Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Mark Of The Beast

Antichrist is Near

“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,” (Revelation 13:16-17 BSB).

Notice: We have updated our visions section with these visions as well. Also, we will be introducing a 'Notice board' page to communicate urgent message from the Lord daily and or any changes on the posting of articles. Again, we would like to apologise to you our beloved brethren for the delay in this week's message. As a ministry called to serve you, we do not undermind you or the importance of God's message to you. Our area was without electricity for most of the day yesterday (Monday June 9, 2020) while I was working on the article.

Vision of the Mark of the Beast (Claudia 24 April 2020).

I had a vision that I was walking with an angel of the Lord. I then saw a sign of the Mark of the Beast on my right arm which was invisible under my skin (Revelation 13:16-17). It was in a circular reddish form with an evil black image of a creature. I could see many greyish colored demons with Chinese facial features all around in human forms doing some weird dancing moves to this Chinese music. There was also an older Chinese woman I saw with a dancing demon while she was practicing witchcraft. I then asked the angel, this sign on my right arm is it the mark of the beast? Immediately one of the dancing demons played the music louder and the angel answered saying that the Mark of the Beast was not out yet! End of vision…

Brief explanation: Brethren, we were reluctant to share this vision as it contains a hidden message, but after weeks of prayer we decided to share it in obedience to the Lord. The aim of sharing this is not to draw discrimination against Chinese people, God forbid the Lord loves all people and so do we. In our understanding there is some evil that may have come from China or will come from there, again only the Lord knows the real meaning to this vision. We are simply sharing according to our faith and convictions!

Vision of Rapture (Claudia 3 June 2020)

I had a vision just before I got up for my morning prayers, In the vision, I saw myself walking with two of my school mates. It was impressed upon me to say to them, “guys the rapture is imminent we must repent”! We all immediately started praying as if urged to do so urgently. However, one of girls stopped praying while the other continued in prayer with me. While I was wondering why our one friend stopped praying, I looked up and saw a man dressed in red with a red face musk looking at me and I saw the one girl going to him. At that moment, I looked up into the sky and I could see an eye blinding light emanating from pure and thick transparent white clouds and I could hear how beautifully the angels were singing and worshiping God. End!

Explanation: There can be no doubt that the Lord here is highlighting the times in which we are living where the wise virgins will repent and keep their lamps burning while the others will abandon their faith and return to the world (Matthew 25:1-8). The lamps in this parable represent our faith and preparedness and such visions give us hope and understanding of the times we are living in. 

Dear Brethren this is a very, very important message to the body and the times in which we are living requires us to have and understanding on this Bible teaching. Also, we fully acknowledge the work done on this topic by some fine bible teachers but we will not be guided or influenced by the teachings on this subject that preceded this article. As a ministry, we strive to keep our work unique and use the Bible and whatever revelation the Lord provides to present to you as truthfully as the Lord required of us. Furthermore, will we not be led into being speculative on the identity of the false prophet or the man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2-3; Revelations 13:11). As a prophetic fact, we did ask the Lord who the antichrist was and He said that “I will not tell you who the antichrist is”. We should therefore be warned not to follow speculative names as this will cause many brethren to stumble and to end up being confused while spreading unnecessary fear and ill-feelings towards an innocent person.

How Will We Identify Antichrist?

Some 30 years plus I read and heard that Mr Gorbachev was the antichrist and prior to him some others were also implicated as being antichrist including recently some brethren falsely claiming saying Mr Obama was the antichrist and sadly some still believe so today! Still others said the beast is some super computer, true it may be called ‘beast’ due to its super processing capacity but a computer cannot demand people to worship it unless it has an ego (Revelations 13:8).

Thus, firstly the beast will demand to be worshipped as a god (Revelations 13:12). Secondly, the beast will utter some slanderous and blasphemies against our Lord and the One Eternal Almighty Heavenly Father in an attempt to alleviate himself and blaming God for the misfortunes of the world (Revelations 13:5-6). Thirdly as another identifying factor, "They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast." (Revelation 17:13 NIV).

The Present World Political System

Brethren some of you may ask, why we mix politics into the things of God. In answer to that, it is world politics that brings about changes and reforms that affects our daily lives. Some of the Old and New Testament prophets referred frequently to some political heads and events to give us an understanding on the political and cultural practices of the times they were living in (Acts 22: 22-23; 21:24; Daniel 10:1) we simply cannot ignore the impact this have on our lives today. Now currently, the world is divided on many issues and all UN member states are collectively bound by the various United Nations resolutions, charters and articles (see for example Chapter VII Article 51 and many similar UN adopted articles). As it is, under the current human rights culture and statutes exercised through the United Nations, antichrist cannot feature. However, after the abolishment and overhaul of the current world political system, will he arise first as an ambassador of peace after wartime I believe and he will gradually show his true nature of being a devil and ruthless dictator.

Therefore, the man of sin antichrist will have to ascend to a high political office and he will wield an extraordinary influence and power over his peers to cause them to give up their political power. Equally, the kings or world leaders who will give their power and authority to antichrist will be united in their efforts to see a united one World super leader and a single political head. As a matter of fact, it is no secret today’s technology makes it possible for a leader to run a country from anywhere in the world and if the current borders as observed today are abolished we will be left with one world. Fourthly, the man of sin will be able exercise some supernatural powers in the sight of man to cause them to wonder (1 Thessalonians 2:9-10; Revelation 13:3).

The Triggering Events Leading To One World Currency

Furthermore, please allow me to sound somewhat political here since this one world government is a political thing. It is true, countries will not easily give up their sovereignty but Covid-19 has created the perfect opportunity… how? In order to fight the financial impact of the pandemic, countries need funds for their various governmental functions and programmes so during the current pandemic countries around the world have approached the IMF, the World Bank and other private sources for loans.

As a result, this in return has increased their foreign debt on top of what they already owing. Now please allow me to give a bold prediction, the Lord showed me this past Saturday (06/06/2020) that there will be a global economic depression in the not too distant future. The world’s wealth will be controlled by a few rich countries who will emerge after the financial crisis and they will make up the kings who will give up their power to the beast (Revelation: 17:12-13). The aftermath of that will see the emergence of a new world monetary system as the current system would not be able to hold up to the new realities. Now brethren before you accuse me of being a doom prophet, we all know that the current world system will not hold and that naturally people always fight to protect and compete for resources and this will render war inevitable. Throughout history, world wars have always brought about new beginnings and present the emergence of new powers. Therefore, on the 16/02/2018, we reported a vision from the Lord that there will be wartime involving the whole world.

It will not happen immediately after the world emerges from this health crisis many people will think that life is back to normal when sudden destruction will follow (1 Thessalonians 5:3) and our attention would be drawn to a new event unfolding. Mark my words! We thus encourage you dear brethren, do not be deceived, continue in your salvation, pray for discernment and trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ as and not your political leaders and church leaders who will not be giving up their lavish lifestyles and succumb to financial favours from the one world religious movement that is coming. We will devote an article on that in weeks to come!

What The Mark Of The Beast Signifies

Being still in primary school during the early 1980’s, I heard about the antichrist and the mark of beast (Revelation 13:16-17) and emphasises was drawn to the economic aspect the buying and selling of goods that truly shows the control of resources and people.

Thus the first and most significant sign and explanation for us to identify what the mark of the beast really is will involve the buying and selling. Secondly, according to the preceding scripture, it would be very important to the beast and his cronies that the mark or symbol of his name forcibly given to people. If we may ask why should people be forced to take his name of number? Well the significance of having his number or name has a religious association that he is your god (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelations 13:8).

Now, when Satan gives his power, throne and authority to the beast that includes his agents or demons and those receiving the mark will be possessed and infected by demons not to resist worshipping the devil and the beast (Revelation 13:2-4). Presently, there is a significant amount of knowledge and teachings available to the world regarding the mark of the beast including warnings, but when the new world system comes into force the brave and God-fearing will be separated from the weak-willed, selfish and God haters.

How Much Before All This Will Happen?

Importantly, only the Lord knows if all that must happen will be before or after the rapture, whichever comes first we must be prepared for both. We know that Christians throughout the centuries have debated this honestly, only God Almighty knows! In my view it will not be many years before we see all this being fulfilled. However, the Lord, who is in charge of the times is preparing us by giving us revelations relating what we can expect shortly including after this world health crisis, which will lead to a world financial crisis while not immediately but that will be the next including war involving multiple countries, you can count on this it will proof truthful! Furthermore, what we know is that fear will increase as things get worse; many people will abandon their faith (Matthew 24:10) and becoming bitter, impatient for waiting on the Lord to fulfil His promises. Finally, dear brethren let us persevere in prayer and obedience towards the Lord to receive grace when testing times comes (Revelation 3:10).

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Blessed Regards

Brother Glenn