Monday, March 27, 2017

The Obsession Of A Meddler

Being A Busybody Displeases The Lord

“It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling” (Proverbs 20:3 KJV). Also, “If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler (1 Peter 4:15 NIV).

Update: After months of prayer and reflection on the TWO Raptures visions Charis and I had, and with some people doubting there would be two raptures. Well, with the Lord's grace I have updated and clarified the two raptures with some compelling evidence and scriptural proof.

Moreover, traditionally, some folk in the Church have been doubtful of revelation which goes contrary to what they were taught. This is often the case when people comfortably follow the popular believe and this makes them fearful of hidden truths in the Bible. Thus, my soul and spirit is in agreement that there will be TWO Raptures and by the conviction of the Holy Spirit we shared those visions as confirmation. Additionally, the visions we received from the Lord are true and although we were urged to review it the Lord confirmed that we leave it as is. Also, there might be repeated visions and references to the Lord's Coming which might be construed as if it might happen now, the Lord confirmed to us that we are in the last hour (God's timing) and such confirmations should not be undermined and souls should not lose focus but look to Him (Matthew 25:13). The bible's message has some urgency, the NOW (2 Corinthians 6:2). The messages and visions we shared on the website and our books were from a conviction and our faith. Therefore, what we shared here was by faith and that is what we believe (2 Corinthians 4:13) and let God be the Judge of that!

Biblically, the noun ‘meddler’ means, one who meddles; one who interferes or busies himself with things in which he has no concern; an officious person; a busybody. Undoubtedly, such a character is troublesome, and strife is his or her forename. Meddling is a sin which is often overlooked and taken lightly, but scripturally this is a very serious sin which could land people in Hell. Also, meddlers are a stumbling block to others and this spirit of meddling issues from strife, gossip and the controlling of others (Matthew 18:6-7). Some Christian folk thinks that they have authority to just say anything they want to everyone. We admire the boldness of some Christian brethren, but we need to be respectful to reach others with the Word of God and not to offend them when we want to win them over for Christ (1 Corinthians 4:21; Matthew 5:16).

Furthermore, the Lord rebuked a brother for being loud. This brother was in the habit of talking loud when he was talking to people or addressing them, and we must not think that the louder we sound, the bolder we are, Daniel was a gentleman with a gentle spirit and he was loud, diligent and exemplary in his deeds and not so much in his speech to draw attention (Daniel 6:3) as is the habit of some Christians today. As a ministry, we have had people meddling in our ministry by telling us how we should conduct our ministry activities and the messages and vision we share here. My challenge to those meddlers and busybodies, support ministry workers and activities through prayers and otherwise to help win souls for the Lord and stop being judge. It is true, we might not please some brethren by the way we do things, however, we respond by a conviction to please the Lord.

Uninvited Interference

From our collective experience as a family, we have witnessed how countless Christian relationships have been ruined and irreparably damaged as a result of meddling, and like I allude earlier, it can cause others to stumble. In other words, a meddler is forward or rash, having no regard for the feelings of others and the consequences of his or her uninvited interference. It is like, when a busybody involves him or herself in the affairs of others, the acting issues from the motivation that ‘I know your problem, and I have the answer(s) to your problem, and I know it all.' Often and unfortunately, a meddler offers a solution that increases internal strife, other than offering a solution because a meddler is motivated by some biases (Proverbs 26:17).

A few months ago, a problem occurred amongst some of our ministry members as much as I tried to ignore it, I could not overlook a matter that had the potential of dividing our ministry and destroying people’s faith. Before I continue, please allow me to emphasize, Satan is in this world, and his work is to destroy and sow discord (John 10:10; 16:33), therefore no ministry or Christian is trouble free. Anyway, after carefully and prayerfully investigating the matter at the heart of the confusion, the strife was caused by someone who interfered without the necessary authority or invitation, and this matter was so serious that the Lord had to intervene. Equally, we have had a few brethren in our ministry who also tried to interfere and changed the way we do things in this ministry, but their impetuosity was met with some stunning rebukes from the Lord.

No matter how good we think we are especially in our own eyes which are foolishness, let God be the Judge of that. But if we meddle even after God has warned us, we will face the consequences. As successful and zealous as he was for the God, King Josiah interfered in the work of God, and he paid the price for meddling (2 Chronicles 35:21-24).

Additionally, when Korah, Dathan, and Abiram rebelled against God and interfered in God’s calling of Moses and Aaron, for their boldness in this foolish act, they were met with devastated and irreversible consequences (Numbers 16:31-33). Sadly, though, but there are people who have made it their gossiping business to interfere in the lives of others, such people are in the habit of asking for information about how others conduct their lives, and even advising others should conduct their affairs (2 Thessalonians 3:11-13). The Bible urges us never to tire in doing good! Judge therefore for yourselves if it is right to be intrusive and purposely to try to control the convictions of others. Let us be careful and refrain from being meddlers, for quarrels, strife and enmity among brethren are caused because of some people who interferes in the affairs of others which might lead to gossiping and divisions.

As always, we would like to extend an invitation to anyone who does not know the Lord Jesus Christ yet, or of you are not born again, to pray our suggested prayer on this link Prayer of Sincere Repentance by faith and follow the Lord (Matthew 4:19). You may also contact us for any questions or comments about this article or our ministry.

Blessed Regards

Brother Glenn