Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Christian's are Called To Envangelize

Important notice, we are reposting an article we share some time ago as the Lord is emphasizing that we should not neglect the work of the gospel. From next week Monday (13 July 2020), our articles will be available on the website every Monday. We, therefore, sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  We are also sharing a vision from the Lord on the vision's page.

August 12, 2011

In the year 2009, I decided to start a church at home with my wife and my daughter Charis who was 8 years then. We read every night before bedtime our Bibles and praying together as a family. There were many nights when I wanted to have an early night and cancel our meetings, but I was always restrained. We have faithfully practiced this ever since and this is the hallmark of our home "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15).

Furthermore, on January 24, 2010, my wife and I joined our local church to fast for seven days for our church's needs as well as our own needs. I was unemployed for a full year and things were not going that well at home. As it is, we almost lost our home, but the Lord was gracious. I bless Jesus Christ!

Amazingly, on the night of January 25th, 2010, the Lord appeared to my daughter Charis for the first time telling her: “I love My children. My daughter Charis I am your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am going to show you visions and you must tell your father ".

The following evening the Lord appeared again to her telling her that "Your father is going to get a job." The Lord gave her 3 dates: February 12, May 12 and June 12, but just as I highlighted on the board the Lord appears with, it was in bold. (When the Lord visits her, He is coming with a huge white board, so when the Lord speaks to her the Words automatically writes on the board in various colors she has never seen in this life, the Lord would then command her to read from the board, and as she reads she is copying His words ADVERBATIM). This surely got my attention as I desperately needed a job.

The following evening the Lord wrote on His board: "Your father is going to get a job on a 'F' " with the rest of the other letters covered in tiny little clouds. This got us praying and the next evening He came and He said: "Clouds be removed" and the full sentence reads, "Your father is going to get a job on a Friday."

(I can guarantee you, some of you might have thought just as I did it was February, but I was wrong). This got us to look on the calendar and of all three months mentioned February 12, was the only date falling on a Friday. The Lord did not appear for about a full week until this came to pass, and IT DID. Glory to Jesus! Even though I prayed and the last bit of hope I had in the Lord would have been completely destroyed if this did not occur as predicted.

Moreover, this resulted in us taking note, and when the Lord saw we believed and that indeed the testimony He gave my daughter Charis is coming from Him. He started giving her dates on His next visits; at first it was not frequent, maybe 3 to 4 times a month. However, when we have questions He would come that same night we asked and bring the answer and He would re-confirm the date of His next visit to Charis. The Lord started giving us instructions about our prayer life, Bible reading and fasting. This was foundational and only after we faithfully obeyed which He confirmed we were given task to enter in His harvest field.

The work and the times we are enjoying with the Lord is precious in every way, but is was NEVER a bed of roses, The Lord Jesus Christ is VERY HOLY and strict, He knows all people, days of excuses and laziness ended and the Lord required faithfulness and commitment. My wife and I was charged to get 10 people to pray with every Friday evening for 5 weeks and after these weeks of prayer He gave us 2 weeks to get 20 people to pray with us, but only 3 people from the 10 committed to stay on. With the grace of the Lord we went out to ask Christian brethren in Christ whom we knew serves the Lord to pray come pray with us, we even shared our daughters testimony to show them it is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who is calling them to prayer. Sadly, some promised but never committed or showed. We ended up being 6 only and the Lord added 3 more people and the nine of us was duly appointed to witness EVERY FRIDAY evening.

This has been going on for well over a year now, starting in our own neighbourhood and various other areas around us. The Lord then tested us by sending us out every day until we finish a certain area, starting from 08:00 A.M to 22H00. Now, at first we cheated on the time, but He rebuked us and we obeyed. Our biggest test came in August this year when the Lord commanded us to witness for a full month EVERYDAY from 08:00 A.M to 22H00 while fasting also. This was the most, very most challenging task in all our Christian life. Again by the Grace of the Lord, we conquered our weaknesses and we demonstrated to ourselves we LOVE Jesus Christ, not just with words but in every way. During this time, Charis was looking after our 5 year old daughter and 3 other children the Lord put into our care, and being 11 years she did a stunning job.

Finally, in our last letter, we appealed to you all to help us with witnessing material, and the response was overwhelming. The believers who are reading the "I AM COMING LETTERS" did not disappoint. Some offered prayers, ministry related literature, money and even some personal items. Those who offered money we took to the Lord in prayer and He gave personal messages to the brothers who offered to donate money to this ministry. The Lord only selected two people and one brother is still faithfully donating, may the Lord bless him for His faithful service to God. This donation we use for additional tracts, transport and as the Lord directs. NOTHING for any personal use, the Lord seriously warns many of our members through Charis against GREED and Selfishness.

Dear precious children of God, I have no time to add visions and revelations, because some of them are personal to some of our members. The Lord has revealed some secret sins of some members to Charis in Powerful visions. These have led to many people repenting because she was also shown how they will be judged and end up in HELL.

Recently, a young boy of about 13 years was exposed by the Lord. This boy accepted the Lord in our Home church. He was given personal messages by the Lord through Charis to pray 3 times a day and to stay away from bad company, He was also warned to STOP listening and singing worldly music. Even after all these warnings, he did not listen. The Lord then showed Charis in a vision, how this young boy was possessed by pornographic lustful spirit and all 10 those demonic characters of BEN10: some wolf, ghost and grotesque creatures. She was shown all that he was doing, for all these things came out of Him, she was shown two full porn movies coming out of this boy, the demonic cartoon characters and some porno magazines, these beings as they came out of this boy tried to scared Charis off but she stood steadfast rebuking them in Jesus name. The Lord showed Charis that whatever thing you watch on TV habitually possesses you. During the Lord's many visits to Charis He commended us as a family for "eating God's Word at night instead of spending time in front of the TV".

In conclusion, on the morning of 08 December 2011, Charis was shown Heaven with all its BEAUTY and the Lord hugging each one of us who made it, she was however saddened by a Voice that said: “There is no Jackie (Not her real name) here".

When will the Lord come?

We surely don't know, we asked Him directly since we are allowed to ask questions, but He did not answer this question. We certainly don't want to get involved in date-setting; however we expect the Lord any day, I say so because when we asked Him something that involves an extended time span, He gives no answer. Did He show Charis the Rapture? Yes He did last year April. I sent some people her RAPTURE Vision and we surely do not interpret the vision to mean it will be on her 12th birthday as she saw in the vision it could mean the 12th hour as well.

Brother Glenn van Rooyen