Wednesday, March 6, 2024



"The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me" (MATTHEW 24:11).

In times like these, we pray and look to the brethren for help and support! We prayed and the Lord ENCOURAGED us to share online with the brethren.

Brief background: South Africa is a very unequal society with a deeply rooted sin of racism and whoever holds political power exercises control over some government resources and often it would favor the race in majority. 

Additionally, our work serves people across all walks of life. We believe all people are created equally and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself told us that He will always love all people equally. We are following our Lord's lead to love and serve all people equally (Galatians 3:28-29). From this it is easy for you to discern that our motives are not driven by selfish ambitions but to serve. While it may take a lifetime to bring about change, present and future generations stands to benefit. Moses, the man of God, did not enter the promised land but his prayers, tests and trials benefit both that generation he lead and future generations (Exodus 3:10-11). As a testimony, the Lord Jesus Christ once said, that whatever work we do in His name is important, because it serves to benefit others and brings glory to His name!

Therefore, the recourse we have are the laws to fight and defend the rights of the poor especially those who have no legal voice (Proverbs 31:8-10; Isaiah 1:17). We are committed to our work in the body of Christ, however we have a conscience and we will not turn a blind-eye to injustice and unfair treatment of those who are unable to access the courts for justice (Matthew 7:12). Often, it is the poor who lose out on their belongings because they have no financial resources to 'bite' back legally. Because Brother Glenn and his family suffered such prejudice a few years ago, he decided to embark onto a law career to make a change and help both Christian and non-Christians in legal matters.  

As a ministry, we say, thank you very much for the blessings and support you have provided over the years to this family and ministry. We acknowledge that with a profound gratitude. Currently as a family we find ourselves a in very unfamiliar circumstances as a result of this move.  Brother Glenn started studying towards an LLB degree back in 2015 and graduated in 2022

We then prayed and trusted the Lord over a period of 3 years starting in 2021 to bless him with an opportunity for articles of clerkship and those prayers were answered during January this year. 

As it is, the articles of clerkship rules state that he (Brother Glenn) should not engage in any other job activity for this entire year (Starting February 2024)and solely concentrate on his articles and as a result of this, it is denying him an income. Previously, Brother Glenn was running a car diagnostic and key programming business from home, which he is still doing but being away from home makes it impossible for him to attend to the same while serving his articles. 

As a result, this is leading to his family not being adequately supported as he has to cater for both sides. Meaning, he will have to provide for transportation, food and accommodation for himself in the town he serves his articles while he needs to provide the same for the family in Johannesburg. We thus plead for any financial assistance for the Van Rooyen family. 

This family has and is still laboring intensively to the body of Christ around the world and in their home Country, we thus humbly urge you as members of the body of believers to pray and consider providing a helping hand. You may use our 'donation' tab to help or send Brother Glenn an email for any further information.

Trusting you find this in order in Jesus' name

Brother Glenn and Ministry