Revelations & Teachings

Here are links to articles that are not in the Blog Archive:
  1. Women and the Gospel
  2. Putting On Shoes the Wrong Way: A short vision the Lord showed us regarding witnessing.
  3. Please Evangelize
  4. God's Serious Judgments
  5. Christian Parenting: Bringing up Children in the Fear of the Lord
  6. Deliverance Through Jesus Christ - Part 1: This article looks at the most critical issues affecting believers and unbelievers. Satan, through his agents and demons affects every household the world over. This is a human problem and we are all in dire need of our Saviours deliverance.
  7. Prayer: The Key to All Problems.
  8. Obedience Through Test: A compelling testimony on test and how the Lord Jesus Christ drew our attention to the Holy fruit of the Spirit.
  9. "Blazing Holy Fire" Teachings and the Sabbath Question: Teachings of "Holy Fire" ministries and the Sabbath question examined in light of the Scriptures.
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