Monday, April 3, 2023

God Cares For Your Life

Why We Sharing This Testimony

"But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them ever sing for joy,  and spread your protection over them,  that those who love your name may exult in you. 12 For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield" (Psalm 5:11-12 ESV).

Praise the Lord, this is another opportunity for us to share God’s love with you yet again. Therefore, this week our message aims to show you the richness of God's care for his children and this includes the saved and unsaved.

As the Scriptures declare, God's sun rises on the wicked and on the wise man (Matthew 5:45), and God has His plan for all of us. This past week I received a phone call from a brother who told me to watch a recent encounter with a precious sister from his Church in the Lord Jesus.

The testimony was in French and I had many confirmations for myself about what the sister was talking about. Her Testimony is very encouraging and well-received here and we trust that you will be lifted and strongly encouraged in the Lord. When she delivered her testimony before the congregation she said that the Lord Jesus is coming back soon, as she share things about Heaven and hell.

So please do not neglect this little writing I have taken the time to translate to my best from French into English for all our readers. Knowing that many will be tremendously blessed and will return to God-fearing Him and being bold as a Lion. The Sister who shares this testimony is a very great blessing to the Church and we should not neglect to heed her warnings as we humbly need to prepare for the Lord’s return.

I don’t especially speak about those subjects but all the insights are very sound and truthful. Being aware also that there are some people who want to imitate people like her and have seen NO HELL NO HEAVEN and they will have to give an account one day before God for issuing false testimonies and lying.

Testimony of Hell. There was a book opened and about to be written for some who would make it and some not. The sister was concerned about all those people who did not make it and all those who would and God said that they have the choice and decide their own destiny. She also saw one man with a stone bleeding in his hand pleading with God not to let his family come to this place called hell. So God did not answer the sister’s request about the family’s destiny, God said they already know what to do if they don’t want to come here-She hated to see the people suffering in Hell she saw people taking pills given by demons spirits to relieve the people who were already condemned but the demons in hell were lying and the people suffered horrendous death to the liking of these evil beings. She saw huge flames of fire. She saw women and men with helmets which was piercing their ears.

There was a 25 years old man who was very angry at God in hell and got to say when he was on earth that: “tomorrow I will stop enjoying myself in amusement “This man made an oath and finally lied, he finished in hell, even until today he reproached God for being there. God said do not put for tomorrow what you can do today!

She saw so many there and she was suffocating, she asked the Lord to take her away from the pit but the Lord did it on purpose for her to witness all she saw and that it was not God’s choice to see people condemned for eternity.

experiencing Heaven Jesus then took her and she found herself in the light of Heaven and she saw Angels surrounding her watching her. She was in a front of a door and saw wonderful pearls in beautiful colours and two Angels were on each side, she went to a garden and she saw flowers she was asked to watched them, beautiful they were, she saw the Doors with the name of Moses & Abraham on it but she could not access them, another door with the name called “resting place” it was not yet the time to enter-

Then she entered the prayer room and the floor was like clouds and she saw billions of Pots She realized how the Angels are busy and she was describing the Pots with names on them and some beautiful and some dirty but actually they were representing each one of us (his children), these bottles could be purified and some won’t.

Some pots (representing his children) some never pray and some never have time for me (God) but they are my children, God was sad to see this happen, some people don’t take time and some do not pray at all. One pot was full of light and God said this is my child, he prays always and takes time to pray to me, even when he prays and he has no answers from me he continues expecting he will receive from me so he says thank you in advance, God was very pleased with him. (that’s faith!)

God said that every prayer has great value to Him and that He hears the smallest to the greatest of prayers from your hearts that you don’t utter. Every thought God is aware of, He also knows when we are in distress or angry He knows it, even when we hate someone. God hears everyone’s prayers at the same time. All Saint's prayers are put in the pots, the sister said that when God was pouring some pots, oil would fall on earth, for some people because it was time to receive their blessings and God chose to pour them and fell between clouds, and she saw that it fell on young people in a camping-The people who received their answered prayers thanked God for it! and knelt down in prayer.

The room of victory. Now the sister was led to enter the room of Victory! God records in Heaven all our victories in life. And He is very pleased when someone overcomes him. There were Pots with alphabetic letters (by names) God took care of everyone’s needs and every second of his children was counted and registered. Furthermore, as the Sister saw, some Angels would be sent to earth to encourage and talk to his children to do good things and be inspired. So the Angels would come and visit the Saints on earth to write everything they were doing and to report it to God in Heaven.

During her visit to Heaven, this Sister asked a very disturbing question to God, saying and asking why people on earth would suffer sickness or die, she thought that God missed something, but then as she was asking the question she felt fear and presence so strong that she realized she was not God and she was very limited in judgment. God finally said to her I know what I must do ( meaning He is God and knows best about everyone’s needs)

God answered her that sometimes people would die and it was the way for them, and sometimes people who were sick would not find healing but it was not always God’s will for them because He wanted to heal them. She said also that sometimes as she has been revealed in Heaven that God would just touch people on earth and sickness would disappear immediately and be cured.

She also said that we do not understand God properly sometimes when we asked things to God and He may not give answers as we may expect. Anyway, God’s thoughts or judgment are different than ours.

She also said that we truly do not know how much He loves us and care for our every need, she also mentioned that God records our every thank you! when we get things on earth it does not matter if it was for something to eat or something we buy, also said that it touches very much God’s heart when he sees someone who has not much and says thank you! he will not forget this and it pleases him very much-He also likes when we talk to him and spend time with him-

About Tithing in the Church, she saw a safe deposit box He sees also those who give with a cheerful heart, He sees some people who give much before others but in reality, He is not pleased with them because of their attitude in giving not His way! they gave to show off their gifts. He said He rather liked the person who gave little that he had with all his heart! This was very pleasing to God. He said he did it with all his heart and God said that person actually gave Much!

Seeing the White Garments room She saw all the white Garments in line (tidy)and was told they are nearly finished and ready, she asked why? and God said because Jesus is coming very soon. An Angel was preparing them. There will be just the right amount of Garments that were destined for people- (no more no less) again. Jesus is coming!

Belt room All the Belts for our Garments are ready (no more no less)This is the belt we will be wearing around our garment.

Good actions or word count She saw Angels going up and down to earth recording the works of the Saints every hour, and the crowns and every jewel that were put on them (Crowns) were prepared according to the works of the saints on the earth. Angels are working non-stop and they go during the day to Heaven to report our every work before Heaven.

"If I (brother Patrice) may say this is a confirmation for me also because God gave me the gift to see the Glory sometimes at home, and the Angels come and go like a flash. So I am aware of what the sister is talking about. They truly visit us daily without knowing it.”

Filmed of our lives recorded The sister asked what was that room about and she was told that it was where we found billions of films of everyone’s lives so that no one can deny or lie about what they have done in their lives before the throne, no one will have any excuse because everything has been recorded. All lives of humankind were recorded and the Lord Jesus said some people will want to justify and won’t be able and everything will be counted, in other words, Every thought that was not spoken through words also were recorded as the Lord hears and see everything.

She saw herself in the garden and God described to her the sickness, cancer in a body to explain to her that there is nothing that he forget. The sister asked “but people are suffering”, God said for every matter there is a reason for it, saying that God has all answers also God show her that there were some cases where God touched people’s bodies and were cured immediately-God said that certain things must happen because it must happen and also God is not always the consequences of sicknesses-And God also reminded her that He was with us and sometime He would touch people and heal them. He said that people think sickness is bigger than their God but they forget “I am the creator” God is certainly saying we must have Faith in Him. Everything happens for a reason- He said again “ I know what I am doing”

The sight of a church on earth from Heaven She described that Jesus was present but people were not lifting up their hands because they were ashamed of him. He Saw how the Church has become lazy and is not working within. Some people had only appearances before others and think they were Christians they came but have no fruits. They think coming to Church nice and well dressed is a reflection of being a Christian, they are lying to themselves and they certainly do not have the White Garment of Salvation that will get them to Heaven, they have only the good-looking of being well dressed before others-This means that Some Christians are lying to themselves, lazy and are not working, they have only a Physical appearance but their spiritual life is declining or dead.

Finally, this sister saw millions of Angels protecting the Saints and also told how much God cared about his Children. Thank God for the Host of Heaven!

For a shorter version of her testimony, please find it here.

I hope this will strengthen your faith and heart; to cry out to God in fear, and for those who have seen a greater hope they will be very encouraged to do or continue with boldness in God's work, knowing that Jesus is about to come quickly! and He will reward everyone according to his Faith.

If you need more prayer, please start by praying this Prayer of Sincere Repentance, reading the Bible every day, continuing to faithfully seek the Lord, and taking refuge in Him. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Brother Patrice and reviewed by Brother Glenn