Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Are Curses Still Relevant?

 Why Christian's Should Not Curse Others

"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them" (Romans 12:14 ESV).

in our , "Blaming God When Bad Things Happen" articles we articulated how bad were bound to happen due to the original sin that brought about a curse ,misfortune and hardships to both humans, animals and plants (Genesis 3:17-19; Romans 8:19-23). Briefly, we also highlighted that this curse will continue until the final consummation of this age (Revelation 22:3) and only in the new order of creation would born-again Christians enjoy a pain free, stress-free and blissful live (Revelation 21:3-5). Praise God Almighty! what precious promises we have and this would be ours if we only persevere and endure!

Brethren, this is a very important teaching, curses are real and may have serious consequences on people whether Christian or non-Christian and we are warned NOT curse others as per above scripture. We will not be covering the curses listed in Deuteronomy 28 as these are from God based on disobedience, we will simply consider curses by people who felt hurt or betrayed by the actions of others or those who hatefully and maliciously curse others in a vengeful way. Meanwhile, we will consider some scriptural examples first to show that this is a very relevant teaching and we need to be aware of this.

The Effects Of A Curse

Furthermore, a curse is meant to increase hardship on an individual or a nation (Genesis 3:16; Numbers 22:4-6). Again, in Genesis we read how Noah cursed his son Ham for dishonoring him and we know that this curse came to pass (Genesis 9:24). 

Additionally, Joshua also cursed the Gibeonites (Joshua 9:23; 6:26-27) and the man who undertakes to rebuild the city of Jericho and this was fulfilled in 1 Kings 16:34. Someone might say, a curse pronounced in the name of the Lord is effective, true as per preceding scriptures, however, any other person is able to curse according to our lead scripture.  Similarly, Balaam son of Beor was reputable for putting a curse(s) on people and it would have an effect so God intervened and would not allow it (Numbers 1-25). 

Jesus Breaks Curses

In conclusion, a few years ago, a sister in the Lord experienced some very painful menstruation over a period of many years and this caused her to skip both work and Church services. The Lord revealed to Charis that her condition was as a result of a curse that an older woman placed on her and the Lord answered her prayers and healed her immediately after revealing that a curse was the cause of her painful menstruation. Also, we are witnesses of a brother in the Lord who cursed his marriage and this is their fate he and his spouse are suffering the bitter battle of strive and divisions in the family. 

Again, we have also witnessed how some children were cursed by their parents for being disobedient, rude or vile and this causes the victim(s) of a curse bitter suffering. As a matter of truth, I myself (Brother Glenn) was cursed which caused me suffering and misfortune and after accepting the Lord and pleading with Him to remove these curses I was given grace and my burden became lighter (Matthew 11:28). Therefore, if we repent from the wrong we did to others and make right with them according to the Matthew 5:24, we will receive grace and deliverance from a curse. Let us bless and not curse and let us live in peace towards all our neighbors and we will enjoy God's gracious blessings (Romans 12:18; 1 Peter 3:11).

Blessed Peace

Brother Glenn