Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deliverance Through Jesus Christ - Part II

Visions Update: We have updated the dreams and visions page with a new short vision!

This is Part II on this subject of deliverance. In October last year, I wrote an article titled Deliverance Through Jesus Christ - Part 1, and since deliverance is an on-going experience, the Lord charged me this morning (August 19, 2013) to write another account on deliverance. This account looks at the most critical issues affecting believers and non-believers. Satan, through his agents and demons, affects every household the world over. This is a human problem and we are all in dire need of our Saviour’s deliverance. I beseech you therefore to read this article, share it and apply it prayerfully as you prepare for the coming of our Lord and Great King Jesus Christ!

The Spirit World is Real

Brethren, as you may have noticed from our last few articles, we discussed wicked spirits and their influence on people. Our message has also been augmented by the Lord through visions from our Lord Jesus Christ. In these visions, the Lord showed how people are led into sin and disobedience towards Him. These teachings serve as warnings to you as we alert you of habitual or spontaneous behaviours that are displeasing to the Lord. Demons are very cunning and deceptive creatures; they are skilful in hiding their identities

Psychologists study the human personality in its varied degrees, but little do they know that some personality traits are those of demons blended with the human personality. Some of you may ask: “just how certain are you?” Well, I am not magnifying myself or the gift the Lord gave me. This gift of discernment is given to identify truth as from God and to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. In this world, you are considered an expert if you have studied a certain subject. Likewise, we study the Bible not just to gain knowledge about our salvation and our Heavenly Father, but we are given spiritual gifts to discern activities beyond the veil. Having said this, I do not mean to say that we have contact with the dark spirit world. It is the mediums and those who practice divination who have contact with demonic spirits that disguise themselves as people. Some are called familiar spirits; I will talk about this later (Deuteronomy 18:9-12).

As it is, we and many other gifted and obedient children of the Lord are permitted by the Lord to know and see certain things in the spirit realm. The Lord does so to reveal to us that the spirit world is real and it exists. The Lord also reveals supernaturally to us how this world of spirits has an influence on humans generally. In this short introduction, we seek to make you aware that this world exists and that you are influenced knowingly or unknowingly by the beings in that realm. If you don’t have faith in Jesus Christ and deny or ignore that this spirit world exists, you are veiled and useful in Satan’s service (2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:2).

In a recent message the Lord gave Charis, I learned that people are not just possessed by demons, but that people love to possess (own) demons (Luke 12:16-21; Matthew 6:24). I tell you the truth in Christ Jesus: if you habitually and wilfully practice certain wrong behaviour, you are being possessed, and you possess a demon; this is not for your good, but for your destruction (Esther 7:1-10; Matthew 27:3-5). Judas and Haman wanted honor, wealth and respect from man; however, their greed brought about their own destruction. This is the lot of many people! They want deliverance, but they still want to hold on to the demons. The Scriptures say you cannot have both (Matthew 6:24; Revelation 3:15-18).

How to Identify Demons?

Brethren, from the Bible we know that demons are able to identify the true children of God and they fear them because of the Holy Spirit and the anointing (Acts 19:13-18). Furthermore, demons also make themselves desirable through the things we desire and once we receive those things, they become the strong man in us (Genesis 3:6; Matthew 12:27-29). Through their strong influence and our desire for the forbidden things, we offer no resistance and we are “tied up” and our will starts to serve our appetites, which essentially are self-driven.

As I alluded above, demonic spirits are not easily identifiable. They hide themselves and pretend not to be there. The Lord revealed and told us that this is a vast dominion and through faith, prayer and fasting we are able to identify demonic spirit and their influence on people. The Lord Himself chooses which ones He wants to expose. Some demons are easily identified through some sinful behaviour like smoking, drinking, lust, greed, pride, slander, etc. (Galatians 5:19-21). Other demons, like the “wolves in sheep clothing”, are not easily identifiable (Matthew 7:15). The Lord does point to us that through their fruit we would know them only when we view them spiritually. We are being deceived and led astray by demons due to our appetite for sin and lack of spending time in God’s presence through daily Bible reading and prayer (Hosea 4:6; Ephesians 4:13-15). As we grow in maturity through the Word and our faithful service, the Lord grants discernment and our need for deliverance. In the Deliverance Through Jesus Christ Part I article, we pointed out that even believers are possessed and are in constant need for deliverance. I will share a few testimonies below and how the Lord administered deliverance through us.

How to Experience True Deliverance

Recently, the Lord showed Charis how a demon in the likeness of a chimpanzee with blood-red eyes influenced by whispering in the ear of one of our members to overlook the sinful conduct of a child. The child acted rudely towards an elderly person, and instead of rebuking the child, the member was told by the demon to ignore the incident. Also, the Lord showed Charis a vision of a demon in the body of a dead young man. These are familiar spirits. This particular young man died in a tragic car accident in our area. She never met the young man, but she saw his picture in a local newspaper report on the accident. In this vision, Charis saw the young man coming up to her and saying, “I have been sent by the devil to tell you that I am the one causing trouble for you. I influence someone (Name withheld) badly against you”. In both these incidents, the members involved are saved and serve the Lord faithfully, yet are not without demonic influences. The Lord gave a message and commanded one of the members to fast and pray for three days to experience deliverance, because without deliverance, Heaven was sealed for that member.

Also, my son in the Lord, Dwight was troubled by demonic spirits recently. Because he lives with us, it was easy to identify and spot his erratic sinful behaviour. He was at the receiving end of a lot of rebukes and discipline. The Lord commanded that he attend our Saturday night intercessory prayer sessions for deliverance. We prayed and encourage him to participate in our service through prayer and worship and in the name of Jesus Christ he got delivered and the Lord confirmed it.

Finally, many people think that when deliverance is being administered there must be screaming. When demons or people scream we rebuke them in Jesus name. Others want to see people convulsing. While I do not deny that there are people getting delivered that way, if people do not convulse or show any physical manifestations, it does not mean they are not delivered. The Lord told me that some demons leave painlessly when they see that the people being delivered are resisting their influence and their faith is in the Lord. The dominance of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God in our lives leave no room for demonic influence. In contrast, if our minds are in the world, we will not experience true deliverance because, like I said before, we possess the sin (demons) and do not want to let go.

In conclusion, I encourage you in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour if you believe in the Lord and desire Him more than your sinful appetites, seek Him through personal fasting and prayer. He will meet you there and deliver you. In most cases in our ministry, the Lord commands we fast for three (3) days. We normally fast from 6.a.m to 6 p.m.; we asked the Lord and He accepts it as a fast and delivers on His good promises. Please pray and seek the Lord on this matter and do not miss Heaven because of some sinful behaviour.

If you would like to repent of your sins and begin a journey of deliverance from demonic influence through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, please begin by praying this Prayer of Sincere Repentance. For any questions or comments on this article or our ministry, please contact us.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,