Monday, July 5, 2021

My Departure

My Time Of Resting

“…because I know that I will soon put it aside, as our Lord Jesus Christ has made clear to me” (2 Peter 1:14).

Brethren, the Lord has revealed to my daughter Claudia quite a few times that I am to depart soon and while I’m still here I do owe this truth to you our dearly beloved brethren. This is what the Lord said, “Your father is going to rest soon” and this was first revealed on 14 May 2021 and again this morning (05 July 2021). I was reluctant to share this with you as we were still seeking the face of the Lord, but after this confirmation, I have no option but to reveal to you (Genesis 41:32). The Lord is calling me home early and while I’ll dearly miss my beloved family, I am a bond-servant of Christ and His will be done for me and my family. I do not despise the Lord’s warnings and I am sharing this by faith.

Furthermore, my work on this blog will continue, and whatever things the Lord reveals will be updated here even after I’m gone. As a further reminder, it will not be very long before the rapture and the Lord did warn us last year (2020) July that He was giving us two years to prepare and be ready for Rapture. Now, I hasten to add, we do not imply that the rapture would be happening next year July as it would be exactly two years since the warning. Additionally, like we wrote in our mark of the beast articles, the world will not recover fully economically from this virus and a new economic system for the world will emerge soon. Please pray and be ready!

Since my calling to follow the Lord back in February 1990, I enjoyed the Lord’s protection and provisions. I faced many trials, doubts, and setbacks which hindered the faith that caused me to stumble but mercifully the Lord would draw me back by His endless love. Having grown up as an only son to my parents, I longed the desire to have a ‘big' brother and the Lord filled that desire and He made me depend on Him. I am writing an honest reflection on the Lord’s grace and goodness to me, after I stumbled and sinned against the Lord during my earlier days in the faith, He would come and lift me up when I was just about to descend into a deeper fall and reminded me of His love (Psalm 40:2) and this re-assurance was the ever-presence of the Holy Spirit. Now brethren, with all humility, I’m not trying to sound like I’m bragging but I received a physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit on my head daily since my water baptism in 1991 and in Jesus name, it has never left me and this has been a reminder to me that the Lord is always with me. One thing though, I have done nothing to deserve such grace, I guess I have a deep love for God and Him I fear greatly and maybe it is by virtue of that but we know His grace just surpasses the little we bring when we are called to faith (Isaiah 42:3).

In conclusion, and in humble prayer, I beseech you all dear brethren to continue in Christ our Lord, love others and forgive, strive to please the Lord daily. Be addicted to praying and confess your mistakes often before the Lord to remain blameless, be humble, do not be ashamed of your faith but let people know you are a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Avoid being defensive the Lord was accused and He never pleaded His innocence (Isaiah 53:7). Please continue to pray for this family in Jesus' name, and I love you all! Finally, I’ll continue to write articles until my last days and whatever the Lord would reveal in the coming days we will share with you.

Blessed Grace