fame, status and achievements would bear no positive testimony before God if we died without salvation in the Lord Jesus. This precious soul was a man of great achievements politically and in humanitarian efforts, but none of his great and noble deeds witnessed for him, ONLY in and through Christ do we obtain salvation peace and rest for our souls! (John 14:6; Isaiah 64:6).

Vision To Follow The Lord

Given to Claudia 17/04/2017

"I received a vision from the LORD just before I woke up this morning. In the vision, I was standing in our back yard and suddenly the entire area was illuminated and the appearance of our yard looked so beautiful. I sensed the Lord's Presence and I immediately run towards the LORD and I hugged Him. After that the LORD walk a distance from me and said, "Claudia Come Follow Me" and as I charged towards the LORD the vision ended!

Vision about Respecting Your Country's Laws

This message was given to Charis on the early hours of 25 February 2017. "In this vision, I was walking with somebody when the Lord started giving us this message. I heard the Lord saying with the message being repeated several times over, “You must obey the law of the Country, but if it contradicts the law of the Lord than you don’t have to follow it. For even I was persecuted and got into trouble for following God’s law and commands (John 8:40; 19:8-11).

Vision of Two Types of Judgements

Given to Brother Glenn on 07 February 2017 (Reported, 13 February 2017).

From the onset, this teaching has been passed on to me from the Lord Jesus Himself. I know that there is a great deal of confusion in the Body of Christ regarding this teaching that we are saved solely by grace and not works. In this vision the Lord revealed to me that many Christians who sins deliberately while using the saved by grace doctrine to their advantage will not be able to survive the 'Priority' Judgment. While we are all sinners and making mistakes daily, the Lord will judge the strength of our motives for that really shows our hearts intent (1 Corinthians 4:5). 

On the early hours of above date, I had a vision from the Lord Jesus Christ. I saw a large white board with writings on it. The main heading written on the board was "Judgements" and the word "Plain"  as the subheading with writings under it appeared towards the left corner of the page just underneath the main heading. Opposite it or towards the right side of the page was another word with writings under it as "Priority".  After seeing this, I already knew in my spirit what these headings meant. This is what the Lord revealed to me regarding this vision. The 'Plain' Judgement refers to the Judgement of the wicked, unbelievers and mockers (Revelations 21:8; 2 Corinthians 6:9-10). And the 'Priority' Judgement would involve Christians who will be Judged according to the 'Priorities' of their Christian service. The Lord revealed to me that countless Christians who did not 'Prioritise' and work on their salvation would be Judged and thrown into outer darkness. The Lord further revealed that countless disobedient Christians will be Judged while I was referred  to (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 7:19) with the Lord saying that the preceding scripture is referring to disobedient Christians. We have been sadly misled that the Lord will not Judge Christians for their works of obedience (2 Corinthians 5:10), that is not true! We are saved by grace and not works true! (Ephesians 2:8). The Lord explained to me that works does not save without faith in Him (James 2:14-20), but our works of obedience is an expression of our faith and He attributes our works to our faith. End!

Vision of Collapse of World Economy and Rapture

Given to Brother Glenn on 07 November 2009 (Reported, 09 January 2017).

IMPORTANT: This is one of more than 20 vision that I received during 2008 and 2009. Almost all the other vision came to fulfilment which included this ministry and our work in the Lord, and only a few are yet to be fulfilled of which this one and a tribulation vision I received. We will share as the Lord leads. We, therefore, urge you brethren to invest in souls, the work of the gospel for only that has real returns. You may make your investments, but just know you risk losing it all once the Lord pulls the trigger on the world economy. Let your treasures be secure in Heaven in the form of solid souls for Christ. Just below this vison, I asked a very dear brother to make a comparison for me before and after the 2008 crisis. You may read it. It is less technical, and it may help you understand. We do not claim that this work below is it is an in depth study it gives you an idea where we were and where we are right now. This must not be seen as a date-setting for the Rapture. Also, we have no idea when this will happen, we only share what the Lord revealed, and it is SURE TO COME TO PASS! I SAY THIS BY THIS LORD'S AUTHORITY.

At around 02:30 A.M. of above date, I received a vision from the Lord Jesus Christ. The vision lasted for about five (5) minutes, just enough time for me to receive what the Lord wanted me to share with you. Being in the Spirit on that day, I was escorted to a very busy City street which was surrounded on both sides by huge skyscrapers (Buildings). I could see countless people of different races and social classes on this city street going about their business.

Being in this Giant City with very tall Skyscrapers, I heard the Lord saying that "This is an important City in the United States of America which is recovering from the 2008 recession".  The Lord further revealed to me that this Country's (U.S.A) economy would not fully recover to it's former glory days, it would recover by a two-thirds margin (2/3s). Immediately after this was revealed to me, I heard that at this point (when the economy has reached the 2/3s margin) the World economy would be "SHAKEN" again. I was also shown that the rapture would take place during this time. (Important, I could not fully distinguish which event occurred first, the financial collapse or Rapture, but the one event was triggered by the other).  I had a very strong feeling in the vision that the final collapse of the U.S economy and the Rapture had caught almost the entire world by surprise, almost everybody was awestruck.

Brief update on U.S Economy

The GDP prior to the recession in 2004 was 2.83 GDP. This growth is a very normal figure.  However, the GDP for ’08 was -3.62. In ’10 the GDP increased to 1.68.  The GDP in estimated in per year. Looks like it increased about almost 200%

2015 GDP is currently 1.8.  The future for USA for ’17 is forecasted to be significantly higher.

The lowest the GDP has ever decreased is -10%. Conversely the highest increase was 16.9%.

In ’09 the down jones stock market dropped from 14,000 to 6,626.  As of Jan ’16 the market is at 19,963.  This is obviously a significant change of direction.

The economy before the ’08 crash was great. people were able to borrow money from banks to buy house with no proof of income, of which most of these people couldn’t afford a house.  They were given subprime mortgages which typically have a fixed percentage rate (or payment) for a certain period of time (3-10 years). When those fixed payments began to expire these people who couldn’t qualify in the first place and put no money down couldn’t afford the houses. these fixed periods of payment began to expire in waves. Once this started to happen the people realizing they couldn’t pay their new mortgages began to walk away from the houses. All these house were being foreclosed on throughout the nation and this is what lead to the crash of the stock markets, dow jones, and GDP.  Everyone was terrified because lots of people who were heavily invested in the market lost half of their wealth, retirement, etc.


Given to Brother Glenn on September 23, 2016

On the 23rd of September, 2016, I had another vision. I saw a group of about 5 people having a conversation. These were white South Africans, male and females having a normal conversation.They could not see me, neither could I hear what they were saying. However, I knew that they were talking about Mr Mandela (our late former president). I perceived that they were praising him for his leadership and longing for a man of his stature. I then heard a gentle voice saying, "These people should be praying for their Country; so that the Lord can give them peace" (1 Timothy 2:2; 2 Chronicles 7:14). End of vision.

This vision needs no interpretation. The Lord is encouraging the people of South Africa to pray for our Country, which is facing widespread student protests. Please pray for rain also, as our livestock and food security is being threatened.

Given to Brother Glenn on September 22, 2016

On the 22nd of September 2016, I had a vision from the Lord. I present the vision to you just as I received it. I need to point out though that I am not a soccer fan nor a follower of any soccer club. The Lord simply used this sport to illustrate the message He wanted me to share with us.

When the vision opened, I knew it was a soccer world cup event taking place somewhere in the world. Two strong African teams (Cameroon and Nigeria) were in the world cup final and they had to compete for the coveted world cup trophy. I heard someone whom I couldn't see saying, 'It doesn't matter who wins, either way we win'. Suddenly the vision changed and I saw a man scoring a goal with his head. I could sense the man's thoughts, he was thinking, 'if I score a goal, the people would vilify me as being unpatriotic'. However, when the soccer ball landed behind the goal post I heard everybody loudly applauding and celebrating that goal throughout the world. I could feel the joy and excitement of people everywhere and I heard a voice saying, "People have lost Country loyalty."

Interpretation: Football as we know it, divides people and Countries alike. The Lord used this most loved sport to show that there will be a common unity of nations. I perceived in this vision especially with African countries being shown that there will be a unification of some African Countries and the Lord showed me that South Africa would be part of it. The bigger plan of Satan is to ultimately merge the world's countries with an aim to rule and control. People everywhere would welcome and embrace this new system. Please note that the Soccer match is just an analogy used to highlight how the world use sport to unite or divide. There is scriptural evidence of this (Daniel 2:41-43; Revelations 13:3). Brethren, we must remain praying while we are looking forward to the rapture!

Given to Charis on July, 17 2016:

On the above date, four Mighty Angels who were dressed in red apparel (which signified the urgency and importance of their visit and message) appeared to Charis and without greeting they said, "The Lord is not happy with the new service times of this ministry". She could sense their disappointment and disapproval. After the message they disappeared.

Brief background, we changed our service times during the month of June to accommodate certain changes without praying and consulting with the Lord in order to accommodate man. This was displeasing to the Lord who send these 4 Angels to rebuke and warn us. As a ministry, we repented and moved back to our usual times. The purpose for sharing this personal warning and vision to this ministry, is to encourage the brethren to remain focused and consistent in their commitments to God and by living and fulfilling our promises each day and to follow and obey Him faithfully no matter the cost (Luke 14:25-35).

Vision of Israel's Coming Peace Deal

Now, I am sharing a vision which I received last year (2015) September. Because this vision has global significance, I was reluctant to share it immediately after receiving it. I was also careful not share it until I received some clarification and confirmation from the Lord. After countless prayers, the Lord granted me permission to share it today. You would notice that I am reporting it just as I wrote it down the day that I received it. To avoid confusion, the Lord said that He used symbolic language when He gave this vision. You should therefore not take this vision literally. The coming peace deal would NOT happen within a literal two days. Upon enquiring the Lord on the Country, He said it may or may not be Iran and we will know the Country when the peace deal happens.

Here follows the vision, "I (Brother Glenn) woke up just before 7 am this morning and while getting ready to get out of bed I felt a heavy sleep falling on me. I basically fell in a trance. Moments later, I found myself standing in an open field near a table with two chairs. My wife was sitting at the table with someone I couldn't recognise. I was holding (Since I am left-handed it would be natural that I held it in that hand) what looks like a portable torch but it was a radio in my left hand. While looking at the shape of the device, I attentively listened when an announcement was about to be made to the world. Over the radio device that I held, I heard a man in a strong American accent announcing, "The two sides are ready to sign a peace deal in two days, Iran and Israel" (Daniel 9:27). Immediately after hearing this news, I  shockingly and with excitement exclaimed to my wife and the other person sitting nearby, 'The rapture will take place at any moment from now'.

Brethren, I honestly don't know the full meaning of this vision but I do understand that the US and other Countries will negotiate a truce between Israel and Iran (It could be Palestine, my guess). This is a sign for us to watch out! I have NO clue when this will happen, but it Will happen! (Luke 21:28; Matthew 24:29-33). Some may argue and say but you seem to give a date? Not so! The Day and hour is unknown but the Lord in the above Scriptures has not left us clueless, He gave us signs to look for. Likewise, the Apostle Paul was also referring to the Rapture event and the revelation of Antichrist, when he said, "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" (2 Thessalonians 2:3 KJB). In the preceding verse, the Apostle Paul was answering a question posed by the Thessalonica Church regarding the Rapture after they read the Rapture account in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. Some people have argued that we would be completely clueless on the times, but throughout the Bible, the Lord has given signs to warn us (Matthew 24:29-33). some of these signs maybe years apart, but they count as signs. The revelation of the peace deal above slightly narrows the signs.

Vision Given to Brother Glenn on June 18, 2016

I received a vision from the Lord this morning just before I woke up. In the vision, I saw myself walking on a broad road with intersections to the left and right. As I was walking, I preached the Gospel. I saw people from all directions fall in line behind me and follow me as I continued walking while preaching (Luke 14:21-24). In a solemn declaration, with my right hand pointing to the sky, I heard myself saying: "the rapture is about to take place!" Almost immediately, thick dark clouds appeared rapidly and covered the sky. After the sky grew dark, I heard a very LOUD and prolonged trumpet blast as the following Scripture came to mind: "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first" (1 Thessalonians 4:16). As I, along with the people around me, ascended upwards, a thought came to my mind, "I am being taken up alive into the Heavens!" (2 Kings 2:11). I also heard someone with a strong voice saying: "The Lord is coming and He will not wait any longer!" This was the end of the vision.

Brethren, after getting up from the vision I prayed thanked and asked the Lord to help me understand it. In my spirit, I discerned that we must continue to preach the gospel wherever the Lord sends us and that He is gathering His people from everywhere. I was also reminded that the rapture is not a distant event. I believe that the Lord has shown me this vision in response to a discussion my family and I had this past week, in which I said that the rapture was still a long way off. In this vision, the Lord confirms that we do not know the day nor hour. I am nevertheless blessed that it could or may still happen in my lifetime, hence the reason I remarked in the vision that I was being taken up into Heaven alive.

Given to Jaydeen on May 23, 2016

On the 23 May 2016, I had a vision from the Lord. I saw two tall and beautiful women who were dressed in long white and brown robes respectively. They looked human in every way but they did not have flesh; they were made of light and a glorious glowing came from them. The two Angels had the appearance of humans, but I knew they were spirit beings. The Angel who was dressed in white said, "You are listening everyday to this person's songs, and if this person does not repent, she will die in her sins!" I then saw a coffin and the Angel dressed in brown bowed to look at the person in the coffin whose face was thickly covered with makeup. I was then able to see the face of the person in the coffin; that person was Shannon Wexelberg.

Brief interpretation and understanding:

Jaydeen had a similar vision earlier this year when we went witnessing for the Lord. She saw another young man in a coffin, and the Lord told her that the young man should bury his sins. The coffin in the above vision, therefore, represents burying sinfulness; that is the reason we must repent. There are many male and female gospel singers who are disobeying the Word of God. They sing about the God's grace, goodness and salvation, but they themselves do not live right with the Lord. They go against the Scriptures and emulate their worldly counterparts, adorning themselves with thick makeup, wearing fake hair, and adorning themselves externally to receive favor and acceptance from the world.

This is a serious warning from the Lord. many Christians simply do not believe that the Lord is serious about the words and teachings that He has given us to share and reveal to the world. Christian artists should live by the Word they so represent, whether in song or through preaching. These brothers and sisters act as 'role models' for younger inexperienced followers who might or might not know the Lord, so such behavior as wearing makeup is influencing them to believe that it is acceptable to serve the Lord and still be worldly. This is being a stumbling block to others, and the Lord will judge you for those souls you influenced wrongly. Christian artists should also guard against producing worldly songs and singing to worldly beats in order attract the worldly market for fame and fortune. This is displeasing to the Lord, and we pray that this warning will be distributed and serve as a warning to Christian gospel singers who lead a worldly lifestyle. For additional information, please refer to our article on Worldly Dressing and External Adornments.

Given to Brother Glenn on May 11, 2016

On the morning of the May 11, 2016, I had a short vision of a friend who died a few years ago in a car accident. I just knew who he was in the vision, and it felt as if I went to pay him a visit. The place he was at appeared to be foggy and very dark. I could see his figure as I knew him but not his face. As I looked at him, I was shown some of the sins he committed and I instantly knew that he died in his sins. In the vision, I was accompanied by someone and I spoke up and said to my companion, ‘Can we not help him out of here so that he may be resurrected with the righteous?’ (Luke14:14). I was immediately interrupted and I heard a voice saying, “It is appointed unto all men to die once and thereafter to face judgement” (Hebrews 9:27). I knew that there was nothing more we could do for the young man and the vision ended!

Briefly, in this vision the Lord is saying that there will be a resurrection for the righteous and a resurrection for the wicked (Acts 24:15; John 5:28-29). There is therefore NOTHING ANYBODY can do to help those who died in their sins to make right with God and be part of the resurrection of the righteous (Ezekiel 18:20; John 8:24). In the light of this warning from the Lord, we encourage you my brothers and sisters, don’t be deceived by thinking you will have another opportunity at salvation after the curtain of this life has closed on you. NO! If you die in your sins and without Christ, you will rise again but to be condemned (Daniel 12:2). Therefore, fear the Lord and seek Him while in this life because He has given this warning for your salvation (Isaiah 55:6).

Given to Brother Glenn on April 21, 2016

It looked like a hot and clear summer day in South Africa, with people were going about their business, going to and fro, back and forth everywhere around me. This was the atmosphere in the vision I received from the Lord on the morning of April 21, 2016. When the vision started, I was sitting on a chair with my 4-year old daughter while having a conversation with a young lady who seemed to be in her early twenties. She had a beautiful face, but she had lost her youthful and lively appearance. I asked her, "Are you pure and undefiled?" Without hesitation she answered saying, "Yes, I am!". However, I could sense that she was hiding something and that she was not talking the truth because her physical appearance did not look good. In other words, she was a young lady in an old woman's body. She surprisingly continued and said, "I am unfaithful and I do have my moments of unfaithfulness".

As she was still speaking, I looked up into the sky and noticed some thick, boiling dark clouds rapidly spreading across the sky (Zephaniah 1:15; Joel 2:2; Amos 5:20). It happened so fast people around us did not even notice. Being awed by the phenomenal sight in front of me, I shouted with excitement to people around us and said, "Jesus is coming everyone, be ready!" My warning seemed to be too late for those around me, because suddenly my daughter and I were caught up into the air with everybody around us being left. I could feel the sensation of movement in my stomach. As we were ascending upwards, I loudly shouted with joy, 'HALLELUYAaaaH, HALLELUYAAAAH, HALLELUYAAAAH! until the cloud covered us (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). As we were ascending, a passage in the sky was opened and I saw the Lord's hand appearing from a white cloud as if He was welcoming us in. End!

Basic interpretation:  After wakening from the vision, the Holy Spirit explained to me that the young lady represents some unfaithful Christians who will not be ready when the rapture takes place. It is good to live the hope of the rapture daily. It does not matter how many times the Lord shows this incredible event,  He is reminding us to endure and remain faithful. I am personally and humbly grateful to the Lord for not only showing me the rapture but for reassuring me of my inclusion in the rapture. This is a true vision from the Lord, please take warning and be ready!

Vision given to Brother Glenn on April 15, 2016

In the early morning hours of April 15, 2016, I (Brother Glenn) had a vision from the Lord regarding a young man who is very closely related to us. In the vision, I was accompanied by a young man whose face I could not see. I was permitted to follow him around as he would go about prophesying to people. I could hear and understand what he was prophesying to the people in the vision. Amazingly, when I woke up I could not remember what he said to others except to this young man. He told the young man that God has shortened his life and that he was going die because ‘You do not honor your father and your mother and people who are much older than you’ (Ephesians 6:2; 1 Timothy 5:1; Deuteronomy 5:16). After the prophecy was delivered, I sensed that the young man died and went to hell. I saw many people who knew the young man talking about his death while being surprised by his early passing. I also saw myself speaking to him in the name of the Lord, but he despised the Lord’s message.

Brief Background:

Brethren, we are sharing this vision in obedience to the Lord for your benefit and others who should take heed to this warning. The young man in the vision who is currently 18 years, has very serious behavioral and character issues. He is demanding, rude and very violent while showing no respect to those older than him. If his parents fail to meet his outrageous demands he would resort to swearing, damaging their property and even physically attacking them. In 2013, we led him to the Lord but he has not persevered. As a witness to his upbringing, I can truthfully testify that his parents spoilt him and never disciplined him according to the precepts of God’s Word (Proverbs 22:6; 23:13). Bringing up children in the ways of the Lord is a very serious teaching which many parents fail to apply.

Given to Jaydeen on March 3, 2016

The Lord showed Jaydeen, one of our daughters, that some difficult times are ahead. In this vision, two messengers from the Lord appeared to her in human form and told her that those under the protection of Jesus’s blood will not be harmed (Colossians 1:13-14), but those outside the protection of Christ’s blood will have nowhere to hide after the rapture. The Angel said, "This house, (referring to our house) is protected under the BLOOD OF JESUS!" and the following Scriptures came to mind (Matthew 7:24-27). She saw various structures of tents being set up for the homeless and the displaced, and the angels told her that these scenes will occur during World War 3. She also saw the two angels counting lots of money, but it was still not enough and they said, “Food prices and the prices of everything will be going up astronomically!”

The Lord is reminding us not to lose focus of the times we are living in. There might be some doubters, but we have learned to take the Lord’s warnings seriously (Matthew 13:9). Brethren, we have no idea when this will happen, but when it does happen, we pray to have taken the rapture train to escape all this (Luke 21:36).

Vision given to Charis on February 21, 2016

Before we share today's vision, we would like to give a brief background so that you will be able to understand the perspective of the vision.

The person identified in the vision was a homeless man called Jim who lived in the streets until my (Brother Glenn's) father offered him a place to stay. When my family and I visited my parents for the December holidays in 2014, we met Jim at my father’s house. I exchanged some greetings to Uncle Jim one afternoon and encouraged him to do something which he did, but I never took the time to witness to him. I took it for granted that others might have witnessed to him so I don’t have to. Being a witness of the gospel, I have always taken every opportunity to witness to all peoples young, old, rich, poor which ever race irrespective of their social class. This man, who died recently, was buried this past Saturday (February 20, 2016). As a ministry, we are always troubled and wondering if a deceased person made their lives right with the Lord before they passed on. Uncle Jim’s was a concern and in a surprise vision the Lord showed Charis his final destiny.

“I had a vision this morning (February 21, 2016) just after our early morning prayers. I saw a very long street. Towards the top end and on the right hand side of the road, there was beautiful and soft looking green grass, while the left side of the road towards the lower end of the street had withered grass. I then saw Uncle Jim sitting and having a conversation with a fine looking and beautiful young angel in the appearance of a young man. I could sense that he was being witnessed to and told that he needed to be saved to get to Heaven or the greener side. While l got closer, I heard the angel said to him, ‘Uncle Glenn was the only one who could have helped you get your life right with God, but he is waiting at the end of the road for you’. I saw Uncle Jim getting up and he started walking. I saw my father waving at him from afar, and he stretched out his right hand towards my father to help him, but his hand was too short. When he realised he could not reach or got near to my father, he started crying bitterly in hopelessness and I knew it was too late for him”. End!

Brief Interpretation:

After hearing this vision, I (Brother Glenn) was greatly disturbed and moved to tears. This is a solemn rebuke to me from the Lord for undermining and despising the salvation of Uncle Jim. In this message the Lord is saying I only realised his destiny at the end of the road when it was too late. Now because of my negligence and irreverence, the Lord is rebuking me for missing the opportunity to witness and lead Uncle Jim to Him when I had a chance to do so. This precious soul is now lost for all eternity, Heaven was denied one soul. After praying and asking for forgiveness, the Lord spoke to my heart saying that every individual soul irrespective of their social standing is important to Him and He died for the salvation of all people. Even as I am sharing here, I am deeply hurt and regretful with a pain only the Lord knows and a pain that He experiences when He loses a soul. Generally speaking, many of us despise people of a lower social order especially the homeless, addicts or beggars but to the Lord, He will not - “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out…” (Isaiah 42:3).Therefore, with this message, the Lord is encouraging and warning you as His witness never to neglect sharing the gospel to others. He will hold us accountable for souls we neglect to witness to and you don’t need to be a pastor or fulltime minister of the gospel (Ezekiel 33:7-9).

Vision given to Brother Glenn on January 21, 2016

I received a short vision from the Lord this morning. I was in a very large open field with many people all around. There right in front of me I saw a few well-dressed Christians who were preparing themselves to go out to evangelize, but they were somewhat reluctant to go witnessing. In the vision, I thought to myself, "what are they waiting for?" I then heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Those are Christians who are trying to figure out if they should go out to witness". After this, I heard throngs of people shouting in one voice saying, "Come on now, speak to us. We are waiting hear the message of the Lord!" The vision changed and I saw a Christian brother who I do not know holding what looked like a page that he was reading from as if he was instructing and teaching people. What was impressed on me was that he was teaching the people how to protect themselves against all dangers and be ready to escape God's coming judgments.

Brief understanding: As a ministry, we recently discussed various options for witnessing. However, some brethren expressed some objectionable opinions so we made this a subject of prayer and hence the Lord's answer to us in this vision. The Christian brother who held a page with writings on it is teaching of the Christian message which is able to help people defend themselves against the devil's attacks and to escape from God's coming judgments, which have we repeatedly warned you about. This vision has universal appeal. If there are brethren out there who are reluctant to witness, the Lord is making the call for us all to go out and share the Good News!

Vision given to Jaydeen on January 8, 2016

"I had a vision from the Lord this morning. Charis and I were sitting in a room talking with two other people when, suddenly, an Angel of God entered the room and said with urgency in his voice, “You must read your Bibles faithfully and pray, for the Lord is coming quick!”. In shock, and with eyes wide opened and our hearts beating very fast, we took out our Bibles and started reading. Very shortly after, the rapture took place and it seemed that people knew the rapture was taking place. I then saw countless people coming from every direction and running into our yard with their Bibles, begging to be allowed in, but some mighty Angels chased them out of the yard. I then heard the voice of the Lord saying, “These people want to be part of the rapture but some are very wicked” (Matthew 25:1-13). This was the end of vision."

Brief explanation: this vision is a simple reminder that the Word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our pathway to Heaven (Psalm 119:105). We are told ‘QUICK’ as in ‘pronto’, and not ‘SOON’. Shouldn’t we respond as anxiously as the girls in the vision, who represent the five wise virgins? As for those waiting at the door, the Lord is telling us that those people do have the Bible but they did not trim their attitudes, faith and lifestyles, and that is why they were fund with no oil or spiritual energy to be allowed in. With all due respect, our Bibles are of no use when we fail to read them and take care of our way of life in Christ. Therefore, this vision like all the others we have shared on this blog, is a wake-up call to remain spiritually awake and alert, always prepared for the Lord's coming (1 Thessalonians 5:6). Even if the Lord should tarry, we have no business snoozing or drowsing off.

Given to Jaydeen on December 5, 2015

“I saw a vision of a man crying and begging to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but He was denied entry. He begged, ‘Please let me in, let me in’ while crying bitterly with tears running. I then heard the Lord say, “You may not enter because only those who are born again are welcome here.” This was the end of the vision.

Brief interpretation

The man in the vision is known to us. This young man is doing some good charitable work in the community and he also attends some church services and prayer meetings. This has led him to believe that he will be accepted because of what he is doing. He is committed to the work he is doing, but not to the Lord. Our work must issue from a love for the Lord and this feat is possible only when we are born again. Therefore, the Lord’s message to the gentleman and to ‘Christians’ who reject the born-again message is clear: only the born again may enter His fellowship and not those who rely on self-effort (John 3:5-6).

Vision given to Brother Glenn on October 30, 2015

On Friday, October 30, 2015, I (Brother Glenn) was shown in a vision by the Lord four sentences, of which I was only allowed to read and understand the meaning of only the first sentence and the last one.

The first sentence read as follows: “People must not be taught about Heaven anymore because it does not exist.”

The last sentence read: “We must not teach the people about the Lord Jesus Christ anymore, but about Lord … christ”. The three dots replaces the name that was written there but I was not permitted to remember it.

As an interpretation, what I was meant to understand after reading, was that the enemy, Satan, was working to spread a false message among people in an attempt to discredit the Bible and the actual existence of Heaven. Also, new teachings about another “Lord” welcomed as a “Christ” would be introduced. In the vision, I could feel how real this message seemed and how confused I was as to what the truth really is. I could also discern that many people believed and followed this ‘new’ teaching.

I also understood this ‘Lord’ was a reference to the Antichrist. While still stunned by this message, I heard the Lord say: “You know the truth about Me, Lord Jesus Christ” (John 14:6). It was after the Lord said this that I came out of that confusing state. In support of this vision, we cited the Scriptures above and the apostle Paul also briefly mentioned the power and influence that the lawless man would have (2 Thessalonians 2:4-10). People should not marvel at this vision because there are false churches like the Mormons, Jehovah witnesses and others which have a large and faithful following (We hope and plan to write a brief summary on the characteristics of false Churches in the next few weeks). Biblically, this spirit has been around since even during the times of the apostles (1 John 4:1-3).

In conclusion to this vision, I cannot say whether this was before or after the rapture. I only share what I saw, heard and felt in the vision. Personally, I am not comfortable speaking or writing about a message if I don’t understand it, and that is why I choose to only share what the Lord gives. In many prayers I asked the Lord never to send me with a message that I don’t understand or can identify with.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on October 5, 2015

I (Brother Glenn) had a beautiful rapture vision around 2:30 a.m. or earlier this morning (October 5, 2015). I saw the Heavens opened and a massive cloud of fire appearing in the sky. I knew the LORD was in that glorious glowing CLOUD but I did not see Him. I heard no voice, and as I looked on I saw myself enveloped in fire but I was not consumed, and I saw myself ascending up into the Heavens towards the fire cloud while someone who was with me and whom I cannot remember was left behind. END!

Remember the prophet Elijah was raptured into Heaven in a chariot of fire (2 Kings 2:11). I saw no chariot but a massive cloud in blazing full strength fire (2 Thessalonians 1:6-7; 2 Peter 3:12; Luke 21:26-27; Matthew 24:30; Exodus 24:17).

Vision given to Charis on September 29, 2015

“I had a vision this morning after our early morning prayers. I saw a minister of the gospel sitting on a chair, looking disappointed. I heard him say, “I honestly thought it was the Lord who blessed us with that gift, because Brother Sam is asking back the gift he gave us”. Then the Lord said, “My son [John] (not real name) is sad because I commanded My son [Sam] (not real name) to bless them with something they needed to do My work. My son Sam is now regretting doing good in My name and he has since taken back that gift in his heart. Whoever gives someone something in My name, and regrets his decision for helping My needy children, I tell you that person has forfeited his Heavenly reward for that act of kindness”. End of vision.

Vision given to Charis on September 28, 2015

This morning the Lord showed me a scene in a vision where I saw a believer turning off a violent television movie. The Lord was pleased and said, "My Kingdom is lit up when My people obey Me and turn from sin".

Our faith is under attack with confusions and distractions from Satan who is having a mealtime via Social Media, TV, and other media outlets. We encourage you, brothers and sisters, to be vigilant and resist Satan's schemes to deceive you!

Vision given to Jaydeen on September 27, 2015

I saw our family having a home church with some visitors, and the message my father (Brother Glenn) was preaching was about the rapture. I heard him explaining to the people how the rapture would take place, relating 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. However, I and three other children who were present did not concentrate on the message; instead, we decided to walk out of the service and go outside. While we went out, the rapture suddenly took place, and when we returned everybody was gone and we began regretting. In our desperation to find the rest of the family, we went to inquire from a young lady nearby, who told us that the people who were ready were raptured. This was the end of the vision.

In this vision, the Lord is warning us not lose focus or be distracted by other things, but we must concentrate on Him. If we turn away from Him and are being distracted by the things of the world, we will surely lose our seat in the rapture train. We must not embrace the world, but endure and be faithful until the end, and only then would we be counted worthy to enter the Kingdom.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on September 5, 2015

On September 5, 2015, I had a short vision relating to some things that people would experience after the rapture occurs. As for how long after the rapture these things would happen, I do not know; I’m only sharing what I saw. I would also like to add that this is not a complete vision that chronicles all the events that would happen after the rapture. I was only shown partially things to come. This vision is true and trustworthy; it is a warning for people to wake up immediately and make right with God.

In the vision, it was as if I was invisible; I could see people, but they could neither see me nor recognize me. It was as if I was given “binoculars” to clearly see what people were doing, but I could also hear them talking. The first group I saw was a group of young women who were standing almost naked and inviting men to them. The understanding I received is that many of them were high on drugs and that addiction had driven them to prostitution in order to survive and maintain their drug habits. The vision then changed as I followed two men who went into a store to buy something. I could not see what they were buying, but there were other people waiting to go inside. When they came out, I heard them complaining about the high prices and how expensive the item they needed was. It was a “take it or leave it” situation, as the demand for basic items outweighed the supply, and so prices were high. As I followed them looking through the binoculars, I thought they could go to another shop, but then I saw that many business places were closed. As far as I could see, people were competing to get to grocery stores and buy whatever they could. I could see the worry, sadness and the worsening physical condition of some people as they could not find open stores. The two men I had followed seemed to have carried some hard currency, but they disappeared without having had enough money for the thing(s) they wanted. As they disappeared, I heard a song playing, “Aaaaaahhh, we’ve been left behind!”

Yes, this is the song that worldly artists will sing in sympathy to the situation after the rapture. This song and vision bothered me greatly. This was the end of the vision.

Basic Interpretation of the Vision

The Lord is showing us that shortly after the rapture, there will be severe economic hardship and suffering. People will resort to desperate measures to survive, and many will be left unemployed as several businesses will close due to economic failure. People will compete to get basic foodstuffs, and many will not have enough money to afford the basics, or rather that the value of their money will be almost worthless. Our advice today for you is to please repent and come to Christ. Obey Him and follow Him faithfully daily and you will have nothing to fear—not even the great time of testing that the Lord promised would come on the whole world (Revelation 3:10). Be ready, for the Lord is coming really soon!

Vision given to Charis on August 25, 2015

"I had a short rapture vision this morning. I saw myself with members of my family at a beautiful neat, tidy and organised train station. There were countless people waiting in a long queue ready to purchase train tickets. I heard a voice of a young lady (I knew it was an angel of the Lord) announcing that there was room for only 5 more people on the train. The ticket attendant seemed to know the people whom the 5 seats were reserved for. I heard some people begging for a seat, particularly one lady who stood close by me. I saw some people trying to force their way through, but they could not succeed; the ticket attendant and the security personnel knew of all the plans these people were trying to make in order to get into the train." This was the end of the vision.

Brief interpretation

In this simple vision, the Lord is telling us that the rapture train is READY for departure and that there is room only for the 5 wise virgins (Matthew 25:7-13). The 5 signifies those who are ready and who will have their seats reserved. Those who are not ready will moan and beg to get on board to no avail. The Lord is pleading with you, BE READY! The Rapture train is already on the station ready for departure, REPENT and get right with God, booking your ticket to Heaven today!

This vision is a warning to the lukewarm and worldly Christians. Beware Christ is coming soon! The Lord has personally warned us as a family to be always READY and WATCHFUL and that we would not be receiving a ‘special’ warning. His coming must be a surprise to His children who are expecting Him and it must be like a thief at night. Let us therefore be WATCHFUL!

Vision given to Charis on June 28, 2015

I, Charis, had a vision from the Lord this morning soon after our morning prayers. I saw myself and our ministry people in our house church service with many other people I didn’t know. While I was looking around, I suddenly saw many of the people disappear with only a few remaining, among whom were two members of our ministry. I heard these two members screaming that they were left behind while hurling hurtful insults at each another. They were kind of blaming each other for being left behind. I saw many wicked people in our street who were left behind carrying on as if nothing had happened. While these two people were arguing, I saw myself not being left behind, but in a new body of shining light momentarily left to encourage them and the others who were standing close by (1 Corinthians 15:51-52;49; 58). I told them 'don't worry or lose hope because the Lord was coming again, but your entry into Heaven would be much, much harder than the first time'(Meaning the present time; Also, these words were uttered by me but the Lord put them in my mouth)(Revelation 7:14). A thought occurred to me in the vision that the devil will cause many Christians to be mutilated, but they must allow it than to deny the Lord and lose their salvation and entry into Heaven(Revelation 20:4; Luke 17:33). End of vision.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on June 17, 2015

I also had a short vision on June 17, 2015 in which I was worshipping the Lord in singing. I still cannot remember the tune of the song and the words except the words "Jesus is coming". As I sang while worshipping the Lord and when I uttered the words of the song, “Jesus is coming”, I was raptured into the air; while looking up into the sky a thought came over me that the Lord could burst forth from the sky at any moment. End of vision.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on June 2, 2015

In a brief vision, the Lord showed me two roads that people travel on in their lives’ journey. In this this vision, I was shown the road that I was travelling on. To me the road seemed to be rough, muddy and full of pretty high humps. As I walked on this road, I invited people to join me but they just stared at me. While travelling on this road, I saw a woman (whom I know) crying as she appeared on another road. As I went further down, her boyfriend appeared to my right. We hugged and while hugging him, a feeling of intense compassion, love and forgiveness came over me as I deeply cried over him. As we strolled after hugging, the man took me to another road which was all smooth and neatly decorated, almost shiny in appearance. I made a remark on the beauty of the road and he replied: “You should try out this road. We cannot travel on this road if we don’t smoke and do wrong things.” He continued: “This road is very smooth, fast and slippery, and it makes sparks which inflict some pain as we travel on it. No one can travel on this road unless they do wrong things, because that slows the pace of the road.” After he said this, I turned away from him and left that road, and the vision ended. This vision refers to the two broad and narrow roads that the Lord spoke about (Matthew 7:13-14).

Brethren, the Lord is telling us in this vision that the broad, seemingly beautiful road is walked by those who do wrong things, and that sin serves as an encouragement to those who travels on this road. The road looks beautiful and attractive on the outside to lure people, but when being traveled on it hurts those who walk on it – hence the consequences of sin. And while those who walk on the crooked road face many obstacles, and even as they endure the road becomes rougher, the Lord is right there to give them relief and comfort (Genesis 15:1; Hebrews 13:5).

Vision given to Brother Glenn on May 21, 2015

I had a vision in this morning around 7:25 AM. which was the time when I woke up. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me dressed in a long dazzling white rob and His face covered with light. I then saw the Lord and I having a conversation (some things of which I cannot fully remember) and He said that many people do not believe our testimony about Him. When the Lord said that, I could feel the insults and strong feelings of dislike some people have against us. In the vision, I saw myself trying my best to convince people about the truthfulness of our testimony to no avail. The Lord spoke and saidI appeared to you (including Charis) and I am the same God of the Bible, and I have been giving you messages and teachings out of My Word to share with the world. The vision changed and I saw what looked like a cellphone screen with all of the article subjects we wrote and posted on our weblog appearing one after the other like they were being individually text to me. I started reading them excitingly as the vision ended!

Vision given to Brother Glenn on May 9, 2015

I (Glenn) received a short vision from the Lord Jesus. In this vision, I was in a room with just enough light for me to see. I saw a butterfly flying or floating on one place with a messenger of God or an Angel in the form of a man to my right speaking. While I looked at the butterfly he said, “Just like a butterfly goes through a renewal and some Jews celebrating a renewal festival (the vision changed showing me a Jewish woman dancing at a renewal festival). As sure as this is, there is a renewal coming, there is a renewal of all things coming”. End! (Revelation 21:5).

Brief explanation: My family and I prayed and fasted a few weeks ago asking the Lord for an end time message or revelation. This was all we received for now as we will continue in prayer. However, at first I was reluctant to share this vision as I did not fully understand it, but the Lord said I should share it to remind people that there is a renewal coming!

Vision given to Brother Glenn on March 16, 2015

"I had a vision this morning in which I saw a woman we knew very well, who died recently. Her appearance was very dark. In this vision, I saw her appearing to my left and I asked her in Afrikaans: "Susan (Not real name), are you in Heaven?" She answered saying, "No! I went to Hell."

Interpretation: I personally witnessed to this woman, and about two years ago. In 2013, we went to her mothers' house to pray and to present the Word to them. She was invited and informed about the prayer session, but she deliberately stayed away from the meeting. She went into her room and stayed there until we left. On another occasion, I had a serious talk with her, encouraging her in Lord. I always reached out to her with love and a sincere spirit. I also had a vision in which I saw myself witnessing to her and her boyfriend. In that vision, I remember telling them that if they don't repent, they would go to Hell. In the vision I sensed that they ignored my warning. I was recently informed that while she was sick, she was asked if she made right with God. She responded that indeed she had made peace with the Lord. If we have any unconfessed sin, then we have not repented. We must confess our sins with our mouth, and believe in our hearts; this is Scriptural admission of accepting Christ' sacrifice for our sins (Romans 10:9-10). Unfortunately, this precious soul did not confess her guilt (1 John 1:9).

Vision given to Brother Glenn on March 11, 2015

Around 14:45 p.m on March 11, 2015, the Lord Jesus spoke to me in an audible voice while I was driving. I heard a voice, which seemed to have been driven by the wind, speaking in the car while I was driving listening to a Gospel song. He said, "The Lord Jesus is coming!" After I heard the voice, I could still hear those words resonate repeatedly in my mind. I briefly ignored this, but I was convicted to take note of this warning.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on February 11, 2015

On the very early morning of Wednesday, February 11, 2015, I had a vision from the Lord. I saw myself sitting in a church service with many other believers. The LIGHT of the Holy Spirit shone upon me while I heard a beautiful song playing as we worshiped the Lord Jesus. End of vision.

This vision is to encourage us to worship the Lord in spirit in truth, to give Him the glory due to His name, and to worship Him in the beauty of holiness (John 4:23-24; Psalm 29:2).

Vision given to Brother Glenn on February 11, 2015

I was in a large room, which was illuminated by a light similar to a sunset, with members of our congregation. While I could not see the Lord, I knew that He was standing right there. I read to them from a white page with messages from the Lord, which I was not allowed to remember. Another message written in Afrikaans on a white page was given to me to read. I read it the first time and it did not make sense to me. I then re-read it two more times and it confused me more with the text changing to other words. I received the understanding of that writing when I recalled the vision, and this is what was written, “The people I have appointed for Heaven must not play with their salvation in this very last hour”. Soon after reading this message to our congregation, it felt as if the Lord could come right at that very moment, and at the same time I could sense the excitement of the brethren present.

After reading the message, I also saw a sister who once attended this ministry in another room responding to the Lord’s message. I could not understand exactly what she was saying, but I was made to understand that she was using excuses to justify her lukewarm state.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on February 9, 2015

I received a very short vision from the Lord this morning just before I got up. In the vision, I observed somebody in the appearance of a boy taking something, that rightfully belongs to me, without asking for permission. After he did this, instead of 'attacking' or confronting him about his act as would be our normal response, I took an even a greater measure by giving the item to him with a smile as I said to him: "Next time, please ask if you need something". I then heard the Lord gently say, "That was kindness and My children must learn to go the extra mile"(Matthew 5:41).

Vision given to Brother Glenn on February 8, 2015

The Lord revealed to me that countless Christians are need-driven and they are not discerning His will for their lives. As it is, false preachers bent on making money exploit their fear and lack of faith and promised them quick solutions. Often these “preachers” would refer undiscerning brethren, many who have a genuine love for the Lord, to buy their books, DVDs, tapes or attend some seminar.

Therefore, the Lord is WARNING Christians against false preachers who promise quick solutions in the name of the Lord as if He gave them the authority. The Lord says that we must not be driven to, or idolize pastors or preachers who claim to have special authority. They draw you to them to use you and for gain. Through their message, they provoke the spirit of anxiety. What comes from God is forever FREE and that value is found in the Word of God, through faith, patience and prayer. If you follow after every advice in any Christian self-help book, you accumulate knowledge without faith experience. Christian experience serves as an encouragement to our faith, but not a means to build a formula, for that would not be based on faith but knowledge. Faith yields an experience and the result thereof is a grateful heart overflowing in thanksgiving.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on January 7, 2015

I received this vision on the morning of January 7, 2015. I saw a man standing in a distance lighting a cigarette to smoke. Further away from him, I noticed a young woman who had lustful intentions. She tried her best to seduce me, but my mind was not focused on her, I knew Satan was behind this. When she saw that I was not going to yield to her advances, she approached me and asked me, “why are you not submitting to the temptation?” I could not see the Lord, but I heard a reply from Him saying, “A person who overcomes a temptation pleases Me and makes Me happy”.


The Lord revealed that the smoking man represents a Christian who has been overcome by temptation (in this case smoking). He is weak in his will and succumbs to sinful pleasure. He chooses not to obey. The young woman represents the world and the pleasures it uses to attract those who fear God (Matthew 13:22).  It comes down to a choice we make in the light of God’s will. If we decide against succumbing to temptation, we choose to obey the Lord and abide in His will (John 14:23; 1 Corinthians 10:13. Therefore, strive to stand firm in your faith and please God in your choices, and shun the condescending praises of man which are aimed at seducing you to sin.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on January 6, 2015

I had a vision from the Lord this morning just before I woke up. In this vision, I heard no words, but I was made to understand and feel what the conversation was about. I saw the LORD Jesus in pure white dress entering what looked like a fast food store. I saw the Lord standing as if He was ready to talk to a young lady who was standing in a queue or line to place an order. I was made to feel that this lady was indecisive on her choice of food. Just then, the Lord approached her without saying any words. It was impressed upon me that He ‘imparted’(or placed) a solution in her conscience to help her make a decision. However, she resisted the Lord’s will, and I felt His sadness. This young lady seemed to have an attitude and was arguing with the Lord. She also had a big ego and was wise in her own eyes. When she was considering the Lord’s solution, I felt His joy, but when she resisted I felt His sadness. Despite her resistance, the Lord kept on offering help. However, she kept on ignoring the Lord’s help and eventually followed her own counsel, ending up with a regrettable decision.

Thereafter the vision changed, and I saw the Lord talking to a young man through his conscience. Again, I heard no actual words but I somehow understood the conversation through what I felt. I sensed the Lord was commanding this young man to do something for Him. He replied spontaneously with a great sense of joy and enthusiasm, and I sensed the Lord sharing this joy with him.

The vision changed again and I saw the Lord standing a few meters from another young woman. I sensed that she was clueless and doubtful in her choices; she kept on changing her mind, not knowing the best option to choose. Meanwhile, in the background I saw the Lord ‘imparting’ in her conscience a gentle “NO” if the choice was wrong, and “YES” with a joyful smile of encouragement. This was the end of the vision.


The Lord revealed to me through the same method of ‘imparting’ in my conscience. I just knew the answer to this vision parable. The first young lady represents a person who continuously rejects the Lord’s word and guidance to follow His will. Instead they choose to follow their own ways, which might seem rewarding to them, but for their own choices they must bear the conscience thereof (Proverbs 3:5-7; 14:12).

As for the young man, the Lord revealed that there are people like this young man who are open to the Lord’s Word and do His will by faith and without doubt or question. He indicated to me that the reward of such obedience is accompanied by an intense feeling of joy, which makes Him very happy and He shares it with them (Matthew 7:24-25; Luke 11:28).

With the last young lady, the Lord said that He is always at work helping those who strive to make the right decisions based on the truth of His Word (Philippians 2:13). If they slip in their decision, He corrects them and shares their joy to encourage them in obeying Him. The Lord says His help is always available for those who are willing to obey Him, even if they have little faith and persevere (Romans 14:1; John 6:37; 1 Thessalonians 5:14).

We encourage you, truly God-fearing Christians, to always base your choices in the light of God’s Word and your relationship with Him. When we accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, we pledged our faithfulness to Him and our decisions must both be pleasing to Him and honour Him (Colossians 3:17). Undoubtedly, when we deliberately keep committing the same mistakes, we dishonour the Lord and we show Him that we cannot be trusted (Luke 16:10). Subsequently, we fail to receive answers to prayers. This may lead us to make our own decisions, and when this happens we only invite the Lord to become part of our limited choices, instead of us becoming part of His divine plans. Therefore, the fruit of our own decisions are less Godly and worldly-focused, and often our plans are directed to please man rather than God.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on December 8, 2014

I received a short vision from The Lord this morning (December 8, 2014) just before I woke up. It was a vision within a vision. I saw myself walking into a beautiful building, and while walking I saw another vision behind me. Although I was looking ahead of me, I could still see the scene of the vision. I saw a large group of people whose faces were blurred in a church.

There was someone who was preaching to these people, urging them to worship The Lord. The person was trying to kind of "revive" the people through his urging and encouragement, but they were just standing there cold in their hearts towards the Lord (I was allowed to feel that their hearts were far from The Lord). I saw The Lord dressed in white light in their midst, without them even being aware He was Present. As I was about to climb a stairway, I heard a voice of someone who was standing there saying loudly: "I LOVE THE LORD WITH MY WHOLE HEART!" This was the end of the vision.


The Lord explained to me that He is faithful to all His promises and that He is present where two or three gather in His name just like it was in this lukewarm church (Matthew 18:20). However, people's hearts are far away from Him since they are focusing on or thinking or of their lustful pleasures. The people in the vision reflect today's situation in the church, with people showing no passion or love for Him in His Presence. People lack enthusiasm and excitement in the church, and that is why the pastor or worship leader was trying his best to "revive" or "wake up" the people with encouragement. Brethren, let us show passion in the Lord's Presence as an expression of our love to Him, like the voice of The Lord's witness said. The Bible indeed encourages us to " The Lord your God with all your heart..." (Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37; Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27), and praise/thank Him likewise with our whole heart (Psalm 9:1).

Vision given to Brother Glenn on December 1, 2014

I had a vision this morning (December 1, 2014). I was outside in a big empty space when I saw a figure of a Man in pure white. His appearance was blurred but I immediately knew it was our Heavenly Father. When I recognized it was Him, I prayed saying, "Father please keep me from falling!" He did not answer and the vision changed giving me a 3D view. I then saw The Father standing far away, yet close enough, but with His appearance blurred. "Glenn!", He called me by my name in a gentle whispering voice, while looking at me pleasingly. The vision then ended.

Clarification and Explanation:

I am overwhelmed by His love and gracious care. I did not expect this vision! I love the LORD with all my heart. The LORD knows our future and things that might hinder our walk with Him.  He came to show me what I needed to do, and His answer to my prayer was His presence and reassurance of His love. This same love is available to you as well! (John 3:16-17) All the Lord wants of us is to repent and turn away from our sins, wholeheartedly seek Him and obey His Word. Aren't you grateful for what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us, redeeming us with His precious blood and paying the price for our salvation? I am eternally grateful.

Word given to Brother Glenn on November 16, 2014

I woke up this morning with a word. I did not see a vision, but what I heard in my mind before I woke up is a young girl singing these words: "See The Messiah is coming! The Messiah is coming! See The Messiah is coming! The Messiah is coming!"

Vision Given to Charis in November, 2014

“I had a vision that I was in a very colourful room. I saw various colors: red, blue, green, purple yellow, pink, etc., and I said to myself, “these are very pleasing colors, I like them!” Soon after saying this, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “You may just like a color, but you must not go on senselessly about colors. Some people are busy with color blocking”. I replied to The Lord, “You are telling the truth!”

I left and went out of this colourful room and I entered into a room that was grey and black. Upon entering, I heard the voice of The Lord say, “The color grey is a very seductive color, and even the celebrities wear masks that are grey or silver.”” End of vision.


Color blocking is a recent trend of showing off in fashion, where people wear blocks of solid colors together – either buying items that come already color blocked, or doing it themselves by pairing brightly colored separates. This draws attention to self and can lead to idolatry. The Lord is warning people not to idolize colors, be infatuated, or be controlled by them (1 Corinthians 6:12).

Brethren, neither Charis nor I ever knew that the word “color blocking” even exists, until I looked it up after this vision. This message is a warning from the Lord, that though we may appreciate colors, we should not idolize them (1 John 2:15-17).

Vision Given to Charis in November, 2014

“In a vision, I saw the devil appearing with his back facing towards me (although I was not allowed to see his face, I knew it was Satan). He made fun of me saying things that I am not allowed to share here. I replied and said in a loud voice “I rebuke you in the NAME OF JESUS!” He screamed at me saying, ‘Don’t say that name; I hate it!” And I saw him covering his ears. I kept on saying “I rebuke you in Jesus Name!” and he said, “STOP! STOP! STOP!” When he realized that he could not have me stop rebuking him in Jesus name, he ran off in a funny way”.


Our victory against Satan is Jesus. Submit yourself to God; resist and rebuke the devil steadfastly in faith and he will flee from you (Mark 16:17; 1 Pet.5:8-9; James 4:7;Luke 10:19).

Vision Given to Charis in November, 2014

“I was standing outside our main bedrooms window, and suddenly a BIG pure white cloud appeared. The cloud opened up in the middle and a white page appeared. While I looked at the page, The Lord Jesus Christ appeared in blistering BRIGHTNESS. I tried to cover my eyes from the strong light, but I could not; I could only sparsely see the form of a Man, and I saw The Lord waving at me and said "Bye". The cloud closed and the Lord disappeared.”


This was a glimpse of the glory of the LORD! (Matthew 17:2; Ezekiel 1:28).

I prayed to The Lord saying: “Lord, please don’t make me write an article about the rapture, because I read many and various explanations on this subject, and I certainly wouldn't want to be influenced by any. I believe in the rapture, and there is much speculation relating to the rapture that has caused widespread confusion leading to the shipwrecked of many people’s faith.” In His goodness and faithfulness, the Lord has given me a short vision and I will share what He revealed to me, along with the relevant supporting Scriptures. If The Lord so wills to reveals more, I will update this article accordingly.

As promised, after months of prayer and reflection I can confidently confirm that there will be TWO RAPTURES! There were people who were concerned, but I knew the Lord was revealing something special to me which the Church was not aware about. We all have been taught traditionally about just one rapture and Sunday Church services and we accepted without question. The Word of the Lord says, "Call on Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know" (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV). In this regard, I heard the Lord right and like all the visions from the Lord, they come with a conviction we simply just need the faith to be able to discern it.

Vision given to Brother Glenn on October 11, 2014

In the vision, I saw myself preaching to a group of people who were listening attentively to me. The message the Lord gave me to minister to the people was about ‘Rapture’. I saw a book lying on the pulpit and I read from it the following words regarding the rapture from the Lord Jesus Christ: There is a FIRST ONE and the NEXT ONE. As I attempted to explain to my audience the message while looking into the book on the pulpit, the above words were the only ones left and the rest of the text disappeared. This was the end of the vision.

Clarification and Explanation:

Even though the English word "rapture" is not used in the Bible, the meaning is Biblical. “Rapture” is derived from the Latin verb "Rapere" meaning "to carry off," or "to be caught up. The Scriptures that describe the first rapture are these:
For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).
I looked, and there before me was a white cloud, and seated on the cloud was one like a son of man[a] with a crown of gold on his head and a sharp sickle in his hand. 15 Then another angel came out of the temple and called in a loud voice to him who was sitting on the cloud, “Take your sickle and reap, because the time to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” 16 So he who was seated on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth, and the earth was harvested (Revelation 14:14-16).
While there are no Scriptures that explicitly mentions the second rapture, The Lord says there would be another rapture, this one occurring after the great tribulation:
“I [Apostle John] answered, “Sir, you know.” And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb” (Revelation 7:14). And
 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other" (Matthew 24:29-31 KJV). Also, in the account of the Prophet Elijah's "rapture" into Heaven, a "chariot of fire and horses of fire" those were Angels or God's messengers who came to fetch Elijah. Additionally, the Apostle John saw four living Creatures in front of God's throne, those are God's Angels singing His Praises (Revelations 4:7-8). Ezekiel saw similar creatures but these were like burning coals of fire or like torches, these were God's Angels or messengers (Ezekiel 1:13).  Undoubtedly, God's Angels are His messengers and "He makes His Angels winds[and flames of fire]..." (Hebrews 1:7 NIV). Thus, God's Angels or messengers came to fetch Elijah and like we showed from the Scriptures, the Lord will send His Angels to come gather His children and this is echoed in both 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 and Matthew 24:29-31. Now, there is a great deal of confusion among Christians regarding the rapture. Some believe there will be one rapture before the great tribulation, while others are saying the rapture will be after the great tribulation. Now, apart from the visions we had from the Lord regarding two raptures, there is scriptural evidence of two raptures. Briefly, the Greek verb 'episunag√≤' literally means bringing or grouping together and it is rendered the same in 2 Thessalonians 2:1 account. In this account, the Apostle Paul was addressing the Thessalonian Church on their question regarding the Lord's second Coming. This verse in Matthew 24:31 clearly tells us there will also be a 'trumpet sound' (As in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18) to gather the elect who were in the great tribulation. In the first rapture account (See 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18), the dead will be raised, and in the (Matthew 24:29-31) account no dead are raised instead the angels will also at the command of the trumpet call gather only the elect (for rapture) and those days were 'shortened' for the benefit of the elect who were in the great tribulation (Matthew 24:21-22). There can therefore be no doubt that there will be two raptures and the current stereotype of one rapture with its divisive pre-tribulation and post-tribulation guessing is false and has no scriptural backing.
Now, it is up to us to 'watch and pray always' and to 'escape all these things that shall come to pass' (Luke 21:36).
And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy. Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh (Romans 13:11-14).

Vision given to Claudia on September 12, 2014

“In the vision I saw myself, Charis and Jaydeen playing outside in our yard with a soccer ball laughing. I suddenly saw the Lord standing close to Charis’ bedroom window. I saw a tall figure dressed in white and gold robe. I could not see His face, but I saw the Lord had pure white hair; His face was covered with blinding light. I ran towards the Lord and I said crying, “Lord I am very sorry for the wicked things I have done, please forgive me”. I tried hugging the Lord, but the light surrounding Him prevented me from reaching closer to Him; at the same time I heard in my mind the words, “THE LORD IS NEAR!” This was the end of the vision”.

Note: We believe the above vision is authentic. Claudia was literally crying uncontrollably when she told us her vision. She was so convinced that she even challenged us to ask the Lord (through Charis) on the truthfulness of this vision. This vision has been confirmed to be true and from the Lord.

Vision given to Charis on August 16, 2014

In a very short but powerful vision Charis experienced on Saturday, August 16, 2014 around 1:00 AM, The Lord showed her His glorious coming. The details of this event were removed from her mind and spirit, except an intense fear of God’s power and majesty, and the intense fear and terror that will hit those who will be left behind. In this revelation, and being terrified, Charis yelled, “Lord please don’t make the Rapture happen now, I am scared!” while she was crying uncontrollably closing her face with both her hands.

Vision given to Charis on July 9, 2014

This short vision was given to Charis after her early morning 06:30 AM prayers.

“The Lord gave me a vision on July 9, 2014. In the vision, I saw my mother, father and one of the sisters in the ministry, sitting outside in the car discussing something. My father and mother were sitting on the back passenger seats, while this sister was seated in the front passenger seat. On the driver’s seat was a Black Figure with his head on the steering wheel; his head was covered like someone who has a hoodie jacket. I came outside the house and went to them, sitting next to my mother while laying my head on her lap. It appeared to be very late at night and it was very cold. While I was laying my head on my mother’s lap, I heard my father swearing and as he did so, my right eye’s focus was sharpened and I saw a pair of black cards with time on it, and it was 11:59.

Being prompted by the Holy Spirit, I told my father: repent, repent! My father prayed in repentance and suddenly everything became silent and I heard the final seconds ticking by with the last SECONDS being very LOUD and the clock showed 12:00. While I was looking at the time, I noticed black clouds in the sky and I saw our family (my father, mother, Claudia, Jaydeen, Cailin and myself) being caught up in the sky into Heaven. The sister who was sitting with my parents in the car was not raptured; she threw her head back and she cried uncontrollably in a loud demonic voice, “I am left behind!” with the Black Figure next to her! The next moment I heard the Lord’s VOICE saying to my father, “You were saved by one minute!”

Interpretation of Vision:

The Lord said that the RAPTURE will happen soon, but that many people are not ready! (Revelation 22:12, 20) People don’t know when the last minute is, but many risk missing the rapture by living sinfully. The Lord said that the sister in the above vision was left behind because she did not repent and her heart was still in the world and not on Him. The Black Figure (Satan) was with this sister in front to show that he has been deceiving her. My wife and I, with Charis later joining, shows that we are there to intercede for her and as witnesses. The Lord also said that He used me as an example and saved me at the last minute to illustrate that only those who have lived holy lives and repented of their sins will be saved. Our years of service will not count in our favour when the Rapture takes place, “but only those who are faithful till the end will be saved” (Matthew 24:13). The Lord is warning Christians to be READY and live Holy every minute of our service to Him; only then will we be READY and worthy to see His face. Live a repentant life, brethren, for sinful living will expose your hypocrisy on that DAY, like our sister and myself were made to find out. Praise God for His grace that one minute makes all the difference; I bless the LORD!!!

Vision given to Charis on June 25, 2014

“On the 25th of June 2014 after our 06:30 a.m. prayer time, I (Charis) had a vision from the Lord. I saw myself standing outside in our yard on a fine and sunny day. I was playing with our dog outside when I noticed two men (Jehovah’s witnesses) standing by our gate. In their appearance, these men looked very old, tired and used.

As I approached the gate, they left in a hurry. Suddenly the Lord put words in my mouth and I heard myself saying to them in a loud voice: “I am a born-again Christian and I believe in the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ!” The Lord made me hear what was in their hearts as they simultaneously replied: “We are tired of hearing that story over and over again; the ‘Jehovah’s’ [Watchtower Movement] are wearing us out”. End of vision!

Interpretation of Vision:

The Lord is calling people who are caught up in the Jehovah’s Witness religion to repent and come to Him. The Lord says their appearance shows their lack of life and the Holy Spirit. The Lord says they must STOP rejecting the Scriptures and following the deceptive teachings of their leaders. The Lord says even though some of them are tired of having their message rejected and hearing the truth, they still just continue in their false beliefs.

Background: As a God fearing family, we are praying together every night while reading from the Scriptures. We also discuss the wrongs we did to one other and apologize. We use our evening devotional sessions to evaluate our mistakes and to learn from them. In our striving for complete obedience to the Lord, we allow the Word of God to settle our disputes and guide our conscience and decisions. Furthermore, we devote our days reading Bible while praying 3 times daily or more. This is not a religious ritual but a life of obedience and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Vision given to Charis on June 13, 2014

“After our morning prayers, I had a vision from the Lord regarding this family (Brother Glenn, his wife, 3 daughters and their Godly adopted daughter, Jaydeen) standing on plush green grass and each swinging around. While we were standing there smiling joyfully and playing with one another, I heard the THUNDEROUS yet audible VOICE of the Lord saying from Heaven, "I am very pleased with this family, because this family hasn’t done anything to hurt the Ministry, and even though this family makes little mistakes every day, it is not wicked things. It is only little mistakes, and I am pleased with this family, and I am going to bless this family for being so obedient to Me. This family’s example is obedience." The Lord paused momentarily, and I looked up and saw how we (the family) prayed the Lord’s Prayer together sincerely. The Lord spoke up again and said, “This family has really shaped up since the time I spoke to them and I am well pleased with them!” END.

Vision given to Charis on June7, 2014

"After our 06:30 morning prayers, I received a vision from the Lord. I saw myself standing in a weed field, surrounded by beautiful long, green grass. My eye sight appeared to be enhanced as I could clearly see things about 700 to 800 meters away. I saw hundreds of Muslim people bowing down in worship on withered or dried grass.

I then heard the Lord said, "Those people love the Lord Jesus Christ, but they are afraid and they are being forced to do what their hearts don't desire. I love all the Muslim people and I love everybody in the world and no one must think I don't care about them"After the Lord said these words, I felt a deep pity and love in my heart for those people I saw in the vision and for the unsaved people in the world, and I started crying while closing my face with my hands, and I said “thank you Lord for this message and vision". End.


This vision is not an attack against the Muslims, the Lord loves them and He wants to save them. The Lord Jesus Christ is calling Muslim around the world to come to Him and accept Him as Lord and Saviour. He loves them and all other people and He died for the sins of all humanity (John 3:16-18).

Given to Charis on May 13, 2014

· The smiling face: Of the entire Christians world-wide, only a few are not watching secular television and the Lord is very pleased with those Christians.

· The sad face: These are the Christians who are watching secular television, and after watching they go back to the Lord and ask for forgiveness, repeating the same thing. This makes the Lord very sad!

· The angry face: These are the people who are watching secular television all the time. They are the disobedient Christians who are addicted to television and show no remorse. The Lord is angry with those who practice such disobedience.

The Lord showed Charis three yellow images in the air: a smiling face with one tick mark, a sad face with three tick marks, and an angry face with two tick marks. This is what The Lord said they represent: We have included the depiction of the faces (as well as the picture that Charis drew of the same) below.

Please note that a good Christian channel dishing out the word of God is acceptable, but sitting in front of it everyday becomes an addiction and promotes laziness. It is better to read the Bible and pray instead of being lazy. In the case of those who can't read or are somewhere physically disabled, we can understand if they listen to the radio. Some things on Youtube could be useful in building up if those things relate to us being built up in Christ, however a new addiction of viewing and laziness might be created. There has to be limits.

Vision given to Charis on May 12, 2014

As a praying family and ministry, being strongly led by love to reach out to our Ukrainian brothers, last night (May 11, 2014) we prayed in agreement asking the Lord to give a word of encouragement for the people of Ukraine. Below is what the Lord showed and Charis recaptured the illustration that the Lord used for your understanding.

“When I asked the Lord last night when He visited me for a word for the Ukrainian people, He did not answer me immediately. I received this vision after our morning prayers which is at 06:30 A.M. I saw the Lord lowering and suspending in mid-air what looked like a thermometer that measures people’s temperatures with five (5) thermometers like in the drawing below.

On top of each thermometer was a word. The first thermometer had Prayer written on top of it, the second had Hope written, the third had Love, the fourth one had Fear and the fifth thermometer had Faith written on top of it. Four of the devices were represented as half in content, while FEAR was full to capacity. This is what the Lord said they represent:

Prayer: The people of Ukraine are not PRAYING enough for their Country and safety.

Hope: The people of Ukraine do not have HOPE in ME (The Lord Jesus Christ).

Love: The people of Ukraine do not LOVE one another enough.

Fear: The people of Ukraine are FEARFUL.

Faith: The people of Ukraine do not have FAITH so that I (The Lord Jesus Christ) can save them”.

Brethren, in the Almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ and His compassion for the oppressed we beseech you to pray for the Ukrainian people and all those around the world who are going through trying situations. God bless the people of Ukraine with PEACE in Jesus name! For our Ukrainian brethren, pray for your Country while obeying the Lord in all His ways; your salvation is sacred!

PS: An image of the original diagram drawn by Charis is shown below:

Vision given to Charis on April 7, 2014

“The Lord showed me a vision this morning of a woman well known to us who will be going to Hell if she does not repent and make right with the Lord. I saw L standing in a very long broad road and moments later, I saw her standing there in a spirit form. In the vision, I knew she had died of some sickness or a car accident. While I was looking at her, I saw her going to Hell. I could not hear her scream, but she was moving very fast from right to left in the flames of Hell”.

Explanation: This vision is prophetic and like many other visions we shared here. Some have come to pass, and regrettably the individuals concerned made a mockery of our message from God to them. This woman is still alive and we have witnessed to her and we have also invited her on several occasions to the Lord. However, she is not willing to commit herself to the Lord. The Lord has showed us many visions of people who are alive today that they will go to Hell if they don’t repent; sadly many scorn our message of warning from the Lord and this includes our own parents. The Lord told us He doesn’t want them to go Hell, pointing us to Ezekiel 18:23We therefore share this vision with you so that you may take warning and stop delaying and procrastinating; Come to the Lord Jesus today! (Hebrews 3:7-15).

Brother Glenn

Vision given to Charis on March 28, 2014

“I received a vision from the Lord this morning. In the vision, I saw a local newspaper with a headline with words I could not understand except the word 'Mohammed'. In this newspaper, I read that many Muslim men died (I was not sure what caused their death), and among them was a man known to us. I saw him with the others falling into Hell upside down.

Warning: These men did not go to Hell for being Muslim; they went there for denying the only way of salvation. The Lord is warning Muslims that their religion will not save them but only Christ Jesus.

Vision given to Charis on March 2, 2014

“I had a vision recently (March 2, 2014) in which I saw myself and my father together. A female Angel appeared to us smiling and my father took out a gospel tract and gave it to her (in the vision my father did not know she was an Angel, but I knew she was). She took it humbly and with a smile saying, “I do everything good that your ministry does well”. While we were looking appreciably, she disappeared!

Vision given to Charis on January 13, 2014

“I had a short vision of the Lord this morning after our morning prayers. I saw myself walking on a very long red carpet towards the Lord who was sitting at the end of the carpet on a very big and beautifully decorated wooden chair. When I reached the Lord, I climbed onto His right lap and leaned on Him while He was looking approvingly at me, then the vision ended”.

Given to Charis January 12, 2014

“I went to bed with a headache and while sleeping I had a vision from the Lord this afternoon. I saw myself, Jaydeen and my cousin Elzette in a very, very large house with many rooms. While we were walking down the passage of this big house, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “…Brother B’s days are numbered and you must pray for him”. After these words, I saw a very long straight thin rope with no beginning or end and big scissors appeared cutting the rope in the middle. In the vision, I knew this was referring to the words the Lord had spoken”.

We pray that the Lord delays His Judgement until this person makes his life right with God. God gives life and He has the power to terminate our lives (Daniel 5:23; Acts 12:23).

Brief Background

Brethren, before I share the vision, kindly allow me to give a brief explanation. When the Lord Jesus Christ gives us visions about pastors and people in ministry (refer to articles on Prosperity TeachersPastors Repent, and False Witness), He told us to share and publish it on our website so that those He rebukes through these visions might be saved, as well as those who follow them. This is a very difficult position we find ourselves in, because we are facing the wrath of these ministers’ followers. We mind about the Lord, souls and the truth, and we live and stand by the testimony the Lord gives, knowing that we are convinced that He is issuing warnings to save souls. While this might cause us to be persecuted and lose friends, we labour to please God rather than man. The Bible clearly states that those who sin are to be rebuked publicly so that others may be warned (1 Timothy 5:20).

Also, many people mistakenly think that we make up the visions we received from the Lord; we carefully verify everything strictly according to the Scriptures and we have the testimony of the Lord Himself. The Bible says no matter how powerfully the Lord might use us, none of us are without sin (1 John 1:8). In many of our articles I have freely shared how we endured the Lord's rebukes; this expressed His Holiness and Righteousness. Therefore, no one can say we try to be better than others – surely we are not! We always portray a humble attitude and share our weaknesses with everyone as a warning to them. This tells you that we are constantly warned about Hell.

I repeat: we are not in competition with any person or ministry, nor do we do this for money or recognition. You may therefore examine our website content and if you are not convinced that the Lord is speaking to us, feel free to write to us.

Brethren, with this vision we are not saying that Dr. Owuor's testimony is entirely false. We are also not portraying him as a false prophet, because the Lord did not say that. But some of his visions are false. As a ministry, we do believe he hears from the Lord. The Lord is displeased that he fails to rebuke his followers who magnify him or honor him saying he is a “Mighty Prophet”, “Powerful Prophet” and calling him “my 'Lord'”. No one is above the Word of God and above correction; we are all servants of Christ Jesus and we have each been appointed by God to serve His Body. In Scripture, we find the following examples of God’s prophets being warned:
  • Moses was punished by God: God told Moses and Aaron to speak to the rock and water would pour out. However, in anger Moses struck the rock twice and water came (Numbers 20:2-11). As a consequence, the Lord informed Moses he could not enter Canaan because he had disobeyed Him (Numbers 20:12; Numbers 27:12-13).
  • The prophets of Bethel: A prophet obediently delivered God’s warning and judgment to King Jeroboam (1 Kings 13:1-10). Unfortunately, on his way back, this prophet disobeyed the Lord and instead accepted the lies of an old prophet, leading to the younger prophet’s sad demise (1 Kings 13:11-32). The stern warning here is that we should by all means follow God’s commands, not man’s deceptions.
  • The prophet Jeremiah rebuked the prophet Hananiah for falsely prophesying (Jeremiah 28:12-17).
Let us stop exalting man and give God the glory acknowledging that it is the Lord who is at work in the ministries of true witnesses. Below is the vision and a word of confirmation from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Vision about Dr. Owuor Shown to Charis on December 26, 2013

"I saw a vision of Heaven on the 26th of December 2013, I was standing on beautifully mowed green grass that was everywhere around me. I then heard the voices of thousands of people (voices of babies, young children, youth, adults and old people), all saying in unison, "Just don't believe any testimony you hear!" These words were repeated more than 10 times to me. As they were still saying this, a very tall white figure in the likeness of a man appeared before me, saying "If Dr. Owuor doesn't do right things he is going to Hell. You must just watch out: he is going to Hell if he doesn't do right things".

Brethren and fellow believers, we have shared this vision in truth and good faith with you. On the night of December 27, 2013, we asked the Lord if this vision was from Him, and He said: "The vision you had about Dr. Owuor was from Me."

Let me again reiterate that we are not portraying Dr. Owuor as a false prophet, and the Lord did not say that the man is a false prophet. But some of his visions are false.

We have relieved ourselves from our obligation and shared with you in truthful love. You may judge for yourself!

Vision given to Charis on November 14, 2013

“I had a vision from the Lord this morning; When He appeared I saw the Lord Jesus raising His right Hand finger pointing to my right. When I turned my head to look, I saw two large mirrors next to each other suspended in the air. In the first mirror I saw photographs of all the pastors of the big/mega churches standing outside their church buildings. I saw Pastor Joel Osteen, Pastor T.D Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Carlton Pearson, Pastor Brian and Bobbie Houston, TB Joshua, Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn, Dr Nasir Saddiki, singer/entertainer Bebe Winans, Pope Francis and some of his predecessors; From South Africa - Pastor Freddy Edwards (South African Bishop), Ray McCauley of Rhema Church, Pastor Theo Wolmarans of Christian Family Church, Pastor Gerald Cooper of Faith Fellowship Ministries, Pastor Cheryl Moorad Murat of City of the Lord Ministries, Mosa Sono, Pastor Watson of Berea Temple Ministries, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, and many other local pastors in our community and around Africa and internationally whom I could not recognise. In this vision I also saw the building of the New and Old Apostolic movement.

In front of the first mirror was what looked like a lump of clay and lots of money, mostly Rands (South African currency) and US Dollars notes.

In the second mirror I saw our ministry members standing under a Peachtree with Christ as our leader, and in front of the mirror was a solid brick block and two big brown baskets full of different words. I then turned my head towards the Lord and He said: “The first ministries depend on money and the arm of flesh, and the second ministry depend on God and prayer.” The Lord then said joyfully in a loud voice, “WELL DONE PREPARING FOR THE KINGDOM!!!” END.

Explanation: Brethren, we did not ask the Lord to reveal this. The Lord is warning these ministers and their followers to repent and stop preaching a prosperity and worldly message. These ministers promote a money-centered gospel, and they depend on their members instead of trusting the Lord Jesus Christ. The New and Old Apostolic movement was also implicated as leaning on the arm of flesh while deceiving their followers; this is a popular movement here in our townships in South Africa. Prosperity teachers have forsaken their trust in God and preach messages that appeal to people’s sensual appetites more than their need for holy living, obedience and truthfulness. I heard one of these pastors (Dr Nasir Sadikki) saying that people must pursue and live their dreams; this is a worldly message, for the Bible says: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God – what is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2 NRSVProverbs 3:5-6). I encourage you to live according to the Scriptures and this will lead to God’s acceptable will. In our fear of God, we will proclaim in humility what He reveals to warn and save regardless of persecutions and rejections; we owe our allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ and His TRUTH.

Vision given to Dwight on November 9, 2013

“I was shown a vision by the Lord this morning. He was dressed in a long white gown. Although, I could not see His face I knew it was the Lord. I saw myself standing next to the Lord where we were facing a lot of people. I saw countless people dressed in black in front of me. I knew these people were going to Hell. I then saw another group of people to my right; I also knew these people were on their way to Heaven. I was shown another group of people to my left and I also knew these were going to Hell.

The Lord spoke to me and said: “Pick one of the three groups”. I picked a Heaven group and one Hell group. When I looked up to Heaven I saw people dressed in white standing in front of a light blue curtain. When I looked closer I saw our ministry people talking and smiling on one side and on the other side, I saw the children from this family as if they were waiting for me. The scene changed and I saw both Hell group people moving and they walked into deep dark holes and I saw doors of various colours being closed behind them. The Lord spoke and said: “Walk on the side of those doors and hear how those people are screaming.” I started walking by those doors listening to those people’s screams with great fear in my heart. When I got to the last door, I jumped over a dark cliff and was taken up and I saw myself standing in front of the light blue curtain with the rest of the other children. In this vision, I knew that I was going to Hell; that is how I felt”. End of vision!

Brief explanation: Brethren, we did share in our “Blessing from The Lord” article and vision (refer to the below titled Vision of Obedience and Blessings, given to Charis on October 2, 2013) how the Lord rebuked Dwight on his disobedience. Although the Lord gave him a spirit of obedience, he refused to walk in obedience. This is consistent with Scriptures: consider Saul’s heart was changed to walk obediently before the Lord after he was anointed, but he chose to disobey the Lord (1 Samuel 10:6-13; 1 Samuel 15:22-23). Saul had a choice to obey the Lord, but he refused and disobeyed God. Likewise, the Lord showed Dwight, my 10 year old adopted son that he needs to walk obediently to make it to Heaven. This was a warning to him that we are sharing with you. We know he is reading his Bible faithfully every day and praying. However, he disobeys the Word he reads that is meant to save him. If there is anyone out there thinking you are going to Heaven, consider Dwight’s vision. He reads and prays faithfully with us as family and ministry, but he does “half rights.” (Please refer to the Obedience and Blessings vision).To the Lord this is unacceptable. As a family and ministry we are grateful to the Lord for warning him like this; this will help us in our ministry to counsel him.

This vision is true; we asked the Lord through Charis on Saturday evening since I doubted this vision. The Lord rebuked me and confirmed this was from Him. In this vision and as an interpretation, he will be saved if he repents and is obedient to the Lord, as the rest of us are shown to be on board to Heaven.

Vision given to Charis November 3, 2013

For clarity, the three realms represent Earth, Heaven and Hell. This vision was given by the Lord in reply to a brother and sister in the Lord who asked us to thank the Lord for them (through Charis, on His visit to her) for their deliverance from false teachings (Brother A and Sister B shared their testimony in the first part of the follow-up to the "false witness" article.

“I received a vision from the Lord Jesus Christ this morning. I told the Lord that Brother A says thank you for their deliverance from false teachings. The Lord did not immediately answer, but He showed the vision. In the vision from the Lord I saw myself and Jaydeen (my cousin) standing in a very large and vast field the size of about 10 or more soccer fields. This field was divided up into 3 parts; the one part to our left was just liquid fire raging like the waves of the sea. The second part, which was in the centre where Jaydeen and I were standing, was a vast wheat field; the wheat was almost ready to be harvested. And the third part to our right was just a flower orchard, where I saw beautiful flowers in different colours all around; these flowers looked alive and well cared for.

I then heard the Lord speak and say: “It is My pleasure; I wanted to save My son A and My daughter B from this (with His hand pointing to the raging fire) and bring them to this side (with His hand pointing to the plush flower plantation). I love them very much and they must not be deceived by anyone”. After this message, Jaydeen and I ran laughingly and playfully into the flower plantation and the vision ended”.

Vision given to Charis on November 2, 2013

I was given a vision by the Lord in the early hours of this morning. In this vision, I was in a very, very big Catholic Church that was arrayed with wooden chairs, and that could easily seat thousands of people. I sensed that the atmosphere was charged with fear; I felt lonely in there. Right in front, towards the pulpit, was an elderly woman who was in a kneeling position. She was dressed in a black scarf and a long black catholic dress. She was crying bitterly as she was praying. The Lord allowed me to ask her questions; I asked her, “Why are you crying?” She replied and said, “The pain [in my heart] does not want to go away”. I then advised her, “Why are you not praying to the Lord Jesus to heal you?” She said: “I am praying to Mary because she is higher than Jesus”. I responded and told her that she was wrong. I then heard the voice of the Lord saying: “These people are very stubborn and they are going to Hell”. End of vision.

Vision given to Charis on October 3, 2013

“The Lord appeared to me again as He promised. I saw in this vision, we (Myself, Jaydeen, Claudia and Dwight) were all sitting together in a big pure white room waiting on the Lord. We suddenly saw a BIG light with the form of a person inside. The light was very BRIGHT and we were given dark glasses to put on, and although this did not help much, it shielded us a bit from the LIGHT coming from the Lord.

I saw our initials written on a big white page in 4 squares brightly highlighted in the various colours as - in purple; C - in peach; J - in pink and - in green. I did not ask the Lord why the others’ colours were changed. Under my initial C was a square with the letters SG and the Lord added more words and it read, “Strictness Gone.” In addition to this spiritual blessing, I was blessed with a certain amount of money from the Lord.

So, under Claudia’s initial C was also a square with the letter RW and as I looked the words appeared as “Read Well” and Claudia also received the same amount of money as I did. I read the letters under the initial J and it was CG and the words “Complaints Gone” appeared and Jaydeen was given a 1% less than Claudia and I. Dwight had an ‘O’ in the square under his initial and the word “Obedience” appeared and the Lord awarded him with a 2% less than Claudia and I. On top of the page, the words “WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!” appeared decorated in various lighting colours. The Lord went up to Heaven and the vision ended!”

Background to Visions:

Brethren, having shared this with you, we have a lot to learn from these children’s experiences and the reward system the Lord applied. Dwight and Jaydeen are not wicked; they are just lazy and take shortcuts like many of us sometimes. Isn’t this the case?

Most of our South African schools closed for the September spring holidays for about 10 days including weekends. The Lord Jesus Christ gave us a message and commanded us to allow Charis to go and sleep at her grandmother’s house for the duration of the school holidays. The Lord said that He was testing Dwight and Jaydeen to see if they would be obedient and faithful if Charis was not around. Furthermore, Claudia is just 7 years old and she really can’t write properly or read. Earlier this year my wife and I became worried about her inability to retain and remember things she just learned. We committed to fasting as a family. Praise the Lord, He created a desire of reading in her through this opportunity as explained in the visions. We have absolute faith that she has received a spiritual ability to read as the Lord said and we rejoice in this hope and answer to our prayers.

Charis, on the other hand, suffers from seasonal allergies. This is not that serious, but it is irritable to her. By nature, she is a strict person, but gentle. She does not like wrong doing. As for Dwight and Jaydeen, the Lord explained their behaviour. The material blessings the Lord provided for the children is money to meet their needs, but the spiritual is received by faith as a promise and it is sure to materialise.

Finally, I pray we pursue obedience and faithfulness in our service to the Lord. These are children who are serving the Lord whole-heartedly. These children have been commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ to get up and pray 06:30 a.m. to 07:00 a.m. every morning. They are to read their Bibles for an hour at a time determined by the Lord. This has been on-going for more than 3 years. They have read through the Bible book by book more than 5 times. This is no exaggeration; this has been recorded. Charis has gone through the Bible 5 times already and going for the 6th time, while the others are once or twice respectively. Some of you may ask, “Brother, how sure are you they are actually reading?” Good question! The Lord charged me to ask them what they read after each reading session. This is my ministry to them; not only to listen, but to both monitor and correct them. I therefore encourage you to minister likewise to your children and the Lord will bless them, and you will be blessed too.

Grace to you,
Brother Glenn.

Vision given to Charis on October 2, 2013

“I was given a vision by the Lord Jesus Christ this morning. I had a vision this morning about myself, Jaydeen, Dwight, and Claudia. Each one of us was in a separate room with our favourite colours (Mine being purple; Jaydeen’s red; Dwight’s blue; and Claudia’s being orange). The Lord went first to Claudia’s room. I then saw a big wooden chair for the Lord to sit on and a small yellow chair for Claudia. I heard the Lord say “You know what Claudia?” She responded saying “Yes Lord” and the Lord continued and said, “Even though you can’t read and even though you can just pray to Our Father, you have done a great thing to read and pray with Dwight and Jaydeen, and that shows you have faith to read and to pray right”. Claudia replied and said “Lord something just told me to pray and read with them,” and the Lord said “It was the Holy Spirit who led you to pray and read with Dwight and Jaydeen; for that I am going to bless you, I am coming back”.

The Lord went out of that room with Claudia still sitting in there and I saw Him entering into Dwight’s room. I heard the Lord speak to Dwight and say, “You were not a hundred percent faithful, but you were faithful in some things”Dwight replied and said “Lord I just feel that prayer gets boring.” in a STRONG voice the Lord said “You must never say that; I am going to bless you, I am coming back to you”.

The Lord went into Jaydeen’s room. The Lord said Jaydeen, you were faithful in your prayers and your Bible reading and you must not complain a lot to Charis about Dwight; and if Charis goes and asks Dwight then it’s a different story; you just made it sound worse”. Jaydeen nodded in agreement and said “Yes Lord I will stop with this complaining”The Lord then told her, “I am coming back to bless you.” Then the Lord came to me (Charis) and said, “You were faithful in your Bible reading and prayers and you did no wicked thing when you were at my daughter Maggie’s house, and I am going to bless you for this sacrificing by obeying Me to go away from your family for a week.” I said, “Yes Lord; I just wanted to obey you Lord.” The Lord continued and said “It was truly obedience, I am coming back to bless you”.

Thereafter the Lord went out of my room and went again to Claudia’s room. I saw the Lord give her a brown book. I saw Claudia smiling and ask, ‘What is this book for, Lord?” The Lord replied and said, “It is to teach you to read and there are also prayers in there for you”Gripped with excitement Claudia said 3 times “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU LORD!” and she wanted to hug the Lord but the radiant light coming from the Lord prevented her. Before leaving the room the Lord said “Tomorrow morning I will tell Charis your other blessing.” Claudia replied and said “Thank you, Lord!”

The Lord went out and went to Dwight and gave him something that looked like a small Vicks tin. Dwight inquired and asked “Lord, what is this?” The Lord answered and said “This is to remind you what wrongs you are doing.” The Lord also gave him a long, thick waist belt and told Dwight to break it, but he only managed to break it in half. The Lord said “That is what you are doing; you are doing half right and half wrongs, but I commanded you to be obedient”. ‘But I am trying Lord,” Dwight said. The Lord replied“You must try harder; see, you are stronger now, I will tell Charis your blessing tomorrow morning”The Lord left his room and went to Jaydeen. I saw the Lord giving Jaydeen what looked like a small washing peg. Jaydeen, looking surprised, asked “Lord, what is this?” The Lord responded and said to Jaydeen, “You must not complain too much, you must take that peg and put it by your tongue; it will serve as a reminder to you to think before you talk”. She said “I will do that Lord from now on.” The Lord told her, “I will tell Charis your blessing tomorrow morning”.

The Lord entered my room for the second time and He gave me a golden crown with 10 precious stones in various colours. I said excitingly, “Thank you Lord! May I put it on my head?” He said, “You may”. I then put it on my head and when I looked down at the rest of my body, I saw my old sore scares were gone and all allergies left me. The tone of my skin also became even. I said, “This is healing from the Lord! Thank you Lord!” And the Lord said, “I heard your prayers that you want to get healed from these allergies; you must just keep on praying. I will tell your blessing tomorrow morning”The Lord went up to Heaven, and the vision ended.”

Vision given to Charis on September 20, 2013

On the 20 of September 2013, the Lord appeared to me and escorted me into a blue and white room. When I got into the room, I fell into a trance and a tornado-shaped cloud moved back and forth, and I heard an Angel of the Lord speaking and say in a loud voice 5 times, “ARMAGEDDON IS COMING!” The voice started echoing 3 more times gently, “Armageddon is coming”. After this I got up to my senses and the vision disappeared”.

This is a short warning; the Lord is surely coming very soon! Please be prepared!!!

Vision given to Charis on August 25, 2013

“I had a vision this morning (August 25, 2013) after our 06:30 prayers. I was transported in the spirit to America again and I saw Bishop T.D Jakes standing by the pulpit with his arms open as he declared, “Isn’t this a wonderful big church”? And I heard everybody replying saying ‘Yes!’ I then saw the ceiling opening in a square and we heard the Lord’s voice from Heaven saying: “This man is WORLDLY and he is going to HELL; he will get stones in his mouth and he will be hanged up in HELL”. We then asked the Lord why, he is pastor and the Lord said: “Pastors don’t actually go to Heaven they are go to HELL, because they sometimes lead people wrong and they also leading people to ME. But they themselves think they are perfect.”

Suddenly the vision changed and I saw in a television screen a picture of Pastor Freddy Edwards (South African Bishop) and I heard the Lord say, “I don’t really speak to Pastor Freddy Edwards; it is the devil that tells him about those millions of Rands. I don’t care about those millions, I only care about My WORD.” I said ‘Thank you Lord for the teaching” and the Lord said, “Continue to pray for all pastors.” End of Vision!

Vision given to Charis on August 22, 2013

“I had a vision this morning (August 22, 2013) that I was transported in the spirit to America. I saw myself standing in front of the statue of liberty. There were people standing there staring at this image. I then saw a pastor going inside the statue of liberty. The vision changed and I saw this pastor (Carlton Pearson) at home. I saw how he was swearing and beating his wife and children. He said his children must read comic books (I saw some comic books such as “Mysterious” and “Batman”). His children wanted to read the Bible and he grabbed the Bible out of their hands, swearing at the Bible saying the Bible is not for children but for adults only.

The vision changed and I saw the pastor in a church, I saw the people praying, and while they were praying the pastor became drowsy and fell vomiting black stuff. After that he spoke and said: “It is not wrong to read comic books and people must write down their bad thoughts in a diary”. After this, I entered the statue of liberty and there was a microphone and I addressed the people standing there and said: “People (waving my Bible) this Word is for children, adults and older people (Joshua 8:35; Matthew 4:4). Don’t think everything pastors do and say is right; some pastors are very wicked”. After I said that, the people were laughing at me screaming, “Pastor holy, Pastor holy”. I then concluded and said, “People, this is a teaching from the Lord but you don’t seem to care!”

Soon after this, I found myself in another location. I saw countless people standing in the shape of a doughnut. I saw Pope Francis standing in the middle, closing his mouth with his left hand, laughing at them. These people were worshipping and whatever the pope said they did. He told them to worship him naked, and I saw them all naked worshipping.

The Interpretation of the Vision as Provided by The Lord

“During our praise and worship session this past Saturday (August 24, 2013), I, Charis, was urged by the Holy Spirit to pray and ask the Lord to give the meaning of this vision. The Lord appeared to me again after our morning prayers on Sunday morning (August 25, 2013). He again showed me the above vision. I entered a white room and as the vision was showing, the Lord had it paused as He explained the meaning to me.

The part where the pastor (Carlton Pearson) was vomiting black stuff, I saw about 13 creatures in the shape of a heart with long thin legs and arms dancing around him and these things seem to be hypnotising him to become drowsy and vomit and he would fall to the floor and vomit. I saw that there was a very fat bear inside of him. This bear is in the shape of his body. I understood in the vision that this bear was being fed these wrong teachings, and when the pastor vomits, he is taking out the old wrong teaching and must make way for new wrong teachings.

The part in the vision, where he is beating his wife and children, the Lord says that he was beating their faith and strength in the Lord and discouraging them. They no longer care about the Lord and read their Bibles, but they follow him in his wrongs. As for the part where he is entering the statue of liberty, he is idolizing it and worships it at night when he prays.

That part where the people are worshipping before the Pope, the Lord says the Pope is making a fool of the people and the nakedness is that some of them don’t know they are spiritually naked while the others are ashamed of their Catholic teachings but they afraid of being ostracised by the others”. End of vision!

Vision given to Charis on August 14, 2013

“I had a vision this morning about the world getting pitch dark. I saw myself standing at a certain street in our area of residence. Suddenly a small boy age 7 appears and yelled, ‘help me, help me, the world is getting dark’. When he said that, I looked towards the sky and I saw the moon becoming orange and while I was staring I saw it turning BLOOD RED. There was an immediate darkness everywhere. I could not see where anything was. But the Lord made me look at the reaction of the people. I suddenly saw people from everywhere in the world running wildly screaming, 'help me, help me, the world is getting dark!' As they scream I saw everybody wearing what looked like shorts. Their legs were bitten by some unknown things I could not see. There was a red rash everywhere on their legs as they ran looking up to the sky. I saw them is reeling in a lot of pain. I was filled with terror myself as I was running, but I was not bitten but I could not see where I was. When I got to my senses I had a lot of fear in my heart and a painful headache. Then the vision ended. I knew within me the Lord was showing me about the great tribulation”

Vision given to Charis on July 27, 2013

“I had a vision this morning of Sister Rose and Sister Doris (not real names). They were standing and talking and I saw by both their mouths a bubble appeared with “funny talk” written in black. I saw a very black and ugly demon in Sister Doris’ chest looking at Sister Rose. The moment Sister Rose spoke the demon in Sister Doris’ chest popped its big eyes wanting to hear more of the bad stuff coming from Sister Rose and I saw it put what looks like a finger in its mouth. I then saw Sister Doris’ mind opened and I saw a demon sitting in there. It had a tongue like a dog with black stuff on it. This was a very black demon with wide lime coloured eyes. This demon had what looked like a typewriter. It was typing something onto a white page; bad and funny words, certain words were blurred out for me not to read, but the word MAN and a man’s name was written for me to read (Name withheld). I saw the page being pasted with blood onto Sister Doris’ brain. She then used these words and I saw another small black demon with tiny eyes that looks like holes onto Sister Doris’ tongue. It had the size and shape of a pearl. This tiny demon spoke and said, “I like funny talks and I like her to speak like that.” End of vision

Brief Explanation: We are not sharing this to expose our brethren. These are very dear and Christ loving brethren, probably more faithful than many other children of God. I wrote this with their full permission and the Lord’s. The Lord wants the people to know that demons are responsible for causing people to sin, but subtly, we allow them through our disobedience. In this vision three demons are seen corroborating. These sisters were (They repented and heed the Lord’s warning) in the habit of meeting together before our prayer or worship sessions and chat about things like man. The Lord said this was displeasing to Him and once people enter His Presence for prayer or service, respect, RESPECT God. This vision also amplifies the spirit of lustful desire wanting more of the funny talk which ultimately may lead to temptation. We therefore share these weaknesses for your encouragement and vigilance against demonic influences into sin. Remember, the Lord holds us responsible if we accept and obey the voice of the devil. We must choose not to obey. This vision also shows how vulnerable we are, but if we know the word of God and obey the conviction of the Holy Spirit, we will know the truth and it will set us free.

Finally, WE DO NOT DREAM UP THINGS, we share it as the Lord reveals it to us supernaturally. We are careful not to build your or our salvation on lies, but truth and that is what we share with you. The Lord gives Charis a message for the member of our ministry and He shows her in a vision with power the sin being committed.

Blessed grace in watchfulness,
Brother Glenn and Charis.

Two weeks ago (July 15, 2013), I wrote an article on fasting and I mentioned how the Lord commanded Charis and three (3) other children in her age range to fast for one day. Well, the Lord has partially answered what some of them got for their obedience.

Vision given to Charis on the July 26, 2013

“I had a vision this morning of a woman, whom I know as Celeste (an Angel), who was being sent by the Lord. We were in a white room; she had a white dress on with long natural brown hair. This was the second time the Lord sent her to me. She said, “Hi! Do you remember me”? I said, “Yes I do”. I saw myself and the three other children in this white room and she turned to the one girl to my right and said, “You prayed and did not want to go to a certain school next year. Your request has been granted; that was your blessing.” (We can confirm that her application was unsuccessful and this was against her will.)

She then turned to the other girl and said, “Your blessing is that you act obediently and receive less spanking, you also received a blessing for your birthday.” (This girl was personally blessed by the Lord with money which was used for a party and a gift she needed.)

Thereafter, she turned to the boy and said, “Your blessing has been coming on slowly because you are not working faithfully on your salvation.” The boy insisted she tell him what blessing he got and she said, “You failed the previous quarter, but your blessing was you passed last quarter.”

It was my turn so she said, “Your blessing is still coming and it is going to be a very big blessing.” With that she waved at us greeting us goodbye and the door closed behind her. End of vision!

Vision given to Jaydeen on Sunday July 14, 2013

“I had a vision where Charis and I met a 12 year old girl we know. She spoke to us and said, “I miss something in my heart”. In the vision, the Lord made us guess her condition. Someone said she was wicked, another said she does not read the Bible and pray daily. The Lord told Charis the girl was lost without Him and that is the something she is missing in her heart: the Lord Jesus Christ. She then smiled and said, “thank you for telling me what I miss in my heart”.

This might be short, but an unsaved person is missing something in their lives!

Short Appeal

The Lord is appealing to children older than 8 to come and serve Him. He showed Charis Heaven is ready to receive us and pure joy is waiting for obedient children. Some visions which the Lord showed Charis, Jaydeen and Dwight lately were a direct appeal to children and parents to come and walk seriously with the Lord. In addition, just yesterday the Lord commanded us to discipline one of our children for lying and for wicked behaviour. We talk to our children about wrong behaviour but repeated offences call for the rod of discipline. The Lord does not encourage us to use anger when we discipline our children. He wants us to point to the children’s bad behaviour as an explanation and discipline them accordingly. Children do not feel the effect of words; they feel the pain through the spanking experience. An adult responds to word discipline which is what the Lord gives us at present, although He did warn some of us of severe cases of punishment.

Another thing I learned from the Lord last week was this. Someone was rebuked by the Lord for a repeated swearing habit and fighting spirit. The Lord showed Charis in a vision that one of their children will also start swearing and that one of the boys would start fighting with the sisters and one of the little ones will develop a spirit of hatred towards the father. This clearly shows that some of our children learn bad behaviour from us as parents. I appeal to you parents: practice and teach good Christian behaviour, decency and manners in front of your children. Teach them, discipline them, and pray for them to escape HELL and go to Heaven.

Vision given to Charis on Thursday, July 11, 2013

I saw a bed with a floral bedspread in one of our bedrooms, and Jaydeen and I were jumping on the bed. Suddenly the vision scene changed and we were outside in a big yard, while jumping on the bed. I told Jaydeen, “I am not going to use this bed to sleep but to jump.” Then we got off the bed and one of our friends joined us and our clothing changed to dresses in our favourite colours; sky blue, purple and red and wearing ballet-like shoes. We got onto Ponies in similar colours like our dresses. We were riding these Ponies and floating in the air. Then I said to one of our friends, “We must enjoy this day while we can,” and our friend replied and said, “No, this day will never end”. It was then that I realised we were in Heaven playing. End of vision. The Lord gave this Scripture (Zechariah 8:3-5).

Vision given to Charis on July 4, 2013

I was shown a vision this morning about one of our ministries’ members. The Lord showed me how she used His name in vain saying Jesus!” I then saw the member of our ministry repenting and saying sorry to the Lord. The Lord replied and said, “You hurt me and made My heart sore, but I forgave you the moment you used My name in vain.” When she was using the Lord’s name in vain, she was heard by two witnesses I saw in the vision, but they did not rebuke her. I heard the Lord say, “You must rebuke one another when you see them doing wrong things, because you are saving a person from HELL.” Soon after the Lord said so, I saw a vision of our entire ministry team including the children, and I heard us all saying in unison to the Lord, “We are Heaven Ready,” and we all then sang a song entitled “Clean Heart.” End of Vision.

Brethren, do not be afraid to rebuke those close to you whom you know in the Lord. Also, the Lord rebuked this member saying that she acted like worldly people. We must fear the Lord and use his name to bless, heal and rebuke the devil.

I bless you all in Jesus name,
Brother Glenn.

Vision given to Charis on June 30, 2013

I had a short vision from the Lord this morning in which the Lord said: “Muslim people like to tell people to obey their teachings and way of life, but when Christians witness to them they refuse to listen. They despise Me and reject My word. I am going to punish them very severely.” I then felt the hatred Muslims have for Christians and the Lord.

Vision given given to Charis on June 28, 2013

Betty (age 7)

This morning I had a vision and the Lord showed me how young children aged 3, 4, and 7 years are influenced into wrong doing. In this vision my young sister, Betty (not real name), was judged as imitating the wrong behaviour of a neighbour’s child. It was also said of her that she had a spirit that causes her to trick or manipulate my mother and father into taking her part when she has done wrong. Betty is 7 years old.

Brenda (age 3)

About Brenda, aged 3, the Lord told me she learned some of her rude manners and disrespectfulness towards older children from Betty. The Lord also told me that she is starting to get a spirit of anger from her mother.

Bella (age 4)

Bella, aged 4, was judged as having an evil spirit sitting in her eyes that throws water in her eyes to make her cry almost habitually. She was also told that there was a demon in her throat that makes her scream so much. I heard her being told that she learns some of her selfishness and greed from the neighbour’s children whom she plays with.

Background to this Vision

This vision is absolutely important in helping us parents to know how to teach our children. This vision is also of benefit to us because we are being taught that if our children play with children whose parents are not bringing them up in the fear of the Lord they will influence our children into wrong doing. Yes, I agree these children do not know what they are doing and God does not hold anything against them. However, the Lord is showing us the root (cause) of wrong behaviour in children.

Furthermore, as with Bella, demons are being identified as causing certain behaviour. From this, the Lord shows us that when a child’s behaviour is consistently spontaneous, then the demons are at work. This precious girl cries a lot and screams very ugly; she cries a lot because the demons responsible for this cause her to make unreasonable demands and if she is being refused she cries and screams. This is leading the parent to spoil the child. Do not be tricked into believing that child baptism and baby dedication is an automatic entry into Heaven. Scripture does not say so, instead it says: “Train a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6 NIV). We have the Word of God as our instruction into right living, so why not use the same word to instruct your underage child into right living? Consider that the prophet Samuel was still a boy when he was given to God and he grew up in the Scriptures. I did the same to Charis, Dwight and Jaydeen, and today the Lord honours the work I am doing for Him by speaking to them.

God bless as you share!

Vision given given to Charis on June 17, 2013

Please read the "Salvation Received on Deathbed" article for the background to this vision.

I had a vision from the Lord this morning. I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Go outside!" As I went outside the house, the CLOUD of the Lord appeared in a dazzling white light with the Lord inside the cloud. I was transported into the cloud and I had a small white umbrella to cover me from the glorious splendor of the Lord. Immediately thereafter, I found myself in Heaven. The Lord disappeared and the umbrella was taken from me. I then saw Aunt Lily in Heaven sitting cross-legged on a wooden chair with glass-like pillars. Aunt Lily waved to me come over to her and she smiled and said in Afrikaans: "Se jou pa ek se dankie dat hy vir my gebid het en my na die Here toe gely het. Die Here wou my nie genees het nie, Hy wou my net huis toe [Heaven home] geneem het het soos jou pa gese het. Dit is baie lekker hier in die Hemel.” I replied and said, “Ek sal so maak en dit is n plesier van my kant af.” Translation: “Go tell your father I say thank you that he prayed for me and led me to the Lord. The Lord did not want to heal me, but He wanted to bring me home in Heaven as your father said before he prayed for me. It is very nice up here in Heaven!” I (Charis) replied and said “I will tell him and it is only a pleasure from my side.”She then showed me that the burn scars that had been inflicted on her chest by the chemotherapy were gone.

Aunt Lily then got up from the chair and she started to turn around like a little girl rejoicing in a pure white dress with silky white bally-like shoes. There were pure white lily flowers with her name on the side of the road. I saw her picking these flowers and blowing them in the air. She turned around and looked at me smiling, and she jump up with her hands in the air. As she jumped, she was suspended in the air and I saw a BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN CROWN with the name “LILY” on it as it placed on her head. I then saw a rainbow-shaped banner appearing on her right side in yellow ink: "SHE IS FREE"!!!! I told her "Ek moet nou gaan" (“I have to go”). She looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile and turned around and the vision was over.

In conclusion: Do not undermine God and what He wants to do for other people. Go out in obedience and pray for the sick and preach the gospel to populate HEAVEN! Be blessed in Jesus name as you share this vision and testimony!

Vision given to Jaydeen on June 4, 2013

This morning I had a vision from the Lord. In the vision, I saw myself and Charis walking from our grandmother's house. We saw a few cars and people standing in the street opposite us. Charis said, “Let us go see what is happening over there.” Before we got to that house, we saw people carrying a wooden coffin with a picture of Rose [Not real name], a 12-year old girl we know. I then heard her voice saying, "Help me! Help me, Charis!” I heard her voice for the second time saying "Help me! I’m sorry, Charis, I did not make my life right with the Lord!” I knew that she was screaming for help from Hell. As we made our way back home, her mother called us and hugged us and said, “Please pray for Rose.” But I heard somebody say, "You cannot pray for someone who is already in Hell!” End.

Brethren, this vision is true and serves as a warning to children aged eight years and above. As a witnessing ministry, we do not overlook to witness to children on our witnessing campaigns. Please pray for your own children and witness to them. Warn them about worldly music and the pursuit of off-show brand name clothes and other material things. Be warned! (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).

Vision given to Charis on the June 3, 2013

This morning, after our 6:30 a.m. prayers, I fell in a trance and had a vision. I heard the voice of the Lord say: “Go outside!” In the vision I saw myself going outside our house. I saw a pure white cloud appearing in the sky in an oval shape, and while I was looking, the cloud opened in a long square shape reaching to the sky and suddenly I saw the Lord appearing in the cloud in splendid and eye-blinding brightness. I closed my eyes with my hand but I could not hide from the Lord’s glory. He was shining with a brilliant light coming from Him and He said: “I am going to show you a vision about Rita (not real name) tonight.” I replied saying “OK”, then the Lord disappeared and I saw only His mighty hand in the cloud waving GOOD BYE to me and I waved back. The cloud closed and as soon as the cloud was taken up into Heaven it started raining, so I ran into the house and the vision ended!

Note: This vision about Rita might be of a personal nature and we will only share it with you on the Lord’s command.

Vision given to Charis on May 24, 2013

I was shown a vision of one of my father’s deceased friends who died last year (2012) in a tragic car accident. I was shown an incident that actually happened and my father confirmed it. I saw uncle G (My father’s friend) coming into our living room and he and my father exchanged greetings. Uncle G spoke up saying, “I feel that I am going to die and the Lord told me so”. After he said this, I heard my father say, “G, since the Lord told you that you are going to die, I beg you to make your life right with the Lord so that you may go to Heaven when you die. You are a good hearted person and the Lord is going to bless you”. I saw uncle G smiling as he ignored my father’s plea.

Clarification on This Vision

I, Glenn, have known this friend for many years. We shared an apartment for many years. During my worldly ways we drank, smoked and faced similar struggles together. When I gave my heart to the Lord, my friend G did the same not many weeks afterwards. A few months after committing to the Lord, he went back to his old ways. I was shown in a dream that he had started drinking again, so I went to his house to encourage him in the Lord. He showed appreciation for my effort but he said that he needed more time to think. My friend sadly waited too long and he was caught by death’s surprise. I always wanted to know if he had an opportunity to make right with the Lord before he died. His wife is convinced that he might have had an opportunity to make right. I doubted her, while hoping that maybe there was a chance. However, after this vision, I have abandoned all hope of ever seeing my friend and brother again. Sadly, a month before my friend died he came to me exactly as in the vision. He told me his plans, I repeatedly told him to commit his plans and ways into the hands of the Lord.

I appeal to you the reader: the Lord has purposely given this vision and permitted us to share with you. If you know someone, or you are that someone, who banks on time to make right with God, that time is now (2 Corinthians 6:12). Get out of your backslidden state, stop drinking and pursuing worldly things. This vision might not be as explosive as you would have wanted it, but it’s a WARNING! Don’t ignore the gospel and bank on time you don’t have, God has given you only one day at a time (Matthew 6:34; James 4:13-17).

Vision given to Jaydeen on April 27, 2013

“On the above date, I heard the Voice of the Lord say into my ears: “You are going to a place that is known to some people and unknown to others”At onceI saw myself and Charis lying on the bed and our spirits left our bodies. We went to a very hot and dark place with screams coming from all around. This was my first experience of Hell. As we entered Hell with an Angel of the Lord accompanying us, we felt extremely hot and we were sweating, I could literally hear how the sweat drops from our faces evaporated, making a frying sound. The clothes in our bodies were on fire but we did not burn; we only felt the intense heat.

I could not see the face of the Angel as he was pointing towards countless number of people in the flames of HELL. Although almost all of the people we saw in the flames are skeletons, some faces were revealed to us. These were the faces of our very close relatives who are still alive today. There were some who were long dead though. I saw how they were being tormented by demons.

These men were consuming much alcohol and they would drink almost every day while on earth. I saw demons throwing beer bottles at them and pouring some liquid substance on their heads. This made them scream loudly and in deep pain. I also saw how burning cigarettes were being pinned into their heads until they were completely burned. They screamed calling our names for help saying: "Glenn, Jaydeen, Charis help me, help me, help me please"! I also saw how a teenager of 17 years was being tormented by a fat bald demon. This young man was naked and this demon was holding a long spear in his hand. The demon wrote on this young man’s back with the spear while he was screaming for help. I saw these words with his own blood as ink: “Superga, showing off name brands”. This young man has an unhealthy addiction to brand name clothes and shoes. Those chasing after this, BEWARE! After our journey to HELL, words appeared on our chest (mine, Charis’ and the Angel’s) in a white cloud: “A true HELL story”.

Vision given to Jaydeen on April 22, 2013

“I was shown in a vision the wedding of a man that I know very well and the Devil. In this vision, a banner appeared with these words: “The wedding of John (not his real name) and the Devil”. I saw John was dressed in a wedding dress with a veil over his head. Although he is a man, he had very high heel shoes on. The Devil was clothed in a black gown and I could only see his bony nose. The Devil had very long finger nails (about 1m in length) and sharp shoes on. I then saw John taking out a ring and putting it into the Devil’s left hand. After their wedding I saw them driving off, with the Devil sitting in the passenger seat”. END!

Observation: The person shown to Jaydeen is known to us and we are familiar with his ways. This brother is a faithful tither, church goer and selective giver. In the vision given to Charis (see Vision of Christian’s back-sliding (Apostasy)) of the black and white figures, the Lord revealed this person as going many places on the black side while indulging in various worldly pleasures. This vision represents the wedding of the disobedient with Satan. If you drink, smoke, hate, are greedy and selfish along with other wicked things, you are Satan’s, so be warned! The Lord revealed to us that in the spiritual realm individuals doing these things are already wedded to and are the bride of the devil, BEWARE! (1 John 3:8).

Vision given to Charis on April 5, 2013

On April 5, 2013, I had a vision after my morning six o’clock prayers. I once again found myself in a dark room with a man who was dressed in a blue tie, white shirt and a greyish pants. The room was dark but the light was just shining on him. He spoke up and told me: “Do you know how much the Devil really hates you?” I replied and said, “yes, I know.’ He then said, “but you never experienced it.” He continued and said: “Come, let me show you four (4) things on which the Devil works through people. I am going to show you your family.” He then turned on a flat screen TV.

Note: These were actual experiences and we now know who the source of the disturbances was!

Dwight appeared on the TV screen with my father, I saw the devil standing on Dwight’s right hand side and I heard him whisper into Dwight’s right ear “LIE! Lie! Lie!” and another sound came from Dwight’s left ear “LISTEN, listen, listen!” and immediately Dwight lied to my father.

Next up was Jaydeen: She was being rebuked by my father and the devil was standing next to her and he said in her right ear, “HAVE AN ATTITUDE, BE RUDE AND THINK THAT THESE PEOPLE HATE YOU AND ARE TREATING YOU BAD” and her other ear said, echoing “Listen, listen, listen!” Again, she immediately responded and acted as the Devil influenced her. I saw how her appearance changed and this was very pleasing to the devil.

Then I saw my mother appearing on the screen. She was about to serve us supper. My mother was standing by the microwave with the devil on her right side saying: “Give Charis little food and a small meat and be angry.” Again the voice whispered “listen, listen, listen!” and my mother did as told by the devil - I got a small meat and when I asked for more my mother became angry.

Then me, Charis: I was in my room and the devil was standing next to me and he told me: “Feel sorry for yourself and have an attitude.” And I started feeling sorry for myself and I was crying and had an attitude. The man then told me, “I know I said only four (4) things but I want to show you one more thing how the devil influences even young children.” I then saw my six-year old sister Claudia on the screen with the devil to her right.

Claudia was standing in our living room next to a plant in a jar and the devil said: “Be rude and disrespectful to Charis and influence your mother to take your part.” I saw Claudia going around the house and started speaking rudely and disrespectfully to me. I rebuked her and told my mother about her wrongs, but she (Claudia) lied and denied everything and this led my mother to believe what she said and her part was taken.

The man then switched off the TV and said: “Come here!” I obeyed and stepped forward, he then took me by my top and he threw me around the room as if I was nothing. There was an open Bible in my chest. It was opened in Romans 12 and he tried to take it out, but he couldn’t. The Lord made me feel no pain but as he beat me he said, screamingly: “I hate you and I make images in people’s minds, I hate you and I am the DEVIL!” I said to him: “I rebuke you in the name of JESUS!” and he left his clothes behind as he disappeared in his spiritual body. There was a mirror in that room and I looked at my appearance after the beating and I had a blue eye and blue scars all over my body. End.

PS: These visions are for your correction, edification and encouragement. Kindly share with others, seek the Lord in your daily life, fear Him and Obey, remember my six year old Claudia’s vision of the Lord saying, “Claudia I am coming very soon… Bye”. BE READY!!

Vision given to Charis on April 4, 2013

On April 4, 2013, Charis received a vision from the Lord of four snakes. Kindly note that we asked the Lord for the full meaning of this vision, but He did not answer. We are therefore sharing this vision with you with a limited interpretation. May the reader pray and ask God for wisdom!

“I had a vision on the morning of April 4, 2013, after my six o’clock prayers. I saw myself in a dark room with a Nokia 3310 flip-up phone that was switched on with blowing animations. Suddenly a text message appeared on the phone that read: “Let’s keep it a secret”, I replied and said: “This is a wicked phone and I trashed the phone to the ground, step on it and trodden it to pieces. As I did this, the lights went on and I was with my cousin Jaydeen. I told her, "lets go outside into the field and look at the flowers and plants." As we stepped outside walking, the voice of the Lord said: “Don’t stop walking”We walked a very long distance and were very tired. We arrived at a desert and we then saw 4 snakes - very long snakes, each one about two meters (6.5ft) in length. These demonic and different colour snakes were standing in a line and I was allowed to speak to them and I said to:

The rainbow coloured snake: “Come I tell you something, you colourful snake, you think that you are cute with your different colours, inside you are evil and wicked!”

The Python: “You with your grey colour I tell you, you are crooked and full of deceit!”

The Rattle snake: “You rattle snake you are the source of worldly music and deceive the people to sing worldly songs, you are cunning!”

The Cobra snake: This snake had a big diamond on its forehead and I said, “you cobra snake, you lead people into diamond trading, and amassing rubies and every kind of precious stones I read about in the Bible (Ezekiel 28; Genesis 3) and you are the DEVIL!” I summoned Jaydeen to come closer, I then took her hand and made her slap the cobra snake on its head and the snake moved backwards like Michael Jackson’s dancing step.

I then saw the earth opening its mouth and all four these snakes fell into a big dark hole full of fire. These snakes were burning and I saw how the cobra snake was biting itself and growing longer and longer. The hole was sealed off with desert sand and snow. End.

Vision given to Charis on March 11, 2013

I had a vision yesterday morning (March 11, 2013) that we must not mistreat other people that are not Christians.

I saw a Muslim girl standing on a street corner with 4 of her friends who were mocking her. These other girls were Christians and they told her ‘you are a Muslim with thick hair ha- ha thick hair’; she replied and said ‘don’t judge me’. Then another Muslim woman with two of her children, a two years old girl and a five month old baby girl, got into a taxi and I also got into the same taxi. I spoke to her and asked if I may sit with one of her children and she agreed and had the two year old girl sit with me and I heard the thunderous Voice of the Lord saying: “Don’t mistreat people that are not Christians”

Comment: Let us love unconditionally like Christ!

Vision given to Brother Glenn on March 10, 2013

On Sunday, March 10, 2013, I received a vision from the Lord about the rapture. I saw myself sitting on a chair speaking to someone when suddenly I saw what looked like a cloud coming from sky breaking up. The cloud landed on me and suddenly I was lifted high up with my hands raised to the air. It was day light and while going up I saw people beneath looking at me and I went up while preaching to those below until I disappeared in the sky. The Lord is coming soon!!!

Vision given to Dwight on March 8, 2013

Dwight is a 10 year old boy and a close relative of my (Glenn) wife. The Lord has instructed me through Charis to teach this boy His word. Last week Friday (March 8, 2013) the Lord showed him a Vision of writing on the wall:

“The Lord is coming very soon”

This is the exact wording he saw with the “is” in cursive. The Lord told him to tell me so that I may report it to you.

Vision given to Charis on March 5, 2013

I was shown a vision by the Lord Jesus Christ on the 5th of March, 2013 about a woman singer who is in hell. I was taken to Hell as a reporter sitting on a chair in the light and the woman was on the dark side. She was afraid and unwilling to let me interview her. I asked her to lift up her right leg and after she did this, she granted me the opportunity to interview her. I asked her, “why are you in hell?” She answered and said, “I used charms when I was on earth and I sang worldly songs”. I replied saying: “The Lord wanted to use you as a great prophetess.” She retorted, “I know.” Suddenly she could not put down her leg and cried out to me: “Help me, help me, help me Charis!” as she tried reaching for me. I said, “I can’t help you, Selena!” (Only then did I know it was Selena Perez because I mentioned her name). She was screaming very ugly while reaching for me and I found myself pushing her into the flames as I cried bitterly. Her hair was very, very, very, very, thick and it looked as hard as wire. She appeared very old and ugly in her face with burned scars. Her legs and her arms were also very dry and ugly (I can’t put in words the texture of her skin) and her lips were burst and looked like burned meat. End of vision.

Vision Given to Charis on March 4, 2013:
“I was shown a vision this morning (March 4, 2013) of a man and his son about 5 years old walking down a less traveled and quiet road. The man was holding the boy’s hand as they walked, talking and smiling. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: “This is how much a father loves his children”. The boy’s father then reached to his pocket and took out a silver coin and gave it to the boy. The boy then bought some snacks for himself along the road. Soon after, they arrived home and they sat at a table to have supper with the rest of the family – which included a mother and two daughters. On the table was a whole roasted leg of lamb, a bowl of vegetable soup, and bread (Matthew 26:17-30; Luke 22:7-23). After they ate, they had Holy Communion and then the father took out a Bible and read for his family. The children went to sleep. Suddenly I saw police officers come into the house and warn: “either the whole family have to die or one of you” (John 18:1-11). The father volunteered and said, ‘I will go’, and I saw the police officers arrest the father and handcuff him as the door closed behind them. I then saw the police officers taking the boy’s father into an empty room, where they hanged him and he died. Then I heard the Lord’s voice saying: “For our Heavenly loved His children so much that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life(John 3:16). I then saw the mother, the boy and the two daughters kneeling down in prayer.”

This short vision describes the short account that led to our salvation. Please seek the Lord daily!!!

Vision given to Jaydeen in March 2013

I was recently shown in a vision by the Lord Jesus Christ that a well-known R&B/Pop singer is going to Hell. This person is still alive in the world today. I saw Nicki Minaj going down to Hell while singing one of her tracks. She could not stop singing; I saw the devil forcing her to sing for him as he was laughing. End of vision.

Comment: These visions are a warning to us to shun worldly music altogether and stop idolizing or following celebrities who are serving the devil (even though some of them claim to be Christians). Following these people and consuming or endorsing their music, movies, etc. or copying their ungodly behavior can lead you to the same path that they are heading - death and eternal destruction (Psalm 135:15-18). The devil is using many popular entertainers to deceive people and lead them to sin. Please share this with children and young adults, and encourage them to seek God and shun worldliness (Ecclesiastes 12:1,13-14)!

Given to Charis on February 28, 2013. I saw an angel appearing in the form of a woman. Although, she did not give me her name, I knew her name was Celeste and that she was an angel sent by the Lord. She spoke and said, “Did you notice that the Lord used the number 3 various times, like your family had to go on a fast for 3 days, and the Lord used the number 3 in the vision you had about your mother? The Lord also used the number 3 in David’s punishment and the Lord rose from the dead in 3 days’ time? I asked her, why are you telling me all these? She replied, “I am sent to tell you this and don’t forget my words; please remember my words”. I replied saying “Yes, I will not forget”, and she disappeared.

Kindly allow me to add some background to this vision. In the beginning of the Lord Jesus Christ’s visits to us, He commanded us to fast for 3 days to receive a blessing, breakthrough and to establish this ministry. Soon after our fasting, He announced what we fasted for. This was predicted and it all came true. Also, the Lord showed Charis a vision of something my wife was going to do; this prediction came true and the rest we know it from the Scriptures. We currently have no direct interpretation to this revelation (and we are not setting rapture dates either - Matthew 24:36; Mark 13:32), but we share it with you as a warning and encouragement.

Given to Charis on February 25, 2013

“In a vision from the Lord given to me on the above date, I saw two young women sitting in a house and an elderly woman visited them and said, ‘You must come to church on Sunday, we are having Holy Communion.’ The two young women replied and said ‘we will come to church on Sunday’, and then in the vision it became Sunday, and then these two young women went to church and had Holy Communion. As soon after they had Holy Communion, the pastor started preaching saying: “When you are a Christian you don’t do wrong things and show others that you are rebellious, and when you are in the company of people you pretend to be a Christian and when you are alone you do wicked things” (Although these words were uttered by the pastor, this is what the Lord is telling us). However, these two young women did not pay attention to the pastor and take note of the message because they were on their cell phones. The Lord revealed to me that these young women would only go to church if they hear that there would be communion. Then I heard the Lord’s voice saying: “They do not accept the teachings; they only want communion”. With that, the Lord gave Charis the interpretation that there are a group of rebellious Christians who only love reading visions but reject the teachings that are meant to help them prepare for His soon coming!

If that is you, my brother or sister, change your attitude because this is not being submissive to God’s Word and so to Christ. We, as a family and ministry, are sent to you to convey the Lord’s message in a spirit of love. This is our commission: to share God’s love with you through His Word, and He will judge the rebellious.

Given to Charis on December 31, 2012

"In the first part of the vision I saw a dark skinned woman with braided hair sitting in a living room looking at a clock and it was 13:13 p.m. After looking at the time, she took her Bible and opened it in the 13th book of the Bible, 1 Chronicles 13:13, and she started reading this verse.

Thereafter, the vision changed to the year 2014. She again looked at a clock and it was 14:14. She came out of her house and saw 14 boys passing by her house and she took note of it as confirmation to her 'prediction'. It suddenly became 2015, she again looked at the clock and this time it read 15:15 p.m. Just then, someone came into her house telling her: "You must STOP saying every year the Lord is coming, and you must STOP predicting falsely!" (Note: Although the Lord has shown the face of this person to Charis, He told us that she is not the only one making false predictions. The Lord is warning us against setting dates and making predictions about His coming).

Soon after this, the vision changed and I found myself high up in the sky lying on my stomach looking down onto the earth, which was in the shape of a circle. The whole world's population filled that circle. This was on New Year's Day, because people below shouted "Happy New Year!" and I saw hundreds of balloons in various colours being hoisted with a “Happy New Year” message. There was widespread drinking and partying everywhere.

The vision changed again and a few days after New Year I saw only a few thousand of the world's population worshipping the Lord. After they worshipped, I heard the voice of the Lord say: "They would rather go to worldly parties than to praise and worship Me". After the Lord said this, I saw a BIG white SAD FACE :( appear in the sky, then the vision ended".

In conclusion, as a ministry we do not claim to know the DAY OF THE LORD, and all we know is that He has given us certain promises which are yet to be fulfilled. Also, the Lord in His grace and Wisdom is using this ministry to warn the church and call God-fearing people to repentance.

For the past two years, and since the Lord has been speaking to Charis, she has been shown the same vision four times a week. Admittedly, I ignored this important vision until recently when the Lord alerted me about its importance. This is not just to encourage Christians to witness, but to encourage you to remain faithful to your faith and salvation.

Below is the vision of the huge black and white figures as explained by Charis:

“Every second night, the Lord shows me (without saying anything to me) a huge black figure (I am made aware in the vision that this is the devil) made out of smoke or steam in the shape of a man standing on the other side of a shiny golden street, and a huge White light-emitting figure on the other side of the golden street. These figures have people standing behind them that reflect their colour or texture. In the vision, I see after about every 15 minutes or so three (3) to four (4) people and then one (1) person leaving the White figure (I know this is the Lord), and go to the side of the black figure. The moment they leave the White figure and go to the other side of the street, they become black from their feet up and go stand behind the black figure. This black figure would lift up his head and laugh, and while I am not able to see their faces, I do see the long yellow teeth of this laughing black figure. This is how I know he is laughing.

On the other side, I am able to feel that the White figure is not happy but sad when people leave and cross to the other side. After a long time, I would see just one (1) person leaving the black figure and coming over to the White figure. This causes me to experience and feel the joy and excitement of the White figure. But after a short while following this one person joining the White figure, again 3 to 4 people would leave the White figure and go over to the laughing black figure. Although the Lord is saying nothing, I know in my heart, and in this vision that He is showing me how people are turning away from Him and go back to the world and the devil.”

On November 5, 2012, the Lord added to this vision “The Bullies,” and they are represented by a yellow colour. Two days later (on November 7th), the Lord added “The Humble People,” who are represented by a purple colour.

Meaning of the Vision of Christians Back-sliding (Apostasy):

On the night of November 25, 2012, the Lord Jesus Christ unveiled the meaning of the vision of the black figure, the white figure and the other two new scenes He added.

The White Side (Faithful Witness)

On the above night the Lord showed me again this vision. This time I was allowed to see the face of one person who is part of our ministry team. Their faces are dazzling white and blurry so I could not recognise them. This person was standing there reading his Bible and after reading he closed his Bible and started speaking. I could not hear what he was saying while the Lord looked at Him intently, and I heard the voice of the Lord saying: “Look at My son, he is very obedient. He is reading his Bible faithfully every day, and he is praying faithfully daily, and he is a faithful witness of My Word. I am going to bless him abundantly” (Matthew 25:21; Revelation 3:4-6). The Lord said this is the inheritance of the faithful and obedient. After the Lord showed me the activity on the white side I turned and saw a different kind of people.

The Purple Side (Humble People)

Above this group of people was a board written in pink incursive letters, “The humble people” Like the white, the people on this side are covered in a rich purple colour to disguise their faces. The Lord did however show me a face of a person. This was one of our ministry people. The Lord looked at her and said: “Look at My daughter, she is very humble and she allows nothing to discourage her, I am also going to bless her abundantly” (Matthew 5:5; Revelation 2:25-26).

Thereafter I was shown another group of people.

The Yellow Side (Bullies)

The board above this group reads: “The Bullies” These people were covered in a yellow substance so I was allowed to look at the face of only one person, a well-known woman. Brethren, this is the harlot (Revelation 17:1). This is the unfaithful, lukewarm and disobedient Christian. This Christian prostitutes herself with other religions. They despise the Holy word of God and He pronounced Judgement on them. The Lord showed Charis the activity of this woman. While most of it is symbolic, the point the Lord is making is that this group is completely wicked. They show no regard for God and His Word. These people are anti-Christ in their behaviour and God-haters.

“I saw a certain woman standing next to an old radio. The radio was on high volume. She had a Bible in her right hand. The woman suddenly threw the Bible violently to the floor and started jumping and jumping on it. She then picked up a Mormon bible which was lying on a small table next to her and she started reading from it. After reading the Mormon book, she put it down and picked up a Quran and also started reading it. To my surprise, she took the Bible from the floor not to read, but she started tearing some pages from the Bible and put in her mouth and spit it on the floor. I then saw her holding the Bible with both hands and shaking it violently as if she was in some rage. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: “Look at her; she is making My Holy Word a doormat. She is despising My Word; and she is reading things that she is not supposed to read. I am going to punish her severely” (Revelation 18)I was made to turn to the black figure and his group of people.

The Black Figure (World of Pleasure)

When I looked at this group of people, I was again allowed to look at the face of one person whom I also know very well. I heard the Lord said: “Look at the other one, he is drinking and smoking, partying and he is all over the place, I am also going to punish him severely” (Revelation 21:8).I saw this man holding a glass of whisky and ice with a long cigar in his mouth. He had blood shot eyes, he was moving around quite freely from place to place on the black side. While the devil was just standing there laughing. After the Lord showed me this vision, He showed me a vision involving a pastor.

In conclusion, I beseech you brethren, remain faithful to the Lord, and persevere in obedience every moment of time. Hold on to your salvation it is worth eternal life. While waiting for the Lord to appear, labour in His harvest field to accumulate Heavenly wealth (Matthew 24:45-47).

Short Vision of Hell revealed to Charis on Thursday 15 September, 2011

During this vision, she was shown a person very dear and known to us being tormented in the Flames of Hell, while she was also being tormented by demons who forced her to smoke a very long cigarette. "I saw my O (Name withheld) in Hell in the midst of orange flames and being tormented by two big and fat demons, while she was burning in Hell. There were two fat demons with frog-liked feet that were full of green smelly stuff. These demons were laughing as they were holding a long, long cigarette forcing my O to smoke. They made her smoke a very long cigarette, which seemed to be hurting her. My O’s lips were badly bruised and brownish. The cigarette length was about 1 meter or longer. The smoke of the cigarette completely covered her face, while she was screaming her daughter’s name, Joyce, Joyce my child (Not real name) help me, please help me".

I can therefore confirm that earlier this year, the Lord gave Word to Charis to tell this individual to stop smoking. This Word of warning was given to her twice, with the Lord Himself saying: “My daughter M. must listen when I say she must STOP smoking.”

If you are a Christian, who is still smoking secretly, STOP immediately. I (Glenn) smoked for many years, but the Lord delivered me after many consistent and persistent prayers.

You are encouraged to share this warning with others.

Second warning of smokers going to HELL

This is what Charis was shown:
“The Lord showed me a white male, uncle ‘R’. He was in a pit in Hell screaming for help. I saw the Lord appearing before uncle ‘R’ (it must be noted, the Lord gave this brother words of instruction through Charis, in fact the very words he is repeating in this vision). He asked the Lord, “Lord Jesus, why am I in this place, I did read the bible 3 times a day and prayed 3 times a day just as you commanded, Why Lord!”. The Lord replied: “There was one thing you did not do, you never stopped smoking”. With these words, Uncle R fell backwards while flames surrounded him and he screamed ‘Nooooooooooo’ saying to the Lord “Lord please tell the people of South Africa they must not disobey the Lord”.

Vision given to Charis on July 7, 2011

The Lord Jesus Christ took my then-10 year old daughter Charis to Hell on July 07, 2011.

Before this visit to Hell the Lord had her fast for 4 days, during this time of fasting she was to read her bible four (4) hours a day and pray four (4) times a day . It was not the first time the Lord asked her to fast especially before revealing a major vision to her.

“I saw the Lord coming down on a cloud, He took me by my hand and suddenly I saw myself and the Lord walking in a very long and dark road. We arrived at a big dark hole and we entered through it and I immediately smelled a very horrendous odour. I never smelled something like that before. It was all dark all around. The Lord was the only light figure there and to my right, I saw a very ugly demon. He had very long nails and it was stinking. This demon had a long sharp head with 4 arms and he was full of green snotty stuff.

To my left, I saw one Ben 10's alien this one was full of fire. These demons were looking at us but I didn’t look in their faces. We walked a little further then we were standing in front of Uncle P (a person known to the family he died more than 5 years ago in a car accident) I also heard a lot of terrible screams coming from all sides. The Lord’s light fell on him so I could see, and I saw his face in skeleton form. He was burning in hell. When he saw me and recognised me, he spoke up saying: "Help me, help me Charis (with a painful scream in his voice) please go tell my wife and children not to come to this place, I am begging you, it’s terrible here". I asked the Lord: ‘Lord Jesus, why is uncle P in hell’ and the Lord replied saying: "Because he did not give his life to God, that is why he is in hell". After this visit the Lord brought me back home and I find myself in our backyard”. End of visitation.

Vision given to Charis on May 16, 2011

"This was the vision the Lord showed me. I saw the Lord coming down on a cloud and He said: "Come my daughter Charis, come and hold my hand." I found myself riding on a cloud and we went high in the sky. The next moment we were in Heaven and I saw very beautiful and different coloured flowers, flowers and colours I never saw in this life. This was on each side of the golden shiny road that had no dust.

We then arrived at a very long table, the Lord's Table that had no ending. I saw a pure white sheet with a golden stripe in the middle. There were golden cups, plates and cutlery everything seemed ready to be used. We just glanced at the table and what was upon it, and it was like going through another door and I saw the Big Father sitting high up, I lifted my head to look at Him. His face was all just light I could not see eyes but from His chest down I noticed a golden belt the with words written on it said saying: "I am the Father" and then I saw the Lord's throne to the right of the Big Father it had very beautiful precious stones of different kinds. While standing before the Throne of God, I could see a far off some Angels being busy with something, but I cannot say what they were doing.

The Big Father spoke to me and said. "Don't be Scared My daughter Charis, I just love you very, very, very, very, very much". After the Father spoke these Word's to me, and with my hand still in the Lord's hand we came down from Heaven and I find myself at home in our backyard where the Lord always meet with me. He told me that He loved me and my family”. The Lord said He was coming again on Wednesday (This was for his next visit). End of visit.

Vision given to Charis on April 25, 2010

"I saw the Lord coming on a cloud with a very loud shout, there was two of me and I saw me, my father, my mother and Claudia (my then 4 year old sister) we were standing in our kitchen and it was like my birthday, there was a cake on the table with a big number 12 written on it. There were 12 pink candles on the cake. I did not know what was happening when suddenly the roof opened by itself and we went high up in the sky where the Lord was. There were many of other people also going up. We were all in a very big, big room with many other people that I don't know.

Suddenly there were two of me and below people were running away in all directions looking for a hiding place, but as they were running, the Lord would find them and the high mountains were brought down by the Lord so that the running people would not hide from the Lord. And I heard the Lord said: "This is the Rapture".

I then saw the devil (this might have been anti-Christ) with a skeleton face making people to stand in a very long line he told them to take the 666 and if they don't want it they are to be killed, this is end”.