Monday, March 7, 2022

Redemption Drawing Near

 Prepare For The Reign Of Evil

“But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near(Luke 21:28 NIV).

Brethren, the Lord is still giving us an opportunity to repent and to do our works of service (Matthew 3:2; Ephesians 4:12). As a family, the Lord has also warned us that we need to work faithfully on our salvation as that day will happen without warning (1 Corinthians 15:52). If there are those Christians who are still doubting or wanting to 'see first' before believing, there will be no prior warnings, but sudden destruction (1 Thessalonians 5:3). 

As it is, the time of evil is already upon us where 'truth is being thrown to the ground'(Daniel 8:12). The Lord has placed a great burden of fear upon me for the fearful things that are coming (which are so very close) and many countries will fall economically and lose their sovereignty and independence. By the Spirit of the Lord, I can see evil nations (Nations who have no fear for God Almighty) conspiring together to bring the fall of many unsuspecting nations. Over the years, the Lord has given various prophecies and warnings through His servants to various Nations who simply ignored such warnings. Unlike the City of Nineve when they received the Lord's warning they repented and God saved their city from destruction (Jonah 3:4-10). 

New World Order

Of course, in our day, Christianity has been reduced to being just another religion and our government systems simply separated God from the state. While it is the duty of Christians to pray for their respective countries for the benefit of the population (1 Timothy 2:2), God who sets up kings and brings them down has appointed a day of reckoning for all nations (Daniel 2:21; Isaiah 34:8). 

Furthermore, as we get closer to the rapture, so would evil intensify, and the wealth of many nations will corrode. Now, the current war between Russia and Ukraine has started to cripple the economy of many nations and by the word of the Lord, the world economy pre-covid-19 will NOT be returning to normal. I thus encourage Christians everywhere to work towards the reduction of debts and to avoid credit. We are entering very trying times. However, those who fear the Lord and are faithful will have nothing to fear but to humbly continue in the will of the Lord. 

In conclusion, the bible says, 'The Prudent see danger and take cover' (Proverbs 22:3), let us take heed, pray and warn those around us. The Lord said that the same economic conditions facing many poorer nations currently will fall on the rich nations too (James 5:3).

Blessed Grace

Brother Glenn