Monday, July 19, 2021

Beauty in Christ

 Our Glory Is Christ

“And why worry about clothes? Look how the wildflowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers (Matthew 6:28-29).

In case you may not have noticed but if a person is in Christ, He literally glows you up in other words, the Lord makes you more beautiful and giving you a “Spiritual makeover.”

Now, God has created all men in his image. (Genesis 1:27) But once you serve Christ, be “Born-again”, he doesn’t just renew you from within but outside as well. You are a new creation all-round.

This just goes to tell me that after Our Father has blessed us with the gift of Salvation, he provides for our physical wellbeing as well. That’s the God we serve! He really takes care of all our needs. You are as beautiful as a flower (Matthew 6:28-29).

His light and Love (Love is also who He is) shines through us for the Glory of Christ Jesus Our Lord.  People will and can see if you bear the good fruit of Christ and then they praise and envy you. Isn’t that beauty in Christ once again? (Psalm 139:14).

Seek beauty. Seek beauty in God. You will never have to adorn yourself with worldly ornaments if you are seeking beauty in Christ. Let us recall what the Apostle Paul said, “I also want the women to be modest and sensible about their clothes and to dress properly; not with fancy hairstyles or with gold ornaments, or pearls or expensive dresses” (1 Timothy 2:9-10 GNB).

A few weeks ago, I walked into an old family friend, Linda (not real name), and immediately when I saw her, my heart broke into pieces. She looked extremely frail, sickly, and undernourished. I could sense that her spirit was broken, and while considering her state the Holy Spirit started to minister to me saying when you do your own thing and does not follow the Lord Jesus' bad fruits will manifest and corrodes you inside out showing exactly what your spirit was feeding on. Now that’s not beauty in Christ at all!

Now as it is, our message to you is that we must first seek God’s kingdom. Become a part of the body of Christ and all peace, inner and outer beauty will become yours. There are so many fresh benefits in the Lord.

In conclusion, you should absolutely want what Christ has to offer. Just worshiping him is a beauty in itself.

 With encouraging love