Monday, March 20, 2023

New World Order In The Making

 Behind The Scenes Formation Of World Order

“Thus he said: ‘As for the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all the kingdoms, and it shall devour the whole earth, and trample it down, and break it to pieces (Daniel 7:23).

A vision of a flood by Brother Glenn (15 March 2023)

I received a Vision from the Lord during the early hours of the above date. I saw a devastating flood coming to South Africa. I saw roads being flooded, cars completely submerged, and the waters reaching almost two-meter heights. End!

In today's article, Brother Glenn (Who holds a law degree and studied International Law) has carefully looked at the formation of the New World Order from a legal perspective and how the current legal systems which govern trade treaties prevent the setting up of the New World Order. It is thus our belief that either a war or a complete financial collapse will make way for the introduction of the authoritarian New World Order according to the Bible.

Challenging The Entrenched Legal System(s)

Brethren, I have been wanting to write this article for a long time but due to other commitments and while waiting for an answer to prayer regarding this matter I was delayed. However, I am confident that this article will shed more light on this important new world order. As the Lord permits, we will add to this article.

Also, we need to emphasize that this article will focus only on the political and legal aspects of this so-called new world order. In addition, this article assumes that the reader will do self-research on the legal and political systems of the countries (Notably, Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Iran) that will form part of the new world order. I must mention that those are not the only countries that will embrace the New World Order, the Lord revealed to me that there will be some African Countries and some South American Countries. 

Russian/Ukraine War Changing Point

Let me emphasize a point here, the Russian/Ukraine war has brought about a complete paradigm shift and this serves as a catalyst and break-away from the Western-dominated worldview. I can safely predict that the nations which are the driving forces behind the formation of the coming New World Order have no respect for human lives and they will brutally clamp down on those who do not obey them (Revelation 13:15-17). The World has entered a realm of no return the Lord says and this will lead to the fulfillment of His Word.

Socialists Systems Defies Roman Statutes

Basically, the New World Order is nothing but the changing of legal rules within a new political dispensation. Historically, most of the Western World and some African countries (especially previous colonies) have incorporated Roman common law into their legal systems. It must also be mentioned that the International Criminal Court (ICC) derives some of its rules of procedures from Roman Law and this has shaped most of the treaties between various nations. 

In addition, international Law found its inspiration in Roman law. Having said this, we will not be going into the technicalities of legal systems, you may read it elsewhere. Our aim here was just to explain how our current governmental systems around the world have developed through the historical influences of Roman and English Law.

Now, having briefly explained the above, we may safely say that most governments of the world must comply with the norms of International law as reflected in the United Nations Articles, and non-compliance simply means sanctions and poverty. Furthermore, we will not be going into the historical development of the United Nations and its successes in influencing nations across the world. We will however mention that the culture of freedom and human rights is the order we are currently enjoying. Therefore, the legal system of a body or dominant country sets the rules for the type of government(s). 

Brethren, you may recall that I mentioned in our 'Mark of the Beast II' article that there are some nations that undermine the Authority of the United Nations (UN) especially some of those nations which hold permanent seats. As we know, permanent members of the UN have the power to veto (or render a resolution non-binding) decisions they don't agree with. This we have seen recently leads to the killing of innocent people and the violation of their human rights and dignity. While the formation of the United Nations was to prevent human suffering and wars, one can clearly see that this body is failing to prevent wars because of the unequal status of some Countries. It is a fact that permanent members of the UN Security Council wield more power over those who have no veto powers and this is oppressive! 

I have it from the Lord's authority that Russia, some African nations, Arab and some Asian countries are working behind the scenes to change the rules and usher in the New World Order as they see the current system as only benefiting the West. As it is, the Lord showed me that most of these nations are unaware that they are being lured into a trap of lucrative trade deals, and in the end, they will give up their sovereignty (Revelations 17:12-13). 

In conclusion, the aim of this article was to simplify how influential and resourceful world governments use law to control and influence other countries. As we know, before the emergence of the United Nations rule, dominion or taking over of another's country was achieved through wars, and under the watchful eye of the United Nations Russia, China, and North Korea are leading the world back into the dark ages of war and oppression. Christians need to pray because evil is awaiting the world. I repeat what the Lord revealed to me, the USA and Europe will be toppled financially, and then the birth of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Blessed Grace

Brother Glenn