Tuesday, October 15, 2013

False Witness

Brief Introduction

First, we apologize for the delay in posting this article. During the last three weeks, I was bombarded with some very important questions from concerned brethren. Some of the questions were on the truthfulness of some people’s supernatural testimonies and divisive doctrinal subjects like the Sabbath. Our reply to these precious brethren has been honest and Biblical. Prompted by our conscience, we prayed more earnestly seeking confirmation and without asking the Lord directly, He showed Charis two separate visions involving three individuals who are spreading false news and false testimony. The Lord has commanded us to share these visions here with their names (1 Timothy 5:20). He gave us a message to share about a false witness.

A False Witness

“A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will not go free” (Proverbs 19:5 NIV). Also, Paul warns us saying, “Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbour, for we are all members of one body” (Ephesians 4:25).

Initially, according to the dictionary a false witness is someone who deliberately gives false testimony. If we give false testimony we are actually lying and when we lie we conceal the truth in order to deceive. As Christians, we are called to witness to the truth and that truth is normally what the Lord has done for us and others (Acts 4:20). Biblically, a false witness is someone who declares lies in the name of the Lord (Jeremiah 28:1-4). According to this Scripture, the prophet Hananiah lied when he declared in the name of the Lord that the exiles and articles of God’s temple would be returned to Israel. Undoubtedly, he meant well because he was comforting the people and creating hope, but God had planned this disaster against Judah for their sins. God considered his actions rebellious and judgement was pronounced against him (Jeremiah 28:15-17).

As it is, this has not changed today; we have many false witnesses speaking in the name of the Lord. I hasten to add, there are very truthful witnesses of the Lord out there, but equally there are some false witnesses as well. Like the prophet Hananiah, he could not resist the temptation for recognition. False witnesses are both inside and outside the body of Christ; their aim is to deceive and create followers. For Satan’s lies to be accepted by Christians, he will speak like us and pretend to be like us in order to deceive; he is a smooth operator. Satan became a lying spirit amongst us and the Lord permits him because we choose not to abide in the truth (2 Chronicles 18:17-22; 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). From the example of King Ahab’s prophets, their intention was to please the King; they did not consider what was important to God. These prophets served the King and his interest. They did not consider it sinful to speak lies in the name of the Lord; they told the King what he wanted to hear.

The Motive of a False Witness

Conversely, we have many “prophets” today who claim to hear from the Lord. In my observation of what they say I noticed three things: firstly, they speak to please man; their message does not address people’s sin, but only what God can do (Lamentations 2:14). Secondly, a false witness has all the answers and they think they are never wrong (2 Chronicles 18:23-24). Thirdly, they are not submissive to the Lord; they are boastful and controlling and they like to have the final say (3 John 1:9-10). We know for certain that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has not come with enslavement to us, but with a free will to act under the conviction of the Holy Spirit (Hebrews 10:16). If we act from the conviction by the Holy Spirit we do so in submission and obedience to the Lord. However, if we act from fear we are thus not acting by faith but to enslavement and obedience to man rather than God (Romans 14:23).

How to Identify a False Witness

It is somewhat difficult to identify a false witness unless we test and pray for discernment (1Thessalonians 5:21, Acts 17:11). Their message seems to sound good and Biblically correct to draw us to them. The Lord Jesus Christ told us that we will know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-20). The apostle Paul said we must test what they say and hold on to what builds up (1 Thessalonians 5:21). It is very easy to identify the spiritual fruit of someone we live with, but how do we exactly identify the fruit in the message we receive from those far away? It’s not quite easy, but their message should augment the Scriptures and lead us to truthful obedience in Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Correspondingly, how do we apply attestation to the truthfulness of the testimonies? Firstly, the message must not contradict the Bible but lead us to its truth; secondly, the testimony must not take away or add anything to the word of God (Revelation 22:19); and thirdly, if there was a prediction from the Lord, then it has to come true (Deuteronomy 18:22; Jeremiah 28:9). Also, a true witness and testimony from God does not bring bondage and new rules; it brings joy and excitement (Romans 8:15). The testimony or revelation from the Lord must be for His glory and not loyalty to a church or leader.

Finally, I would like to share some visions the Lord showed Charis during this past weekend. These visions are all about false witnesses. Brothers and sisters, we have not asked the Lord to reveal this to us. We simply prayed and discussed certain things amongst ourselves, comparing what we heard with Scripture. Before I proceed, let me reiterate that we, as a family, owe our loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His truth. We have allowed no one to influence the messages and visions the Lord gave us.

There were, however, attempts by the enemy to stop us from sharing these visions with you, hence the delay in the posting of this article. The Lord told me not to fear; He will answer questions and reveal what is hidden. I am just being obedient to the Lord. I warn you: these short visions will come as a shock to many people. Furthermore, the Lord said if we follow Him, we will accept His message, but if we don’t we will resist and say He is false by exposing these false witnesses. As for us, we have nothing to hide, or to fear.

In the three and a half years of the Lord’s visitations to us, He showed Charis mighty things and she continues to operate in the word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits in the power of the Holy Spirit as often as the Spirit wills. Being her father, it would be natural for people to think that I am biased. I have heard Biblical truth from her testimony, and I believe and I am a witness that she does see the Lord Jesus Christ and hear Him speak to her face to face every night. No word the Lord gave Charis about anyone has ever failed to proof truthful. The One she sees calls Himself KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. I am not testifying about Charis, but what the Lord has done and is still doing. Like Gehazi, I am a witness to the Lord’s mighty deeds (2 Kings 8:4-6).

Visions of False Witnesses

Brethren, I am sharing this out of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and not out of malice or jealousy. The Lord knows my true motives and I love all men and women of God, but I have a message from Him and that is to testify to His truth. I know many, many brethren will not believe that this is from our Lord Jesus Christ, and some will even attack and label us the false witnesses. Again, our message is from our Lord Jesus Christ and there are souls who are deceived and fed lies. I’d rather seek company with God than man. I read that these brethren claim to hear from the Lord, but they fail to obey Him and stop to spread false news. However, discerning Christians will know that the things they say are false. Their testimony speaks about Christ, but what they say and claim to have seen in certain respects does not come from Him. The Lord promised to punish them for spreading false news.

Background to Vision

Before I share the first vision, let me share the background so that you understand why this was revealed. This past Friday evening (October 11, 2013) we watched a testimony of Kat Kerr sent to me by a beloved brother in the Lord. In this video she answered questions on certain things she saw in Heaven. What was particularly disturbing in her testimony was that “Superman” would teach us to fly in Heaven. Could he (Superman) fly in real life except on Television only? In short, there are many other things she claims which are not Scriptural. Since I was watching this with my wife and children who know the Scriptures and can discern error, I was asked questions by them as I was equally disturbed by what she said. We simply just said we don’t believe some things she said, but we will just pray for her.

Late Saturday afternoon, Charis went to bed and the Lord appeared to her in a vision. This is what the Lord showed her and confirmed it again this morning October 15, 2013. “I had a vision from the Lord on the October 12, 2013 and in the vision the Lord replayed the scene of us as a family watching the full video on Sister Kat Kerr’s testimony. While watching the Lord opened my eyes so I could see into each one’s heart including mine what was going on inside. I saw what looked like a movement similar to that of fog moving and twisting about inside us. I knew in this vision this meant that we were disturbed and troubled by the things she said. I also knew she was being untruthful in the things she said. I then heard the Lord said, That woman’s testimony is very false”. Then the vision ended”.

Comment: We believed Sister Kat Kerr’s testimony and we were blessed by the beauty and purity of Heaven she described. The Lord says she means well, but she is a false witness saying things he did not show or tell her. We are not saying this but the Lord! And He is calling her to repentance from being a false witness. The Lord’s message to her readers, Don’t just believe any testimony”.

The Sabbath Question

The Sabbath question is the background for the next vision. I was sent emails by concerned brothers asking me if we heard from the Lord concerning Sabbath observance and what the Lord said. I felt very disturbed by a brother’s questions and his continuous reference to Pastor Kim’s vision. Since the Lord is speaking to us, we got a message for the brother in which the Lord told him that he should not just believe any testimony. These brethren needed clarity since they were driven by fear and they want to obey the Lord (1 Timothy 1:7). My response to them has always been that we do not observe Sabbath and the Lord said it is not a sin to use money on a Sunday.

Briefly on the Sabbath, under the Mosaic covenant obedience sprang from fear (Hebrews 2:2; 12:25-27); in the New covenant obedience springs from a willing heart and mind (Hebrews 8:10-12). This new and better Covenant (Hebrews 8:6) resulting in God setting the Old covenant aside and introduced the New covenant (Hebrews 8:7-13). We know the Jewish Sabbath is observed on a Saturday (and where in Scripture does the bible say the Lord instituted Sunday as a Christian Sabbath?) We know the argument that our Lord rose from the death on the first day of the week, but this was never instituted as an official Christian Sabbath. I am not writing an article on the Sabbath here but for the sake of the readers a brief explanation is needed. The early church was warned against submitting themselves to legalistic observance of the Sabbath days (Colossians 2:16, Galatians 4:9-11). The word Sabbath literally means, “Cessation from labour, or rest”. In Scripture it appears as God’s day of rest in the finished work of creation. It was observed as complete rest by the Israelites (Exodus 35:2-3). The seventh day Sabbath was never made to be a day of sacrifice, worship, or a person’s need. The Lord said, The Sabbath was made for man and not man for it (Mark 2:27). The Scriptures (Colossians 2:16; Hebrews 4:4) also explain to the Christian that it is not a day to be observed; it relates to a future Sabbath rest in Christ. We are not encouraging disobedience to the 10 commandments as this is often quoted to justify Sunday Sabbath observance as being part of the law. Brethren, what we are saying, the Lord has not given the Christians a Sabbath even the apostles when they considered their message to the gentile church and questions about the law, they said. “Now then, why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of the disciples a yoke that neither we nor our fathers have been able to bear? No! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we are saved, just as they are” (Acts 15:10-11). Don’t you think this included the Sabbath? This is what Pastor Kim and Pastor Christine from the Blazing Holy Fire ministries’ teach. The Lord says this is a false teaching and not from Him. There are also other unbiblical teachings like “holy fire impartation” and “holy dance.” Does this save souls? Is this Biblical? With Pastor Kim’s many visits to Hell, he claims to have seen Christians in Hell for failing to obey the Sabbath: the Lord Jesus Christ says this is false. Don’t base your most precious faith in Christ Jesus on any person’s testimony; follow the Bible teachings only. Nor do I say come follow us, NO! Follow the Lord Jesus Christ; He sends us to you to warn you on false teachings in these last days. We do not seek our own glory, your money or anything; we are sent as witnesses. We dispense truth, correction and love from this ministry. Finally if time permits in the future, we will devote a full article to this divisive subject.

Vision of Pastor Kim and Pastor Christine

Given to Charis on October 13, 2013

“I was shown a vision in the early hours of the above date. In this vision, I saw Jaydeen and I in a big white room. There was a fence separating Jaydeen and I from Pastor Christine and Pastor Kim from the Blazing Holy Fire Ministry. It looked dim or misty on their side and by our side there was a pure bright light with love and truthfulness. In the vision, I heard the Lord speak through Jaydeen and say, “The Lord has spoken to me and Charis and told us the truth; the Lord says you are not spreading good news but false news”. When they heard this, they were pointing at us and slandering us maliciously. Then Lord Himself spoke and said, ‘See these people are pretending to be clean in the company of others, but they are wicked when they are alone. They are acting the same way My daughter Christine behaved when I rebuked her for predicting falsely. (The Lord gave a vision on December 31, 2012 rebuking Pastor Christine for predicting falsely on the Lord’s coming. I have an email that she copied me on her “prediction”. You may read that vision in this article (Celebrate Christ in Praise and Worship on New Year's Day). In the vision you will notice the Lord added 2014 and 2015 merely to stop her from continuing the following years.) You must just pray for them for spreading false news, with Pastor Kim being even worse.’ I was troubled by this vision but I knew the Lord was sending me”. End of vision!

Comment: Whether we worship on Sunday or Monday, we do so in the joy of the Holy Spirit and in honor to the Lord (Romans 14:5-6).We worship and serve the Lord every day and that is what the Bible encourages and we must work while it is still called today (Hebrews 3:13). In my opinion, out of their zeal for God they decided to spread false news and by adding to God’s word’s (Revelation 22:19). The Lord did not say their entire testimony is flawed, but it is tainted by adding what the Lord did not say. We are not here to defend ourselves or our ministry; we are just being obedient to share as the Lord revealed. This is for the benefit of the body of believers and innocent souls; it is not about our egos or ministries. The flock belongs to Christ, not man! I therefore encourage anyone who thinks we made this up to ask the Lord. Since the Lord is in truthfulness speaking to us, these brethren the Lord is rebuking in this article are welcome to hear from the Lord Himself from this ministry with convincing proof that the Risen Christ Jesus is speaking to this ministry and family. This is for their repentance and abstinence from false doctrines and false visions. Finally, the Lord did warn us this morning that we will be persecuted for this message, and we briefly tasted this persecution.

Blessed grace and Christ Jesus’ eternal love and peace be multiplied to you.

Brother Glenn, Charis and Jaydeen.

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